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40 Days Prayer For Thailand

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40 Days Prayer & Fasting for Chiang Mai and Thailand

May 1 Prayer- Church Unity

Please pray:

Pray that there will be one Church in Thailand (John 17:22-23).  Historically, the churches and missions here have been quite divided.  There has been improvement in this area just within the past five years.

-Pray for a breaking of the spirit of control and for a growing spirit of servanthood (Phil 2:3-5).
-Tear down any counterfeit unity -- any group forming which would call itself a unity group but that has it's own agenda (Genesis 11:4-8).
-Strengthen and bless those who are already working together in unity.
-Heal hurts between people and groups.
-Convict of the sins of slander and gossip.

May 2 Prayer - Pastors and Christian Leaders

Pray for:

- Fear of the Lord, obedience to Him, holy speech  (Eccl. 5:6-7).
- Humility  (1Peter 5:1-6).
- Accountability  (1Peter 5:8-9).
- Discernment  (2 Peter 2:1-2).
- People to regularly pray for each pastor and leader
- Protection for church leaders and their families
- Approachability
- That God would remove any leaders who are not godly (1Sam.15:26,28-29).
- That they would have God's priorities for their lives
- Passion for the lost
- That they would recognize and encourage the spiritual giftings of those under their leadership  (1 Peter 5:2-3).

May 3 Prayer - New Churches Planted

Church growth is very slow in Thailand, which is still less than 1% Christian, a smaller percentage than most countries in the world.

Please pray:

- That the Lord would be revealed to people more clearly than ever before, that the trickle of new believers would increase greatly   (Acts 2:37-47).
- That new types of churches would be planted which appeal more to the Thais & their culture
- That existing churches would have a heart for starting churches among the unreached
- That each church member would evangelize those in their sphere of influence, not just leave it to the pastors and evangelists.
- That God would raise up house churches for neighborhoods; there are so many neighborhood Buddhist temples   (Romans 16:5)
- That God will raise up more church planters in Thailand
- That God will continue to send in more prayer teams that will break up hard spiritual ground, to prepare the way for many new churches   (Acts 17:11-12)

May 4- Redemption of Culture

Please pray:

- That God's glory would be reflected through the unique Thai culture
- That Thai people would see true Christianity means having a personal
relationship with Christ of all cultures, that it is not a "western religion"  (Acts 17:22-34)
- Reveal to the Thai peoples how much You long to hear and see them show their love for You in their own special ways
- Reveal Yourself to those who are working to revive the ancient Thai traditions
- Help Thai people to be thankful for who You made them to be, not try to be like westerners  (Acts 17:26),  (Acts 10:34-35)
- Help Thai Christians to know which things of their culture can be turned to use for God's glory and which things are inherently evil and need to be rejected

"Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood people from every tribe, tongue, and nation." (Rev. 5:9)

May 5 Prayer - Buddhism

Pray for:

- That the Thai people would see the emptiness of  the Buddhist philosophy
(Luke 18:29-30, Eph. 3:14-15).
- Reveal to Thai people that no amount of good works can atone for their sins
(Titus 3:4-7), (Romans 9:32-33).
- That every secret, evil thing going on within Buddhism would be exposed. A lot of it has been exposed within the past few years, but there's still much more (Isaiah 29:15).
- Give the people a deep longing for the personal God of love, rather than just the impersonal spirit(s) which they believe inhabit their idols (Romans 5:8, Jer. 31:3).
- Reveal Yourself to the top Buddhist leaders in Thailand (Acts 26:28).
- May 5 is also Coronation Day - Please pray for the King (Eph. 3:16-19).

May 6 Prayer - Buddhist monks, spirit mediums, fortune tellers

Pray for:

- Reveal truth to them by Your Spirit
- Send Christians to witness to them in the power of the Spirit (1Cor. 2:4-5).
- Set them free from their spiritual bondage (Isaiah 49:24-26).
- Open more doors of opportunity for ministry to them.
- Give Christians more of a burden to pray for and evangelize these peoples.
- Give creative ideas of new jobs for them to do when they become Christians.
- Help them to experience the love of God and hate the emptiness of their present life (John 6:26)

May 7 Prayer - Cults, New Age, etc.

The cults or sects in Thailand include Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Children of God, Japanese cults, Chinese religions, the Buddhist sect Dhammakaya (which you received an article about April 20), and others.  There are more and more New Age groups moving in all the time, to fill the spiritual vacuum caused by growing disillusionment with Buddhism.

