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Workman 5

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Refreshing Springs Church

Workman Series Class 5

March 31, 2007

Ten reasons we should diligently study God’s Word


  • God commands it
  • The Christian can literally experience Almighty God in the Word
  • Alan Redpath’s View
  • God only reveals Himself through the reading of the Bible in such a way that it prevents those who superficially seek Him from truly experiencing Him
  • Souls are at stake
  • If we believe right we will live right
  • Eternal rewards are at stake
  • We show God that we love Him by reading and obeying His Word
  • The more we study God’s Word the more we fall in love with God
  • You will learn to avoid serious unforeseen dangers and pitfalls
  • Your faith and hope will grow as high as a mountain
  • The more you are in the Word your faith and trust in God changes from a saving faith, to a living faith to an unwavering faith

Introduction to reading, studying, and having devotions in God’s Word


  • Find a cozy quiet spot, and study the Bible a lot
  • Make a concerted effort to set aside 30-45 minutes a day to read your Bible
  • Make a goal of completely reading through the Bible in a year

Ten helpful tips for getting the most out of God’s Word


  • Get up early
  • Get an accountability partner
  • Pace yourself
  • Treat God’s Word with the utmost reverence
  • There is a real difference between reading, studying, and having devotion in God’s Word
  • When you do spend time devotionally in God’s Word, make sure your focus moves from your head to your heart
  • Set your priorities
  • A word of encouragement
  • The King James only controversy
  • Tools, books software, and “stuff”
  • Do not allow anyone to convince you to delve into anything supernatural or not revealed in the Word of God or to rob you of the joy of learning those things that have been revealed

Five practical steps to a rich full devotional life (next week) J



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