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The Power Of The Gospel

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Rom.1:16-17……………..Notes on file/4/23/06


Cf…pilot, minister, a boy scout, and a scientist were the only passengers on a small plane(3 chutes)”relax Rev.,                                                                           smartest man just grabbed my knapsack!”

One man’s boast can be another man’s salvation

If any man had a reason to boast it would be apostle Paul…Phil.3:4 >  (expound)

With all the credentials a man of Israel could have had to boast about, he probably could say he had the most experience…

CF…jailed in Phillippi; chased out Thessalonica; laughed at Athens; fool in Corinth; blasphemer and lawbreaker in Jerusalem;

        stoned at Lystra; BUT never intimidinated when it come to sharing good news.

We all know feeling of being intimidinated, or ashamed to share Christ > (expound)

The gospel is repulsive to lost…it exposes there depravity > (expound)

Beloved, it will expose the Christian’ hypocrisy…

Cf…is a gospel preached today considered a health & wealth, a kind of prosperity gospel…very attractive.

But Paul no where presents such to His readers.

To take away the offense of the cross makes the gospel wounded, ineffective…

Four words critical to our understanding the gospel:

1. Power  2. Salvation  3. Believe  3. Righteousness


 Gospel, good news, comes from an omnipotent God who controls the universe.

 Comes from a God who loves mankind more than anything.

 But mankind refuses to believe he is depraved…corrupted, broken, fallen…

Cf…now folks want to change;  change is big seller, diets, makeup, exercise machine, etc…

A. HARDLY NO ONE RECOGNIZES THERE OWN IMPOTENCE…(lack of power to change in heart)

Cf…Jer.13:23It is not within man’s power to change his nature, to overcome sin, to make himself acceptable to God.

        Rom.9:21a…we are clay my friend…

 The power of God can transform this clay!


 Gospel, good news come from a loving God whose sole purpose is to rescue His fallen creature.

Cf…the Psalmist, Ps.106:6-8…Lord has revealed His mighty hand of deliverance in all generations…

       He provided salvation to Adam, Eve; to Noah & family; to Lot in that wicked society; to Israel as slaves; and he lovingly

       gives salvation in these last days to any who turn to Him.


 Gospel, good news comes from a just God who justifies those who believe in Him.

Cf…let me warn, the devil believes, he knows, but there is no salvation for him…

 Eternal life is gained by faith…Eph. 2:8-9…God does not ask us to behave and then believe…Faith, trust Him!

 The behaving is a product of salvation, not the means to it.


 Righteousness is a scary word to many, for we all know there is nothing righteous in us.

 God imparts righteousness to those who trust Him.

Cf…Noah trusted him; Abraham trusted Him; apostle Paul certainly did; do you ?

 Now Paul said in Phil 3:8-9Rom.3:21-24


CONCLUSION: The power of the gospel, it changes lives.

Cf…1981, Minnesota radio station reported a story about a stolen car in California…crackers, rat poison,                                                                                   So When we run from God, we feel it is to escape his punishment. But what we are actually doing is eluding his rescue.

You don’t have to run anymore….


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