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Workman 6 Language, Culture, History gaps

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Refreshing Springs Church

Workman Series

April 7, 2007

Class 6

Four Communication Gaps

Bridging the “Language Gap”

  • The correct interpretation of the Bible is not always obvious nor a matter of opinion
  • Some things don’t translate well from age to age, or from culture to culture
  1. Agape= Divine Love
  2. Phileo= Friendship
  3. Thelo=Please or delight in
  4. Eros=Sensual love
  5. Stergo= Family love

  • Definitions have nuances that obscure meaning
  • There are many times in scripture when our responsibilities is clear in any translation
  • There are times when the Bible cannot be taken literally
  • Charles Spurgeon
  • To follow the wrong doctrine is sin
  • Practical example of the language gap-meekness
  • English definition of “meekness”
  • Words without unanimous meaning makes communication impossible
  • Biblical definition of “meekness”
  • Biblical definition of “firstborn”
  • Wrong interpretation causes false conclusions of doctrines

Bridging the “Cultural Gap”


  • Brief example of proper cultural interpretation
  • Three questions to asked to bridge the Cultural gap
  • Explanation of 1 Corinthians 11
  • The moral principle behind every verse always does apply even in today’s culture




Bridging the “Geography Gap”




Bridging the “History Gap”


  • Example of the History Gap
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