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Mother's Day 2007

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2nd Timothy 1:3-7 *

            Paul was thankful for the faithfulness of his young protégé, Timothy.  There was no doubt in the apostle’s mind that Timothy’s usefulness to the kingdom was due in very large part to the faithful example of Lois and Eunice.  Timothy’s father was Greek and because he is not mentioned by name it must be assumed that he was either no longer in the home or was not a believer.  The young man’s entire moral and religious upbringing was due to the diligent efforts of his Jewish mother and grandmother.

            The first four commandments have to do with our relationship with God.  The last six instruct us concerning our responsibilities toward one another.  The first of these six is, Honor your Father and your mother; that your days may be long upon the land….” Husbands and wives are privileged to share in the creation of children.  Though the process of birth is painful, most mothers soon forget the pain and discomfort of childbirth when they look into the eyes of the child that will, for a time at least, love them more than any other person on the planet.

            I have visited many extraordinary places in my life.  But there is one place to which I return in my mind’s eye most often – the home of my parents!  They possessed little of the world’s treasure and no house they lived in could be described as grand or fabulous.  Still, wherever they were was home and I cannot long remember the hardship or pain experienced there; instead, I recall the love, the fun, and the sense of safety and security I always felt there. 

            My father was a good provider and loved his family.  But it was my mother that cemented us together and made everything work.  She stretched the pennies, set the example, and nurtured within each of us the love for God and family that has so blessed us through the years.  I am blessed to have married a woman with those same qualities.

            One of my greatest concerns is that true Godly motherhood will not long survive on the earth.  American godliness is in decline and godly mothers are in short supply.





I.                    The Decline of Christianity In America


A.    Families are being torn apart

1.      By a lack of attention and time

2.      By modern thought and plan

3.      By lack of Biblical principles and guidelines (Traditional roles are no longer accepted by the majority)

B.     An obsession with sex has diminished respect for women

1.      Women are seen as objects to be used

2.      Opie and Anthony openly discuss raping Condoleeza Rice and Laura Bush on the radio!

C.    Selfishness is the new guiding principle

1.      No respect for parents

2.      Abortion on demand as a means for the sake of convenience


II.                 Now Is The Time For Men and Women To Repent


A.    Accepting that parenthood is the most important task appointed mankind

B.     Setting our affairs in order that the proper example may be set


The Bible clearly teaches that husbands and fathers bear responsibility for establishing a Christian home.  In my experience, men are unlikely to meet their obligation if there is not a wife and mother offering her love and encouragement.  We men are apt to be lazy in matters regarding the home and need a wife’s stabilizing influence to provide the balance a proper home needs.  If something so fundamental to God’s plan as Christian motherhood is absent then the foundations of society cannot long survive!

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