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Luke 9:57-62

The words of Jesus to this enthusiastic man who wished to follow him. Count the cost. See clearly what it means before you follow me. Jesus did not want followers who were swept away by a moment of emotion which quickly blazed up and just as quickly died out.He warned us if you would follow me take up your cross every day and follow me. He told us unless you love me more than your father or mother sisters and brothers  you are not worthy of me.   

The words of Jesus to the man who wished to bury his father sound harsh .But this is not so. The phrase to bury my father is a common eastern way of saying that I will

Do this after my father has died. The man was saying to Jesus I cannot follow you now I have obligations to my father once my father has died then I will be free to follow you. But Jesus says to the young man the obligation to follow God comes first. There is special time in each one of our lives .Gods time is the right time not my time or your time but Gods time is the right time. The danger is that if you fail to respond when he calls then you will never respond. 

To the third man who says I will follow you but I will first say goodbye to my family, Jesus says no one who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God. Jesus is a teacher and never hesitates to teach. Here he refers to Elisha who to stops himself from turning back by killing his oxen and using the wood from his plough to cook the meat.

To follow ( Elisha killed his bulls cut up his wooden plough made a fire with it and roasted the oxen on it and gave it to his laborers and then dismissed them.

He was making sure he had no way back. Once and for all he made a final decision to follow Elijah and gave himself no chance to turn back.

What are the reasons why we hesitate, why we turn back once we have made that first decision .Wrong thinking, the devil has put into minds defective thinking

As I have told you before there was once a school for devils.  

This day as Satan gathered all the small devils into the classroom  he told them that the most important place to work was in the human mind .He said that if they were to catch people so that they stopped following Jesus and direct them along the road to hell they must work in the human mind. He explained to them that as they knew men and women lived in houses made of mud blocks and grass roofs or cement blocks and zinc roofs. Today he had a new and important teaching to give them. He said that that every man and woman construct and live in houses made of their own thoughts.

He told them that his favorite place of work was in the human mind. That every evil thought ,every negative thought they could place in the human mind was like another block in the house of thoughts that every man and woman lived in.If they could place enough negative, enough evil  thoughts into the minds of men and women then these men and women would be trapped in their own evil houses of thoughts all the days of their lives. Such people would soon stop following Jesus and turn back and follow him. He told them that they should try and stop people reading the bible .He taught them that the  whole purpose of the bible was to get people to construct and live in houses made up of good thoughts, positive thoughts all the days of their lives and so direct them to the kingdom of God.   

The mind is the enemies favorite place to work in.

Proverbs : as a person thinks in his heart so he will become.

Our God is the God of the impossible .   

Computer needs to have good imput ,good software.Be carefull what you put in otherwise you will slow it down and block it completely.

Computer virus ,wrong software,programmed badly it will slow down and in the end stop working completely. Your  mind is just like a computer.Be careful what you put in it

Snake in your house when you come home .What would do .look at it and say I will deal with that later.No you deal with it straight away because their is something harmfull in your house.The same is true for ,evil thoughts negative thoughts.Dont hesitate deal with them straight away like a snake you find in your house.

Story of emotional problems,emotions working fine,but you have a thinking problem.Messed up mind means  a messed up life.



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