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A sheep without the shepherd cannot find the way

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 A sheep without the shepherd cannot find the way. Left to ourselves we get lost in life. Life can be so bewildering.

 We can stand at some cross-roads and not know what way to take. It is only when Jesus leads and we follow that we can find the way.

  A sheep without the shepherd cannot find its pasture and its food. We need the strength which can keep us going; we need the inspiration which can lift us out of ourselves and above ourselves. When we seek it elsewhere our minds are still unsatisfied, our hearts still restless, our souls still unfed. We can gain strength for life only from him who is the living bread.

  A sheep without the shepherd has no defence against the dangers which threaten it. It can defend itself neither from the robbers nor the wild beasts. If life has taught us one thing it must be that we cannot live it alone. No man can defend himself from the temptations which assail him and from the evil of the world which attacks him. Only in the company of Jesus can we walk in the world and keep our garments unspotted from it. Without him we are defenceless; with him we are safe.

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