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The Miracle of Change

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Jesus is still in the business of performing miracles with us.

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The first miracle Jesus performed was turning water into wine. There is great significance in how this was a precursor to how Jesus was going to continue His ministry here on earth.
Read: John 2:1-12
1. Jesus wants to fill us to the brim.
Three places brim is significant in the bible.
Joshua 3:15
1 Kings 7:23-26
John 2:7
Molten derives from the Hebrew word that means to "Cast, or pour" (as in metal).
It was 15 feet in diameter (from one end to the other), 7 1/2 feet high and 30 feet in circumference (the distance around the outer edge).
Empty, it weighed between 25-30 tons and held appox. 10,000 gallons of water.
This Molten Sea, or Brazen Sea, was all of the spoils of bronze melted together from the different battles and raids that King David made.
Why is this important?
Our life is filled with spoils from battles, wars and scars.
Mistakes, regrets, sins, wrong choices...and God still can mold us and shape us to be used for Him.
Jesus has the best in mind for you and I.
Best wine: when they would stack the crates of grapes, they would crush some grapes and that first juice that came out, was considered to be the freshest and closest to the fruit being picked and was the best juice/wine, it was fermented yet, or made into alcohol yet.
So here's the miracle. Water being turned into wine would be pretty cool...but you could do that without performing a miracle..all you had to do is have some wine already in some pots or jars, hide and switch it out.
So the miracle was that it would be impossible to get the "best wine" into these jars.
Here's how it applies to us, you may think that God can change your life, marriage, family, finances, attitude, circumstances, job situation, whatever yo think can happen, and make some kind of switch for something different to make life better.
God doesn't switch for the better, He gives you a fresh miracle for a complete change from a watered down life, to the best life fresh from the vine.
John 5:15
The wine also represents the blood of Jesus that was sacrificed for our sins.
Communion. Jesus took the cup after supper and said:
1 Cor. 11:25
When Jesus died on the cross, they pierced His side and blood and water came pouring out. Signifying the washing/cleansing of our sin, and His blood for the payment of sin.
When we are with Jesus one day, we will have a banquet called the Marriage Feast where we will celebrate with Jesus our relationship with Him. Rev. 19:7
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