Please pray for:

- That the ugly truth behind the attractive veneer of these groups would be exposed to the people (Deut. 13:1-4)
- That the government would no longer grant visas to the foreign groups - That people would refuse to sell land to them - That their leaders would be divided against each other (Gen.11:4-8)
- That many of them would individually come in contact with strong Christians who would evangelize them (Jer. 10:6-15)

Please also pray for the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs in Thailand

May 8 Prayer - Ethnic Groups

There are many tribal groups living in Thailand, as well as in neighboring countries. These peoples are quite distinct in language and culture from the people of former Siam (approx. Central Thailand) and Lanna (approx. North Thailand). Many Thai people, including Christians, are quite prejudiced against these peoples. South Thailand is predominantly Muslim and also has a distinct culture, which is looked at negatively by the rest of Buddhist Thailand. Thailand has fought numerous wars with and has been occupied by neighboring Burma, which has caused unforgiveness toward the Burmese. Currently there is a desperate refugee situation along the northwest border of Thailand as many thousands of Karen refugees from Burma are living in refugee camps
there, which many Thais resent.

Please pray:

- That Thai Christians would see these other groups through God's eyes (Acts 10:34-35; 11:18)
- That Thai Christians would repent of any past wrong attitudes and treatment of tribal groups (James 2:1-9)
- That there would be some kind of public repentance, forgiveness between the Thai and Burmese
- That the spirit of racial hatred in the country would be broken - That Thai Christians would get a heart to reach the Muslims in the South
- That the Thai government would soften its heart toward the plight of the Burmese refugees
- That Thai Christians would become more involved in ministries to the Burmese refugees and tribal groups (Psalm 82:3-4)

May 9 Prayer - Marriages

It is still very common here for couples to live together and have a family together without documentation or a marriage ceremony.  It's considered "normal" for Thai men (including married men) to visit prostitutes, which is why so many men and their wives are now dying of AIDS.

Please pray:

- That the spirit of adultery would be broken in Thailand
- Tear down the idea that it is "normal" to cheat on one's spouse (Hebrews 13:4)
- That couples who are separated will get back together
- That non-Christian men would spend more of their spare time at home with their wives & kids, instead of out drinking with other men
- That men who are faithful to their wives would influence other men
- That Christians would start some informal home meetings on 'marriage' (Buddhist couples have shown interest in similar Christian meetings on 'parenting')
- That men (including Christian men) would put their families first before business or ministry
- That married men & women would stop leaving Thailand to work at jobs in the Middle East, Singapore, etc. Many families have split because of this (Matt. 6:20)

May 10 Prayer - Fragmented Families

There are a huge number of fragmented families in Thailand. Some of the reasons for this are:

-Many young boys are separated from their families for the purpose of education. Poor families will often send their boys to live and grow up at a Buddhist temple, where they can get a free education (there is no free education in Thailand).
-Many girls and young women (and an increasing number of boys) are sent to cities to work, in order to bring more money into the family. A large number of these jobs are in prostitution.
-It's common when a couple separates, especially if they each get a new spouse, that they don't want their children from their previous marriage. The children are usually given to the grandmother or some other relative to raise.
- Sometimes one or more parent must leave the family to find work.

Please pray for:

- Healing for the rejection that all of the children experience
- Parents to value and love their children more
- Help parents find jobs nearer to their homes
- Make education more available and affordable so that children won't be sent away
- Put a stop to child labor, which encourages children to be sent away from home 

John 10:9-10

May 11 Prayer - The Homeless

Please pray:

- That ministries would be raised up to help the homeless
- That God would heal the underlying causes of homelessness
- That Christians would make the bold step and sacrifice to take some of the homeless into their own homes
- That those who are homeless now would be protected & hear the gospel

Psalm 68:6, Isaiah 49:15-21, Isaiah 61:1-3

May 12 Prayer - The Mentally Ill

Mental hospitals in Thailand are full of mentally ill people, and there are also many of them who are living at home or wandering the streets.

Pray that:

- The mental hospitals would get some Christian workers, especially counselors
- Christians would become more involved in deliverence ministry (there's much need for good training in this area)
- More Christians would be trained to counsel as a ministry, especially to the poor
- God would do many miracles of healing of the mind as well as the body

Isaiah 54:14,  Romans 8:6,  Romans 8:15, John 8:36
May 13 Prayer - The Unemployed

Many of you are aware of the economic hard times that has swept across much of Southeast Asia over the past few years. This collapse of the financial system came about as a result of inflated speculation on the part of investors, and the giving out of unsecured loans. Needless to say, the unemployment rate in Thailand has been put through the wringer as a result of these hard times.

