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Study to Show Yourself Approved: Idols of Canaanites

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Chief problem: idols- anything that takes God’s rightful place

We can not tolerate even a degree of it.  It will be a snare to us & especially to our sons & daughters

Need to be careful of counterfeit (ex legalism instead of all the way back to the Cross)

The “Remnant” – my people: Lord, wash us clean.  Just as we were from the beginning known as a church that tolerated sin and compromised with the world which has led to embracing ungodliness/ let us be known for the Beauty of Holiness as Your Holy Presence dwells in our midst. Let us hold the line in a godly way that looks like You against these two areas in our nation.  Let the fire from your Altar fall on us and let the fire of evangelism burn in our bones.  Cause us to fulfill every good purpose and bring forth fruit 100 fold.  Let us leave no hilltop altar for future generations to stumble

Our People and Land: That people coming out of the service will exclaim, “What a Wonderful God!”

Each group has a wide range of people

  1. The APATHETIC- in mot making a decision it will be made for them.  Their eyes are shut.  Wake them up
  2. The WORLDLY- not wanting to pay the price and give up their friendship with the world. Draw the line with no spin.  Let compromise not be an option
  3. The TOLERANT or DECEIVED – those that tolerate sin because of right reasons (mercy; unity), but they are out of bounds.  Wise & Anointed Pastors & Teachers
  4. The IGNORANT- they have never had any light.  Send Light.  Let them Seek out Light.  Send Wise & Anointed Pastors & Teachers
  5. SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD- hear their cries & send them Shepherds after Your Own Heart

Areas: Idol; attitudes; symptoms; steps in and out  (Hardened in Sin-demon controlled; Remnant; Counterfeit- centered on Man; Kingdom of God)

Beginning stage – Mellow Yellow (self- individual); Middle Stage – Lt Green (Growing- man on throne; agrees with World); Hardened or entrenched stage- peach; Opposite spirit- pale blue

Idol Attitudes Symptoms Opposite Spirit
Man on the Throne:    1) It is all about me (Flesh)  Self Gratification (Flesh on the Throne)I deserve this.  Flesh rationalizes & agrees with the World Selfish Living“Me” centered worldSell birth right for temporal desiresExcuses behavior It is all about God & His KingdomDeny self; take up your cross; follow meForgiveness & Transformation
Man on the Throne:   2) Liberalism/intellectualism/rationalization (Mind) Man is the authorityMan has the right to be His own god & decide what is right & wrongNo judgmentPrideful No longer has a plum line for what is right or wrong.  May try to be good, but will validate Wrong. And be sucked inMeans justifies the endThings are right in a man’s own eyes Word of God is the authorityDiscipleship is the way to know the TruthMan needs saving
Man on the Throne:   3) Agreement in Rebellion (Spirit) No absolutesRebellious- pulling down restraintsArrogantHas no discernment between good & evil  No absolutesLooks for those that will intellectually condone his sin/ & those that will participate with him in sin & agree in rebellionCalls good “evil” & evil “good”Satan has a stronghold in his life To enter the Kingdom of Light & LifeTo Look to Word of God for valuesTo become a Servant of Christ/ not devil
Compromise & Tolerance is related to being lukewarm- opposite is passion      
  Vestige: Fear of Man   Fear of the Lord
Living Like God can’t see:   Symptoms: heart far from Him     PassionRighteousness based on Cross
Heart far from Him      
Be own god- set own rules: Judging by World’s Standards    
Decide what is right/wrong      
Result is endorsing sin Tolerance of some sins: Apathy- not caring enough to stir up self   Mercy
Man is the authority/not Word of God      
Cross is not needed Self righteousness (compare self)    
Robs God of Worship/Man is Worshipped      
Personality over Obedience      
Agreement in Rebellion      
    Self-pity Crying Out
  Avoidance of Handling Truth    
JezebelControl- power lust      
  Settle for Outward Shadow rather than Reality of God (Programs) church of  Ephesus    
  Weights & besetting sins   Freedom
      Lead by Spirit- sons of God
  Perverted Mercy    
Looks like nations around it- Worldliness Fear of Man   Fear of God
  getting along with every one at the expense of God    
  Programs over Dependency    
Trying to make Kingdom of God & Kingdom of the World the same thing Building own Kingdom   Building God’s Kingdom
  Worldliness that chokes    
    Fat Heart:Self-righteousnessPrideappeasement  
Fills spiritual voids with flesh   Happily Ever After- been defeatedFood  
Lust- keeps growing bigger & more perverted      
  Sell Birth Right for Temporal    
Jezebel- uncleanness & perversion      

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