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Gabriel, Jonathan, and God's Greatest Creation

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Gabriel, senior angel, volunteered to take Jonathan, his apprentice on a tour of God's treasures. "I'd like to show you the greatest work to come from the hand of the Father," he said. And in an instant the two were near the surface of the sun. "This ball of flames emits enough light for the entire earth. Remove the star and the entire earth will freeze." And the younger angel nodded, "I can see why you think this is God's greatest work." "Oh, no" Gabriel directed. "This sun is a great work, but it's not the greatest. Come with me." A moment later the two were standing on the peak of Mt. Everest. "Behold the strength of God's mountain. For thousands of years blasted by blizzards, assailed by storms, yet she will not budge." Jonathan nodded in awe, "God's greatest work indeed." "Oh, no" said Gabriel. "This is a great work, but to see the greates work come with me." And so the two jouneyed to the Pacific where they hovered over the water. "You could place the Everest we just saw beneath this water, and not even see the tip," Gabriel said. "This ocean is deeper than the mountain is high." Jonathan was stunned. "What a work our Father has done. Surely this is His great..." Gabriel stopped him in mid-sentence. "The ocean is a great work, but it's not the greatest." The junior angel was confused. "Then what is His greatest work?" "Follow me". With the wave of his hand Gabriel changed himself and his apprentice into human form. Wearing jeans and tennis shoes they entered an elementary school gymnasium where they took their seats amidst a room full of women who were watching a school musical. "Behold the greatest work of God," Gabriel whispered, as he gestured, "Mothers". The trainee shook his head in silent admiration. "Indeed you are right. They are wondrous", pointing to a mom seated directly in front of him. And the older angel said, "Let me point out a few marks of God's brilliance. Note how she has 180 moveable parts. Two arms that wok as six. Two eyes that function as four. And two ears that can simultaneously hear what her friend bought at the sale, what her husband wans for dinner, and what her sons are whispering about tonight's party." "That's amazing!" "Indeed it is. She can exist on black coffee and leftovers, drive an SUV with one hand an apply eye-liner with the other. She's able to feed a family of five with a pound of hamburger meat, and her kiss cures everything from a skinned knee to a broken heart." "All this comes standard?" Jonathan asked. "Yes, but don't be fooled. There is nothing standard about this creation. Look deep within her." With heavenly vision both angels gazed into the soul of the mother and both gasped at what they saw. "My, what warmth," declared the apprentice. "Warmer than the sun you just saw." "And strength." "She'll withstand more storms than Everest." Jonathan paused, looked at Gabriel, then looked back at the mother before he spoke. "There...near the I see an ocean?" "Indeed you do," Gabriel said. "The Lord has placed one within each mother." "Why?" "Well watch closely and you'll see." About that time the mother sat up straight as a pig-tailed girl began to sing. The two angels watched the moisture from the ocean within begin to fill the eyes of the proud mother who watched. "God had to give them an ocean of tears. Their love is that deep." The song ended and the parents applauded but none louder than the mother. "You did great!" She said aloud to her child knowing the daughter couldn't hear. "So did you," Jonathan said aloud to God, knowing He could.

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