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Justice and Grace

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Preacher Charles Swindoll recalled his last spanking when he turned thirteen. "Having just broken into the sophisticated ranks of the teen world, I thought I was something on a stick. My father wasn't nearly as impressed as I was with my great importance and new-found independence.

"I was laying on my bed. He was outside the window on a muggy October afternoon in Houston, Texas, weeding the garden. He said, "Charles, come out and help me weed the garden." I said something like, "No it's my birthday remember."

Dad set a new 100-meter record that autumn afternoon. He was in the house in a flash and all over me like white on rice, spanking me all the way out to the garden. As I recall, I weeded until the moonlight was shining on the pansies.

"That same night he took me out to a surprise dinner. He gave me what I deserved earlier. Later he gave me what I did not deserve. The birthday dinner was a matter of grace. He showered his favor on this rebellious young man. And I enjoyed the grace."

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