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How are we to love

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How are we to love ?

So how did Jesus love us?

Look into the Gospels see how Jesus loved his disciples.


He loved them understandingly. Knowing their weaknesses, their failings, and their stupidity. He loved them.


He loved them forgivingly .He knew they would run away, hide in fear, curse his name. He foresees this and his only concern is that their betrayal will not destroy them. He asks Peter to strengthen his brothers when they have fallen away. He loved them forgivingly.


He loved them sacrificially. He poured out his life, died for their sins, to give them the kingdom

Of God.                                 

When two people fall in love they often fail to see each others faults. That is why we say love is blind. Such love is dangerous. Love which is blind ends in nothing but disaster, for after the honeymoon is over and sight is regained men and women are shocked and dismayed to find that the one they love is not perfect and has many bad faults and failings. Their love often turns to anger, to despair, and to hate. Too often what the world calls love, is not love at all. Often its lust, hunger, infatuation. Its a bargin, a thing of the market: You be good to me I’ll be go to you. Such, so called love is decease; and everyone is trying to give it to you. It is to be avoided like the plague. They say love is blind. The love talked about by the media is blind but that is the opposite of love. There is nothing as clear sighted as the love defined in the New Testament by the life that Christ lived out. For Jesus loved the disciples Understadingly, Forgivingly, and Sacrificially. 

Real love, the love that Christ has for each one of us is not blind, it is open eyed, and it sees clearly our sins, weaknesses, betrayals and still loves us.

Real love must possess clarity of perception. For how can you love what you cannot clearly perceive .God’s Love, sees clearly the possibility of what we may become and real love has the power to bring it about.


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