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The danger of working alone

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The danger of working  alone.

Story of the man who makes an insurance claim and puts down that the cause of the accident as Working alone.I am a brick layer and  was working alone on the fifth floor.I had finished the work I wanted to do but was left with a large amount of bricks and not wanting to leave them their in case of an accident I placed them a large barrel that was attached by rope to a pulley.I proceeded to the ground floor where I took hold of the rope pulling the barrel from its place of rest in order to lower it to the ground .Unfortunately the barrel with the bricks in was far heavier than my own weight .l was pulled of the ground at great speed .Loseing my presence of mind I failed to let go of the rope and proceeded  in an upward direction .Half way up I collided with the barrel coming down injuring my head and neck.I then proceeded upwards and the barrel continued on its way down.At the top I hit the ceiling with my head and my hands were badly injured in the pulley.Meanwhile the barrel full of bricks hit the ground with tremendous force and half the bricks spilled out on the ground .I was now heavier than the barrel .I decended with tremendous speed .Half way down I met the half empty barrel coming up and received further injuries  to my legs and feet.I then proceeded on my way to the ground and landed on the bricks deposited by the barrel thus sustaining further injuries to my whole body .At that moment I finally let go of the rope .The barrel  being completely free decended with tremendous speed and hit me on the head at which point I lost conciousness.

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