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Fish Tales

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Two friends who happened to be avid fishermen met up at the casino the other day. Of course, the first thing they started doing was to swap fish stories. The one man said he had caught a fish up at the lake that weighed 400 pounds.

The other man, not to be outdone, said he had gone fishing over on the coast in California, and his line hooked something, and when he brought her in, there was a very muddy lantern on the hook. He said it was from an old ship down below that they had been looking for, since the 1800’s. He said the lantern was all muddy, but when they cleaned it up, it had the date of 1467 engraved on the bottom.

He said that wasn’t all - - he said the light was still on! At that point, the first man said he would be willing to shave 150 pounds off the fish if the other man would douse the light.

It seems that small lies, commonly known as fibs, are a natural, and daily, part of our lives.

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