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The Man Who Found God

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Some years ago ,a film called the man who played God was released. It featured the great character actor ,George Arliss, playing the part of a prominent ,rich musician. Because he was losing his hearing ,the musician became very embittered and cynical. Not only did he turn his back on his friends .he turned his back on God. He Locked himself in his penthouse suit and refused to see anyone. He took to staring out of the window all day watching the people pass by below him. Eventually he got a pair of binoculars ,and learnt to read, peoples lips. One day he concentrated on a young man whose lips were moving in prayer. He determined what the young man was praying for and then dispatched his butler  to deliver it to him. On another other occasion he read the lips of a woman who was telling another woman about something she needed and want desperately. Again the wealthy musician saw to it that the need was met. Each time he performed one of these services the cynical musician would look heavenward and laugh in Gods face. He found it laughable that he was playing God but did not even believe in God.

 But as time went by and his eccentric method of meeting people needs continued ,something strangely wonderful began to happen. The man who played God found God. Through the game he was playing, the very God he didn’t believe in became real to him, because God is love and the nature of love is service.                         

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