Please pray that:

- They will find jobs
- Protect them from desperation
- That Christians would help them find jobs, or create new jobs for them

(John 6:26)
- That in their time of need they would seek God (John 6:27)

Psalm 37:25, Gal. 6:2

May 14 Prayer - the Poor

This may be one of the most important groups to pray for during these 40 days. Jesus focused much of His ministry on the poor and so should we.  It's easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of poor in Thailand. But God is ready and waiting to pour out His Spirit through us in prayer and action. It doesn't matter whether this is or isn't our main ministry group; the Lord will continually bring poor individuals our way who's lives and eternities can be changed by our willingness to help them. God will supply the "what" and "how".

"Listen, my beloved bretheren; did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?" (James 2:5)

"Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom; she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food, and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy." (Ezekiel 16:49)

Please pray:

- That God would break the curse of poverty that many poor people are under (no matter how hard they try to escape poverty, Satan oppresses them through continuing poverty)
- That more missionaries and Thai Christians would help the poor whenever possible, even if it isn't "their ministry"
- That God would raise up new ministries to help the poor and strengthen those ministries that now exist
- That the things which often cause and perpetuate poverty would be dealt with by the Lord (such as alcoholism & other addictions)

May 15 Prayer - AIDS & The Ploughing Ceremony

The government estimates that 1 million people in Thailand have AIDS right now, but other estimates are much higher.  Some of the causes of this are: It is considered "normal" for a Thai man (married or single) to regularly visit prostitutes (virtually all the prostitutes in Thailand are infected with HIV);  it is spread through needles by drug addicts;  the blood supply in Thailand is very unsafe; it is also spread through the huge homosexual population.  The first cause is the most tragic because it brings AIDS into families.  All over the country
babies are being born with it, and fathers and mothers are dying of it, leaving many orphaned children.  Almost every household in Thailand is affected by it.

Please pray:

- For miraculous healings as people are prayed for in the name of Jesus
- For protection of babies born to HIV mothers (many of these babies that have been prayed for have turned from HIV positive to negative)
- For protection of wives who are exposed to it through their husbands
- That those who are already suffering from AIDS would hear the gospel and turn to the Lord (this is happening more and more often and those who've accepted Christ die more peacefully and without much pain).
- That people, especially men, would be convicted of sin and righteousness as they face the consequences of their sin
- That those orphaned by AIDS would be taken in by loving families

The Ploughing Ceremony

Please pray for this ceremony, that they would one day honor the true Lord of the Harvest.

            The Annual Ploughing Ceremony usually takes place in May every year (but the date has not been exactly fixed like other royal ceremonies) at Sanam Luang near the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The ceremony has been performed since ancient times and designed to give an auspicious beginning to the new planting season.

            In fact, the Ploughing Ceremony is of Brahman origin and it was practiced even before the birth of Lord Buddha who, then a Prince, used to take part in the ceremony. The auspicious day and time are set by the Royal Brahman astrologers. Nowadays, although Their Majesties are present at the ceremony, the King no longer takes the leading role, His Majesty the King appoints the Ploughing Lord as his representative to carry out the rites.

            During this colorful ceremony, the amount of rainfall to be expected in the coming season is forecast. The Ploughing Lord is offered a choice of three lengths of cloth, all looking identical, if his choice is the longest one there will be rain during the coming year; if his choice is the shortest one, rain will be plentiful while the one of medium length indicates average rain.

            After donning the piece of cloth, called "Panung", the Ploughing Lord then ploughs furrows in Sanam Luang with a sacred plough of red and gold drawn by sacred white bulls and followed by four consecrated ladies who carry gold and silver baskets filled with rice seed. Walking alongside the plough are Brahmans who are chanting and blowing conch shells.

            Since 1966, the Cabinet declared Ploughing Ceremony day as the Annual Agriculturists Day. This is to make agriculturists aware of the importance of agriculture and to remind them to take part in the ceremony to bring about good luck and wealth for themselves and the country as a whole. Since then, the Agriculturists Day has been observed together with the Rice Grains Blessing and Ploughing Ceremony.

May 16 Prayer - Prostitution

Please pray:

- That the spirits of greed and immorality which uphold the huge prostitution industry in Thailand would be broken
- That the government would take strong action to put an end to this industry
- That many young girls and boys would be rescued from this
- That those who've been involved in this would come to know Jesus and be healed
- That Thai society would no longer see prostitution as "normal"

May 17 Prayer - Gangs & Visakha Bucha

Pray for:

- Gangs to break apart
- People coming out of gangs to find acceptance and healing in Jesus
- Christians to minister to people in gangs

Visakha Bucha

The three most important Buddhist holy days in Thailand include the word "Bucha", which means "to pay homage".  The most important of these three days is Visakha Bucha, which commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Siddharta Gautama (Buddha).  On this day Buddhists in Thailand show their high regard for the Triple Gems of Buddhist philosophy (Buddha, the teacher; the Dhamma, his teachings; and the Sangha, the brotherhood of Buddhist monks).  In the evening of this holiday, Buddhists will go to various temples and walk three times clockwise around the main chapel of the temple, carrying three incense sticks, a
lighted candle, and lotus buds.

