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Daily Prayer -- Short Form

In Jesus' Name,

I bind myself, my witness, testimony, confession and ministry -- my whole house; my family and those in my sphere of spiritual influence:

  • to the will of God
  • the Mind of Christ
  • the protection of the precious Blood of Jesus
  • the Cross of Christ
  • the Truth of God
  • and to His purposes and destinies for our lives

In Jesus' Name, I bind the strong man to plunder his house, loose his hold on and take back the natural and spiritual blessings -- everything that he's stolen from me and those whom I just named.

In Jesus' Name, I loose, crush, smash and destroy his plots, plans, schemes, wiles, deceits, influence and authority over us and all attempts to oppress, depress, possess and destroy us.

In Jesus' Name, I loose all of his assignments, strategies, tactics, angels, authorities,
principalities, powers, master spirits (who are the rulers of this present darkness) and spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places -- that are set against us.

In Jesus' Name, I loose the shameful practices, influence and words of his wicked
followers, Satanists, false and rebellious Christians, secret societies and all of their destructive and evil actions, words, curses, hexes, spells, occultism, sorcery, witchcraft, magic, voodoo, Satanism, black masses, black arts, witches' sabbaths, shedding of
innocent blood and carnal prayers spoken against us.

In Jesus' Name, I bind the individuals who believe, practice and speak abominable things and those who continue to curse, pray and strive against us -- to the Will of God and to the purposes and destiny of God for my life and the lives of those in my sphere of influence -- all who have been targeted by these attacks.

Lord Jesus, I forgive and release the individuals responsible for these demonic curses, prayers, hexes, spells, occultism, sorcery and witchcraft (and their transgressions, sins and iniquity) to You. You are the righteous Judge of all of Your Creation.

Father God, forgive me for my sins. Set a protective hedge about me and my whole house (and those named above) so we may magnify Your holy Name. To fulfill Your will perfectly, fill me to over-flowing with Your blessed Holy Spirit. Release Him to hover and brood over those whom You wish for me to minister -- to bring forth Christ. Anoint me to become and do Your perfect will for today.

Dear Father, raise Your Son, Jesus, high over all and raise me up to honor and glorify His holy Name. I ask for Your empowering, gifts of divine faith, love, knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, leading and protection. I knock for doors of unbroken fellowship with You, Lord Jesus and the blessed Holy Spirit, anointed witness, testimony, ministry, utterance and blessing to be opened that no man can close. I ask to please You in all that I am and do.

Anoint me to go through these doors as an overcoming son of Yours -- a branch connected to the Vine; in union with You and Your Son, -- feeling and realizing Your Presence as You remove all mountains of evil and difficulty and destroy the works of Satan.

Lord Jesus, help me to guard my heart, obey, abide in Your Presence and put You and Father's will first throughout this day. Enable me to walk in Your strength, love, holiness, wisdom, faith in God, righteousness, protection and victory over the world, the flesh and the devil.

Lord Jesus, forgive me for my sins. Raise me up into the shelter, strength, protection and consciousness of Your Presence. Anoint me to abide in You. You are my Rock; my Refuge, Wisdom, Peace, High Tower, Savior, Strength, Deliverer, King, Healer, Counselor and Great Friend. Empower me to love You with all of my heart!

I bind and loose these things in the Name of Jesus Christ, Who has given me the keys and the authority to use them. I place these requests before You, Father, knowing that whatsoever I ask in Jesus' Name -- You will give me because Jesus abides in me and I in Him.

In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen 

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