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Three Reasons for Marriage Mothers Day #1

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Genesis 1:26-28; 2:18; 21-24

Prop: 私たちの家は神の栄光をあらわさなければならない

  • Adam loved his wife Eve.
  • We should appreciate those who God has put into our families. Everyone is a little different.
  • Today’s message has three main points


  • Marriage is a wonderful thing.
  • There should be a special oneness in our homes. Key is unity!
  • Some here are not married, but these principles can be used daily in life.
  • Marriage takes away loneliness
  • God gives peace.
  • Marriage is Ordained by God
  • Serving one another is a privilege.


  • Wives complete their husbands.
  • A man without a good wife is lost.
  • Children should honor their parents.
  • Christian’s should marry only believers.
  • God has the perfect spouse for your children. (Genesis 24)
  • Pray daily for your children’s spouse.


  • Christian home should be a peaceful place.
  • Consider others feelings
  • Encourage others dreams
  • Fulfill each other’s desirers.

7 Ways on how to make your home rewarding

1. Pray that all in your family will trust Christ as their Saviour. (2 Peter 3:9)

2. Be committed to each other.

3. Be truthful to each other.

4. Daily talk to your children.

5. Faithfully read the Bible.

6. Get away on a family vacation.

7. Make special memories.

Closing Prayer:

天のちちなる 神様, 貴方の みなを ほめたたえます。それぞれの かぞくに 力を あたえて  下さい。それぞれの かぞくが つよければ、 きょうかいも つよめられていき、 あなたの  みわざを なすことが できます。また、こどもたちを つみから まもってくださり、あなたの  みことばに たつことが できますように。まだ、 すくわれていない あいする かぞくが すくわれますように。主イエスキリストの みな により おいのり いたします。アーメン

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