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Making the devil pay

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Making the devil pay.

There is a story told of an old woman who is very  poor .She has little food so each morning she comes out of her house and prays on her knees that god would send her some food .Her neighbour does not believe in God and keeps telling her that God will not answer her prayers because God does not exist. She gives the old woman a  hard time and is always mocking her. This goes on for months until one day her neighbour decides to teach the old woman a lesson. She goes to the shops and buys a lot of food of all kinds. That night she places it outside the old woman’s door. In the morning the old woman comes out and to her great delight discovers the food. Immediately she falls on her knees thanking and praising God for the food. The neighbour comes out and starts laughing at the old woman and tells her that she is a foolish old woman. it was not god who brought the food I brought the food.

The old woman raised her hands to heaven and  praises  and thanks God all the louder and shouts in a loud voice thank you Jesus ,thank you Jesus for you brought me food ,you brought me food .Then pointing at her mocking neighbour she said and you made the devil pay for it to.


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