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That Your Faith and Hope are in God

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1 PETER 1:20-2:3


I.                    Introduction

a.       Bike Shop:  Why do you need me?

                                                               i.      We do that w/ God.

b.      Today’s Objective:  To know that salvation from beginning to end is a work of God and that your faith and hope would be in Him.

c.       Review

                                                               i.      What we have observed

1.      We are chosen by His foreknowledge, to be cleansed

2.      God caused us to be born again to a living hope.

3.      To obtain an eternal inheritance that is protected by God in heaven

4.      God protects the inheritor for the day when it is received.

                                                             ii.      We have observed how this great work was accomplished

1.      By the sufferings and glory (death and resurrection) of Jesus

2.      That the purchase price of redemption was exceptionally costly, exceedingly rare, and gloriously eternal. 

d.      Summary:  Peter has been painting a masterpiece:  A scene of salvation.

II.                 Now Showing:  Just For You. (20-21)

a.       Peter now adds the final strokes to the masterpiece.

b.      The person and work of Christ was foreknown.

                                                               i.      From eternity past the plan of redemption through Jesus Christ was planned.

                                                             ii.      This plan from the beginning of human history was perceived but not fully understood

1.      Prophets wondered about it, angels longed to look into it.

2.      But in these last days, the mystery that has been cloaked has been revealed fully as Jesus Christ invaded history, born in a manger, died on a cross, resurrected from the dead ascended into heaven, seated w/ power.  All for YOU!  For your benefit.

                                                            iii.      The fruit of this revelation is that you believe in God.

1.      Why are you believers in God? 

a.       It is His work, His revelation in these last days that has caused us to believe in God. 

c.       For what purpose?

                                                               i.      That we would completely trust and hope in God.  Our salv is the fruit of God’s labor.

1.      Too many religions put the responsibility of salvation upon the individual.  Christianity states that you cannot save yourself and so God does what humanity cannot.

                                                             ii.      Why does God do it this way?  So that your faith and hope would be in Him.  None of this is your doing.

1.      God caused you to be born again, prepared an inheritance, protects you to rec it, plans your redemption, purchases your redemption, and brings life and glory.

a.       God foreknew, God predestined, God called, God justified, God glorified (Romans 8:28-30).

b.      An amazing fact:  People object.

III.               You who are purified are commanded to love.

a.       Salvation is a work of God but the saved are to respond appropriately.

b.      Love the brethren

                                                               i.      Since you have obediently obeyed the gospel and laid aside all that contaminated you; love your brother. 

                                                             ii.      The 4th command in this chapter.

1.      Fervent love.  Lit: w/o hypocrisy.  Jeremiah 9:8

a.       All evil thoughts, feelings regarding one another. 

                                                            iii.      Peter’s assumption:  A changed life is evidenced by a changed relationship w/ God’s people.

IV.              Incorruptible Seed

a.       Brethren are those who share the same Father. There is only one way to enter God’s family; spiritual birth.

                                                               i.      You have been born again, given a new life.  This new life comes from a seed that is imperishable.

1.      Unlike the seed that produced natural life.

b.      Contrast

                                                               i.      The life you now have is not like grass or flowers.

1.      God did not birth you to be as a flower (blooming temporarily then dying).

                                                             ii.      The seed that created you produces eternal life

1.      This is God’s Word and God’s Word endures forever.

                                                            iii.      I have loved you w/ an everlasting love, Call on Me you who are weak…, Confess sins I am faithful and just…, Whoever will call upon the Name of the Lord will be saved. 

1.      These words, unlike flower or grass will never fade or whither.

2.      By His Word you were born again and His Word endures.

V.                 Desire God’s Word.

a.       Therefore lay aside actions that are unloving.

                                                               i.      Vice list. 

1.      Mostly “hidden” or covert deeds. 

2.      5 sins of attitude and speech that drive a wedge between believers

a.       None have any place in those who are born again.

                                                             ii.      How do you love one another?  Peter describes it w/ a negative:  what you don’t do.

b.      5th imperative

                                                               i.      Instead of the above vices eagerly crave God’s Word in the same way a baby longs for milk.

1.      This is the antidote for the venom of the above vices.

                                                             ii.      After ridding y/s of impure desires fill y/s w/ wholesome spir food.

                                                            iii.      As a baby grows strong as it feeds so the bel becomes healthy as the word is consumed.

1.      You grow in salvation.

a.       You don’t become “more saved”.  Like a baby doesn’t become more human as it grows.

b.      Able to w/stand illness, threats etc.  Becomes less vulnerable.

                                                           iv.      God’s word has life, gives life and nourishes life; we should have an appetite for it.

                                                             v.      Unadulterated:  The church has turned to entertainment, to sweeten what they perceive as bitter.

c.       Taste and see the Lord is good.

VI.              Conclusion

a.       Peter has been emphasizing their bright future, so he fixes their gaze upon the truly important.

b.      For these people living in a dark present, Peter focuses them on their great salvation that is theirs because God’s great love for them.

                                                               i.      He has detailed the great value of this love and salvation. God has spared no expense to purchase them

                                                             ii.      As a result God has done everything to secure what He has purchased and He will never let them go. 

                                                            iii.      Just as we place valuable things in safe places so they will not be lost or damaged or stolen so God places us in the most secure place; the nail scarred hands of Jesus that we not be lost, damaged or stolen.

1.      “I give them eternal life and no one can snatch them out of my hand.”

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