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Mind the gap

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Story, The wise man gathered his students .He took a large clear glass bottle, He then very carefully put in some large stones that could just fit into the neck , shaking the bottle all the time until he could fit in no more.

He asked his students is it full

Yes they replied.

He then took a small container of very small stones and poured them into the bottle shaking as he poured into the gaps between the large stones. He empted in the whole container until their is no more room.

Again he asked his students is it full .This time they looked more carefully.

Yes its full .

This time he took another small container full of fine sand and in the same way poured it in shaking the container all the time so that the sand entered the very small gaps between very small stones until it was full .

Again he asked is it full .

This time they were quite sure that it was full.

He then took a container of water and poured in the whole amount so that it filled in all the gaps to small for the eye to see .

He then asked the question.We who claim to follow God.How many gaps , empty spaces are there within that have yet to be touched filled ,with God.Places within where God is not welcome . All of us still have room within to receive the utter fullness of God , the utter fullness of his Holy spirit.

This is what we pray today.There there be no empty places empty gaps within our hearts ,our minds ,our souls that God has not filled with the utter fullness of his Holy Spirit.

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