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Keep On Trying

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There was once a leader whose country had been invaded by a foreign power.He had used all hisstrength and power to fight against them.But every time he lead his army in battle he was         defeated.This happend time and time again until he became so discouraged that as he sat by himself one evening he said I am finished ,I give up,I will fight no more ,I will leave this land.

As he sat in despair,his eyes focused on a small spider climbing up the wall in front of him.It gotabout half way when it fell to the ground.Immediately it started up again on the long and            difficult climb.Up and up it went.It nearly reached the top when a tiny piece of plaster fell with   the spider to the floor again.Without hesitation it started to climb up and up and this time until   this time it reached the top and disappeared.

The young leader had been mesmerised,he began to think to himself if that little spider can       keep trying when it kept on falling then I can do the same until I succeed also.

He woke his men and told them the story of the spider.Seeing it as an omen they went out to     keep on fighting until they succeeded.

In the very next battle they defeated their enemy.

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