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Happy about the wrong things

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Happy about the wrong things.


Matthew 21:1-11

The Triumphal Entry

Intro: Ignorance, the refusal to think deeply enough, and self absorption can prevent people from seeing clearly the awesomeness of God and the work of Christ. Don’t get me wrong this morning, ignorance is not a insult here but and opportunity to knowledge.

Big Idea: A Shallow relationship produces a empty experience. I want some nothing gran gran.

They got it right:

  1. Jesus purposely fulfilled Zech.9:9 His official announcement
  2. After having been incognito as much as possible, it announced royalty, humility, and peace, april 6, 32 AD
  3. Staying with the Father’s divine timetable
  4. Jesus arrives 173,880 days as the decree to rebuild the city of Jerusalem Dan 9:25 to offer salvation to them.
  5. Shoutings, blessings, acknowledgments clothes on the road and the palm branches, request to save. King is coming, Mat. 21; and the kingdom is coming Mark 11:10
  6. They praised Him for the miracles. Luke 19:37
  7. Peace in heaven glory in the highest Luke 19:38

They had it wrong:

    • verse 11 a prophet from Nazereth vs the Messiah, Jehovah-Jesus, the cosmic King, the savior from sin and sins.
    • Outward and needs based, not the inward problem of sin
    • Ego oriented to be a great military nation, not a nation of Spiritfilled servants.
    • Mat Henry “as meekness and outward poverty are seen in Zion’s King and marked his Triumphal entry, How wrong is coveteousnes, ambition, and pride of life must be in Zion’s citizens.

Let’s get it right:

  • The Lord needs the colt. * Jesus came around the Mount and saw Jerusalem and wept, not just shedding of a tear either. Luke 19:41-44
  • Jews awaited a day like this, freed the land of Idolatry, expected Messiah, to deliver from pagan Rome. They were nationalistic and should have been spiritually minded.
  • They did not see a servant messiah coming
  • But on the tenth day of nisan, according to the law, they were to pick a lamb, flawless from their flock
  • Take it home and prepare for Passover
  • But like abe said, God would provide the lamb
  • So on the tenth of abib or nisan, God brought Jesus to town
  • To conquer sin, devil, demons, flesh
  • Hw brought that lamb to His house
  • To bring spiritual victory, forgiveness, new covenant, grace, new heart, the holy Spirit.

Let’s be happy about the right things. I want some nothing gran gran. What ever God has form me I do not want to miss it.

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