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Marian Anderson

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MARIAN ANDERSON ( Great moments )

Some of you know the great contralto Marion Anderson She had a magnificent voice. She also had a very simple manner with people. The impresario Solomon Hurok liked to say that she had not simply grown great, but she had grown great simply. Well, this same Solomon Hurok recalls how one day I was in the dressing room when reporters asked what was the greatness moment in her career. I was curious to here the answer .After all I knew that she had many ,many great moments to choose from.Toscanini had told her she had the greatest voice of the century. There was the private concert that she gave at the White House for the Roosevelt’s and the King  and Queen of England. She had received the ten thousand dollar Bach award from her home town of Philadelphia. Then to top it all there was the famous Easter Sunday in Washington when she had stood beneath the statue of Abraham Lincoln and sang for seventy thousand people, including the members of the Supreme Court, the cabinet members,and most of the members of congress.

Which of these great moments did she choose ? None of them. Miss Anderson told the reporters that her greatest moment  had been the day she had gone home and told her mother that she wouldn’t have to take in washing any more.      


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