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The poets write, the songwriters bend and twist dig deep into the portals of their minds to describe what man has been fascinated with for centuries.  Myraids of Novels have been written, screenplays directed and produced.  The soap opera's thrive with their loose and fancy free livestyles with scenario's that never end and characters who are paid to make us love and hate them concere us into thinking what love is.  And some are convinced with the years of experience even love can be understood. 

Dispite what poets write, and entertainers sing, years have gone by and still it eludes the psyce of man.  But it takes divine intervention.  It takes Omnipotence to simplify what has been mystifying the human mind all these years.  And under divine inspiration John writes for us three words that sum up all that humanity has been wresting with for for a long time in the Bible 1 John 4:8  It tells us that God is Love! 

1 John 4:7-8  7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. (KJV)

I suggest to you tonight therefore if God is love, therefore love is godly. 

But the Bible the Bible says that God is love  .  .  .  .

And Jesus God manifested in the flesh, was made in the likeness of sinful came down here in the consciousness of our own world came to show us just who God is, He is love.

He is the epitome, the embodiement, the entaglables, the summary, the definition, the nuance.  He is the meaning of what love is!! He is love Himself.

We can find the definition in that one life. 

And you see if God is love then Love is Godly.  I believe that as young people we ought to believe in love.  But first we got to know what love is!  or who love is

The problem with a lot of  us can be sum up in the words one songwriter "looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces"

You see in every human heart is the yearning for love and the desire to be loved and the desire to love.  What most folk don't understand is that the vacumm for satisfaction in life can only be filled with Jesus because God is love.  But men and women today try to fill that vaccumm with so many other things.

And impressionable young men and women and I would say older ones alike are being made to understand a degorratory meaning of that word

You don't have to wait for the experience of a life time for we only have one life to live.  You dont have to visit the general hospital to see the sick and infirmed to understand, you don't have to be among the bold and beautiful or the young and the restless because all my children can understand what loving is all about by studying that one solitary life that Jesus lived. 

Because God is love and love is Godly.

And ladies if  a negro has nerve to purse two big blowted lips together and with bated breath move towards your direction and say "Baby I love you" 

And behind that here me now behind that is a means to satisfy carnal desires he doesn't love because .  .  .  he then becomes the enemny of  your soul.

And so many young ladies become a pawn in a game of play,  because with a lot of young boys what identifies their manhood is not what is in their heart but between their legs.

What we need to realize that only Jesus can provide that neccesary ingredient for love for the Bible says that God is love and therefore love is godly and anytime anyone suggest something diverse from the character of God you know that the person can never love you.  .  .  .

Through me God loves Judy

That's why God said don't be unequally yoked not because He's prejudice but because He can't dwell in an unconverted heart.

Love is not feeling but principle

Young teens,  I don't know what there putting in the meat,  (11, 10)


The American dating game for teens

Devil seeks to get people emotional invovled

(for teens)

Love is not blind

.    only one (gonna die if I don't get her)

.    pain and gain

Grow up with those habits, for some it has become their downfall

.    head bowl of emotion

.    back seat of chevy

.    pg on E.G. White

.    diffucult to read notes

Love dosen't fight  against itself

Love knows when to let go when it is the best for both parties.

.    can't leave him

.    black mail our love ones our greatest fears is the lost of a love one in hell

Love doesn't treathen to get what it wants.

Christianity is not a pacifer to keep folk out of trouble.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God


youth fed.


boys from island

Youth, seniors, earliteen, laity, clergy, conference, union,

John 17

Love is exclusive, not general

.    Marriage is love

.    Feeling is love

Love is not specifically something but exclusive someone, love is not a thing to find but a path to follow, love is not always easy, but it is always rewarding, love is not always recieving but always giving!

1 Cor 13

Love is taking time to smell the flowers, changing diapers, saying I'm sorry, remembering family, parents, telling someone the truth, love is studying for a final exam and getting an a, love is listening, love is introducing somebdoy to Jesus. all things Christ would do.

trust in God

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