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Sarah and Ceorge

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Let me tell you a true story .There was a man named George and he had a sister named Sarah .George was an addict to alcohol .He drank to much .For some reason the drink instead of affecting his liver it affected his kidneys .The hospital told that he needed an operation or he would die. Because of his addiction to alcohol he would not go on the waiting list for a new kidney. Besides that he did not have the money for the expensive operation. George’s sister heard about his problem and asked the doctors if she could donate one of her kidneys. They were not happy about this for they knew George and his addiction. Besides they said perhaps the blood groups would not match .Sarah went ahead anyway, the blood group matched .Sarah found another hospital that would do the operation. She mortgaged her house went into debt, the operation went ahead and was successful. George’s health immediately impoved.However Sarah had a problem when they took out her kidney she reacted to the drugs and the treatment and became very ill. Even when she recovered she still could not walk. Perhaps she would be a cripple all her life. But she said that’s okay my brother will live longer and perhaps in that extra time he will find God.

 Imagine how she felt when she learnt that as soon as her brother George left the hospital he went straight into a bar and started drinking once again, polluting the good kidney she had given him.

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