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Called To Active Duty

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Rom.4:9-25………Notes on file/ 6/11/06


Cf…preacher whose sermons were boring/dull, announced that he was leaving for another church and that Jesus had told him to leave this week.  Congregation rose, sang ,”What a friend we have in Jesus.”

Now, we have a friend in Abraham who was as good example of how we walk in faith as there is.

Our scripture tells us righteousness was credited to Abraham before circumcision as well as afterward.

Abraham believed God!

Cf…V. 19…Abraham was 100,  Sarah was 90,  yet he took God at His Word…

         That he would have a son,  his seed would inherit the earth, thru Jesus Christ.                                                                                        Lord “imputed”, credited Abraham with righteousness because of his faith.

Abraham had faith when Lord called him leave his home and travel to promised land.

Abraham was called to active duty…

God used this man greatly to teach us how we too are called to active duty.

First thing to see is that Abraham’s faith was active rather than passive.


 Without question he left his home and went into a far country.

 He really didn’t know what was ahead…and neither do we when we trust God for salvation.

 But Abraham acted upon his faith and it got him blessings.

Cf… in James chap. 2 , James tells us that faith without works is dead…Js. 2:17;  21-23

 You see, there is evidence of our faith reveals by our works (good deeds we do).

A. HIS FAITH WAS ACTIVE…and we read about this in Heb. 11: 9-10

 When Abraham got to the promised land, lo & behold, he found others living there who owned it.

 Yet, he hung around the place…

 And, what he did not do is just as important as what he did do.

Cf…did not buy up real estate…he could have…Gen.13:2

        Did not try to conquer the land, even though he had military ability to do so…Gen.14:14

  1. What did Abraham do?...he just hung around, living in tents, taking tour of all land.

 What a picture of the Christian!

 Abraham never owned any property in Canaan. When Sarah died he bought a burial plot even though God promised

 all the land to him.

 2. Why was Abraham so passive about taking the land?...

   Because, the same God who said “go to the land”… also said, “I will give you the land.”

 These same principles apply to the child of God.

  Trust me He says…


 And so must we.

 We do not take matters into our own hands, but must be willing to trust God in all things.

CF…know folks and situations where they about go crazy trying to work out everything themselves rather than trust in

         the living God who performs His good will.

 He didn’t purchase the land, didn’t conquer it, he just moved thru it.

 And God blessed him with abundance.

Cf…practicing our faith can be stressful at times…in Ezra 8:22 we read the words of Ezra as he tells how stressful

        the preparation was for return to Jerusalem from Baybalon.

        I shared last week how stressful it became for Abraham and Lot to dwell together.

 But in all situations Abraham trusted God to meet his needs and perform His will.

COCNLUSION: There must be a willingness and a dependence on our part in the Lord.

 We cannot make this journey thru life alone.

 God has called us to active duty.

 We are to practice our faith everyday.

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