Please pray that they will have a revelation of Jesus as they walk around the chapels of the temples.

May 18 Prayer - Drug Addiction

Drug addiction (including addiction to alcohol) is very widespread in Thailand.

Please pray:

-That Christian drug rehabilitation centers/ministries would be started around the country
- That the illegal drug industry would be broken apart
- That God would heal people of addictions as they look to Him for help

May 19 Prayer - Sexual Addiction

Please pray:

-That Christians would be trained to do prayer counseling with Christians who have come out of homosexuality.
- That Christians would be strong against the temptations of pornography, such as on the internet.
-That the government and police would really strictly enforce the laws against pornography.
- That Christians would take a stand against the immoral calendar pictures which can be seen (especially by their children) all over town.


May 20 Prayer - Sick People

Pray that:

- As people search for a cure to their sickness, lead them to call out to You for help
- Encourage Christians to take the many opportunities to pray for sick people and show them the compassion of Jesus in various ways
- Heal people in miraculous ways as they are prayed for in the name of Jesus, so that people will turn to Jesus instead of spirit healers, etc. (Matt. 18:18-19)
- Expand the ministries of Christians praying for the sick in hospitals
- Bring complete healing to those missionaries in Thailand who are struggling with serious illnesses

May 21 Prayer - The Disabled/Handicapped

Please pray:

- That many would be healed as they are prayed for in the name of Jesus
- That more ministries would be raised up to these people
- That existing ministries would have favor with the government
- That society would see them as valuable people
- For vocational training, that many of them would be able to be more independent
- That each person would have equipment they need, such as a wheelchair,  etc.

May 22 Prayer- The Unborn

According to a news article from two years ago, Thailand has a high percentage of teenage pregnancy and abortions, with some 300,000 abortions taking place every year; that's one abortion for every three
live births.  The true number is probably much higher as many young women abort their babies at an early stage of pregnancy by taking drugs at home (which they can buy at most any pharmacy).  This does not take
into account the older women who have abortions.  Abortion is against the law in Thailand, but there has been much call for this law to be changed, especially with the growing number of pregnant women with HIV
(though only 25% of babies born to an HIV mother will get AIDS).

Please pray that:

- Babies born to HIV mothers will be protected from getting it themselves
- Abortion will not be legalized in Thailand
- Women would be more informed about the baby growing in the womb, so that they wouldn't be so quick to throw it away.
- God would break the spirits of murder and selfishness which underly abortion (Ezek. 16)
- God would give revelation of the value He places on unborn babies
- Christians would have opportunities to counsel women who are considering abortion

May 23 Prayer - Ministries

There are many kinds of Christian ministries in Thailand, including missions, churches, schools, hospitals, NGO' s (non-government organizations), etc.

Pray for:

- Spiritual renewal for people involved in ministries
- Protect individuals
- Give each ministry prayer support
- Bring ministries together in unity and increase networking between them
- Raise up new ministries where needed
- Give each group favor with the Thai government
- Increased effectiveness of each group in sharing the gospel
May 24 Prayer - Schools

Pray that:

- A prayer group, such as Moms In Touch, would be formed for each school in Thailand.
- More Christians would become teachers and principals
- There would be more evangelistic outreaches to schools around the country
- That the negative things about the Thai school system would be changed (such as corporal punishment, humiliating a student in front of class, etc.)
- More Christian schools would be opened
- That better curriculum would be developed for schools
- That good curriculum would be developed for those who decide to homeschool
- That even the poorest children would not be held back from school because of no money for uniforms, etc.

May 25 Prayer - College Students

Pray for:

- God to raise up ministries for each university, technical school, college, etc.
- Keep cults and humanistic teaching from gaining a foothold at each campus
- Place more Christian teachers and professors at each campus - Give existing ministries more favor, influence, anointing, and creative ways of reaching the students

May 26 Prayer- The Military

Pray for:

- Corruption to be revealed and dealt with in a godly way
- Place strong Christians in the military, especially leaders
- Raise up a ministry to the military
- That military leaders would one day ask public forgiveness to groups the military has sinned against
- Protect individuals from accidents and death
- That the Crown Prince, who is in the military, would know and fear the Lord

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