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When The Rich Fool Died

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When the rich man died he approached the gates of heaven.  There he met St. Peter who, as you know, was given the keys to the Kingdom of God.  St. Peter looked at the man and said:  Why do you stand before me naked and with nothing to give to God. The rich fool said:  “I complained to the Angel of Death when he came for me.  I begged him to let me bring all my riches with me but he refused and told me such a thing is impossible.  So I stand before you naked and with nothing in my hands.  Just as they were talking a man who had just died came up to St. Peter clothed in a shining cloth and with a full sack on his back. He handed the sack to St. Peter and was welcomed into the kingdom of God. You see said the rich man he was allowed to bring his riches with him but I was forced to leave all my riches behind and stand before you naked.  St. peter said you fool “the man you saw entering the Kingdom was one of the poorest men ever to live on the face of the earth.  Yet spent his life for the poor, the sick, the lonely, the hungry.  He gave his life totally to God.  In the eyes of the world this man was, poor and naked, but in the eyes of God he was the richest and best clothed man on the face of the earth.  You see he made himself rich by giving to the poor and he had clothed himself with the love of God that he gave to all he met.

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