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Buddha said ;This land is mine, these sons are mine such are the words of a fool who does not understand that even he is not his own .You never really possess anything, you merely hold them for a while . If you are unable to give them away then they possess you.

The Gospel of Luke .Unless you give up your possessions you cannot be my disciples. Perhaps it would be clearer if we read. Unless you free yourself from all the things that possess you it is impossible for you to be a disciple.


Some people are so busy preparing for a rainy day that they miss God's sunshine of the present

  How can you say I have kept the law and the prophets? For it is written in the law: love your neighbor as yourself; and yet, many of your brothers and sisters , sons and daughters of Abraham, are dressed in rags , dying of hunger, and your house is full of many good things, and nothing at all goes out of that house to the poor.


 Did the rich man drive beat Lazarus ,Did he call the police and have him arrested ,Did he curse Lazarus .Did he drive the Lazarus from his compound .The rich man did none of these things . Didn’t beat him ,didn’t arrest him ,didn’t throw him in prison, didn’t curse him, didn’t drive him from his compound. So what did he do that he ended in hell.  

The answer to all these questions is that he did nothing .He committed the sin of doing nothing. 

The sin of the rich man was that he looked at Lazarus and did nothing .Many of us will go to hell not for what we did but for what we failed to do.  The very fact that the rich looked at Lazarus and felt nothing and did nothing  says a great deal about the condition of the rich man .

Remember Jesus said What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul .It doesn’t just mean that you will lose your soul in hell at the end of your life on earth it also means that you can lose your soul even in this life . The rich man looked at Lazarus and felt no pity no compassion means he has lost his soul. He had gained the world but lost his soul.

In the eyes of God the rich man was lost. In the eyes of God the rich man he was dead.


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