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Peter was afraid

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Peter,only one who has the courage and attempts to walk across the water,Peter who speaks out that Jesus is the Christ,Peter who refuses to let Jesus wash his feet but asks

For his whole body to be washed when he is told that to refuse would separate him from Jesus,Peter who draws the sword ,the only one who tries to defend Jesus.Peter who does not run away but follows Jesus into the High Priests house ,a very brave thing to do.When accused of being a disciple he denies it but still remains.

Peter was afraid ,Jesus had lost control ,everything was going wrong .To be crucifed was to  be cursed of God.This is not how things should be.Terrified by fear he denies Jesus ,but still he does not run away.He stays to see what will happen to the Lord .A short time later we are told he is accused again.Again under pressure he denies the one he loves.Remarkably he still waits around .An hour passes and so in fear and under pressure he denies Jesus for the third and final time.And the cock crows and Jesus looked at Peter

At that moment Peter rememberd what Jesus had predicted .In that moment as he looked at Jesus he understood two things . One ,that Jesus was still in control,they were not taking his life from him but he was laying his life down,Two he had betrayed the one he loved.

There was a young boy who was determined to go far,to do well in life.During his primary school days he was determined to do well and so he spent all his time studying and working hard at his lessons.He was the top of his class all the way through primary school.( However he had one major fault ,he was impatient ,and always angry.And remained so throughout his life )

He tried even harder during his secondary school  days .Always studying, determined to do well.Again he was top of his class all the way through secondary school.He received the student of the year award on several occasions,and gained many credits and distinctions in his final exams.( However ,during his time there,he  developed a major fault .He became sexually active ,fornication ,adultery,leading to abortion,impure thoughts,were part of his life.This remained the case throughout his life )

Finally he reached university level.Again he applied himself with all his strength to gaining a first class degree.Again he was very  very  successful.And obtained a first class honours degree.( However,during his time their he developed another major fault .Pride ,he became so proud,that he looked down on everybody else.This remained the case for the rest of his life.)                                                              

Then it happened.An accident on the road ,between karno and Jos.He was killed outright.

People said what a waste,all that work and only death at the end of it.

So he went before Saint Peter  who as you know was given the keys to the kingdom of heaven.As he tried to enter heaven St Peter shook his head and said I,m sorry but you failed all your tests and you are not qual;ified to enter.

Not qualified the man cried in anger (for you remember he was a vey angry man) .I am very proud of all my high highly qualififications (for remember he was a very proud man) and so pulled out all his certificates.

Peter shook his head .No ,No ,not theses kind of tests.These are tests of the world.But I am  talking about the tests God sent you..The tests to overcome your anger.The tests to overcome fornication and an immoral life.The tests to overcome Pride and vanity.You failed all these tests many ,many times.And so Peter closed the doors  on this man so qualified in the eyes of the world but so unqualified in the eyes of God.        

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