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Change Yourself

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The wise man gathered his disciples and said to them: When I was young I was quite radical ,I   prayed that I might change the world. As I approached middle age I realized that half my life had gone and I had changed nothing.

Then I decided to try and change my own small world of family and friends. Again after much effort and time I found I had changed nothing.

In my old age I suddenly realized that what I really needed was to change myself. I set about this task with renewed energy and violence to myself that caused me great distress. The only change that came about was for the worse.                                                                                 

Then when I was at rock bottom God came into my life and behold all things were new. In the blinking of an eye the world was changed. Without any effort on my part, without having fixed it, all was changed.                                                                                   

In time I came to understand that all change that really matters comes not from fixing things but from seeing. In this seeing, in this recognition all things which are false eventually fall away and all that remains is the delight of the present moment.      

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