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Henry ford on his fiftieth wedding anniversary

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Henry ford on his fiftieth wedding anniversary, was asked to what did he owe his successful marriage .He replied the same as I owe my success in the car business I stick to one model.

An old couple were celebrating their golden jubilee .The old man was ask to what did he attribute their success. The old man said we started out on the right footing .He then went on to tell his story. It was the early days of out West .They got married in a small village church and after the ceremony they got into their covered wagon and headed for their new home out west .straight from the start their was a problem with the lead horse. He kept veering off to the right. The man  got down from the wagon put his face up the horses , stuck his finger close the horses nose and said in a loud voice that’s once. Got back in started off .Sure enough the horse veered of to the right. Same procedure , told the horse in a loud voice that’s twice. Started off once again ,sure enough the horse did the same thing. He got back out went up to the horse looked the horse straight in the eye and said that’s the third time. Then he took out his six gun and shot the horse dead. When he got back in the wagon his wife was very angy and told him it was a very stupid thing to do. He sat listening for a long time. When she had finished he looked her straight in the eye ,put his finger up and said in a loud voice that’s once.       


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