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A Mother of Clay

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Start with story by Max Lucado

Hand out gifts - prayer for mothers

  • I want us to look today at what it means to be a mother of clay.
  • I call it this for two reasons; 1 - you are to live your life as being molded by God and 2 - you are to live your life helping God mold your children. He has given you a great and awesome responsibility and I want to give you today what the Word says about that task.

Read Prov. 31:10-31

Be A Model of Worship (v. 30)

  • Solomon tells us specifically that a woman of noble character - more to the point the mother we are speaking about today - models fear of the Lord.
  • Are you modeling to your kids what this looks like? Do you fear the Lord? Do you reverence the Lord?
  • You see if what Solomon lays out about the noble mother is here then it's safe to say the opposite is true of the innoble mother. The way moms and dads treat God will be directly related to how their kids treat God. Is He a side-note? an afterthought? Then you are setting your child and youself up for failure.
  • Instead be a model of worship - praising God boldly and letting your children know that God is in control of this family. Teach your kids to fear the Lord.
  • Most mothers here today are mothers of adult children. How do your adult children remember you? We adults have this picture in our heads of our moms. Now, if that's not the best picture it's not too late to change and still impact your child. But young mothers here today, take heed! Your children are tape recorders and they are recording everything you say, do, and teach them.
  • illustrate a mom who wants the church to raise their child, so they drop them off at church to be molded into loving God. There are 168 hours in a week, they spend 1-3 at church, who do you think is holding more influence on their life?

Be A Model of Wisdom (16, 18, 21)

  • Look at this woman - wise, never-tiring, confident.
  • Whoever said that the mother's role in the family wasn't a powerful role.
  • I see this when Ladonna and I go shopping. I'm in and out, but she's patient, wise, never tires of finding just the right thing. Pajamas for Alyssa recently.
  • The mother's role is not a submissive role as we've seen it portrayed in media. In our culture women are regarded as great if they are career-driven and motivated. The phrase stay-at-home mom has negative conotations. But that is not what the Bible portrays. Here is a woman whose God-given call is far greater than any career. It is to be a model of wisdom and prudence for her children.
  • Psalm 111:10 Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom comes from a fear and dependence on God.

Be A Model with Your Words (26)

  • she speaks with wisdom (as above / from a fear of God) and is faithful with her instruction.
  • Do you know who's voice a child listen's to most? their mothers. Alyssa or Nic can ask a question and i'll answer and 2 seconds later they'll say, mom, and ask the same question. To which i'll answer, to which 2 seconds later they'll say, mom, and ask the same question. They long to hear their mother's instruction.
  • Now, with that truth in mind, what is your tongue speaking? Do your children hear words of kindness, edification, and love, or is it constant fighting? illustrate with the questions asked from the children at WCA. Why do mom and dad fight, why does mom think this way about dad?
  • You see, you have a duty to model for your children godly speaking, not gossip and slander. Not fighting and bickering.
  • Mom, be a model with your words.

* mom, apart from the love God has for you there is no greater example of love than of that for your children.

  • I'm thankful for the love that God has put in your heart. I have been the recipient of it, and now I get to watch in awe as my wife loves our children and is worshipful, wise, and edifying with them. They know how to love Jesus because she does.
  • Teach your kids that it's possible to love God, work hard, be wise, and say kind words. The world needs more of this.
  • Today, commit your life to be a godly mother. Mother, if your here today and you've never asked Christ in to your heart, well, your kids are going to receive a worldly model of a mother and society has shown us where that leads. Make that decision today to follow him and let him show you how to be the mother you were designed to be.
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