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October 16, 2016

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Follow, Believe, Obey  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  44:40
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Jesus revealed God In a whole new way. And in case you think that's just preacher talk or exaggeration. Think about it. So radical was Jesus message. The religious leaders had him crucified. That's how radical the message was when he came on the scene in the gospels and began to preach this whole new way of understanding who God the father is and being in relationship with God the Father. It was so radical that eventually the religious leader said there's nothing left to do but to arrange for this preacher to be crucified. Is message was that radical. John later reflectively as one of Jesus disciples said it this way for the law was given through Moses Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God but the one and only son who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the father has made him known. So as if to remove any doubt when John writes look the law came through Moses but through Jesus. Grace and Truth came And in case there's any doubt about that, we know that we say that no one has ever seen God but Jesus who was God himself. And boom there is no one closer to God. He made him known. So John's affirming this radical new message that Jesus came in preached saying this is what God is like I know it's been said to you this. I know it's been said to you this way or that way or the other way, but I say to you this is what God is like And John affirms that in this for me reverse now, perhaps due to the radical nature that Jesus the radical change that Jesus preached his pattern of making disciples was to invite them to follow no strings attached to believe what ultimately were Radical life-altering Revelations and to obey which again or ultimately with their very lives. He didn't just arrive and announce. You've got to start obeying this whole new way of thinking about God. So radical was his message that his first invitation was follow me. It's probably too much for them to even take him if he said let me just give it all to you right now and one big dose. It would have been more than they could have handled. And so he said look I'm here to tell you a whole new way of understanding God the Father the right way of understanding God the Father the correct way of understanding it but so radical is this changes this message that let's just start with this. Why don't you just follow me just come along with me. We talked about that and Matthew 9 he invited anyone and everyone there were no strings attached. He didn't say to Matthew you betrayed your country. You're not a good Jew. You're not even allowed in the temple. You broke it all the laws and said, he just said Matthew. Follow me. Follow me. And as they followed him. They begin to see in his actions in his teachings in the things that he did that he was indeed who he claimed to be that he was God In the Flesh that he was bringing this whole new powerful and accurate way of understanding God the Father into our world. And so they believed him we talk about this in John 6. When Jesus preached that that he's the bread that must be eating that is what it must be drank that heat is the way to be in relationship of God the Father not the law anymore not rules not regulation not religion, not Church. Synagogue all that. It said I am the way so radical. Was that message that many who were following him at that point that you know, what now? We're here in this ain't Fallin anymore. That's why I turned his own disciples and said are you going to stop following me? And Peter says, how could we stop following you? We have come to know and believe that you are the Holy One of God. Peter's illustrating revealing that reality that has they followed Jesus their faith built up it grew the things they saw convinced them of who he was and they believed in him. and radical way

Here's what Paul wrote in Romans 3. Here's a summary in some ways of that believe they came to about Jesus and think about this hearing this with the ears of Israel with the ears of the Jews how radical this is what Paul says, he says look, but now so this new thing Paula saying he used to be this way. But because of who Jesus Christ revealed himself to be here's a new way. He says, but now apart from the law. Again Minds blown from the average u.s. Person and really many of those of religious persuasion who would say wait a minute. There's a system there's rules and regulations their sacrifices. You've got to learn to sit cross-legged meditate stare at the stars for hours and then somehow Regional this level of exists. It's got to be this week. The climb some sort of there is no God that comes down to us. What kind of God is that? We're supposed to have to work hard to make our way to him. Paul says not so but now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known to which the law and the prophets testify. So Jesus is the Fulfillment of everything that came before him in the Old Testament. He's the Fulfillment. We don't have to go back and pick certain things out the Old Testament say well juice was good, but we got to make sure we do this. Jesus is alright, but he left this out. You know, I can't believe Jesus or the Apostle didn't mention anything about my favorite profit or my favorite Old Testament passage. Let me just bring that out put that on people shoulders you got understand this right you got to do this, right Miss understanding the radicalness of Jesus when we don't just see exactly what policy but now a part from the law the righteousness of God has been made known as to which the law and the prophets testify.

This righteousness is given through faith or trust in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile again. The radicalness of what Paul is riding here. This old system that said well certain ethnicities. The Jews for example is Real by the nation. They have a special standing with God. They have this the standing that's different than anybody who's not from Israel. Who's not his right? Who's not a Jew they have this higher standing the radicalness that Paul would say there's no longer any difference. Because of Jesus Christ, there's no longer any difference. I told you before that Jewish men each morning would pray Lord. I Thank you. Thank you Lord that I am not a gentile and I thank you that I'm not a slave. Thank you that I'm not a woman. And Jesus came and let go of all that crap that man-made tradition. I said you're misunderstanding it what God is doing and as always planned from the very beginning understood correctly. This is what the law and the prophets testify about. The righteousness is coming to all of humanity. No distinction. No, Jew no Gentile. Why to all for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and all are Justified freely by his grace through the Redemption that came by Jesus Christ since all have sinned and all our need the gospel the good news. The message work of Christ is for all without any distinction what a travesty of the Gospel it would be for us to say that somehow Christianity or the gospel isn't for everyone. But it's not for this person or that ethnicity or that gender or that that race or that Nation. Somehow one nation is more favor with God than another what a travesty of the Gospel. To minimize the universal nature of Jesus arrival to say all Humanity. Because God is the creator of all of humanity. There are no other gods, right? No other gods exist. There's only one God only one maker of heaven and Earth only one creator of every human life. And that God has sent his son. To bring about Redemption. God presented price as a sacrifice of atonement through the shedding of his blood to be received by faith or trust he did this to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance, he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished. He did it to demonstrate his righteousness at the present time. So as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus

That understanding of the radical message of Christ was what galvanized the church? Was what caused them to worship Christ as a God as the Roman leaders would often describe the church what caused them to obey when they understood who Jesus was and what he had done for Humanity what he done for each and every one of us, they willingly served him as his servants and obeyed him. As a result of that. Look at this passage an axis a demonstration of the early church living out this conviction of who Jesus was and is because of who Jesus Is is true. Then this is how you live it out. They just been doing healings and the high priest and the leaders of the establishment religion the powers-that-be that wanted to keep control of how everyone felt like they were in good standing or not in good standing with God's how they felt like they were good people or bad people. They want to keep controlling that market and hear that the Christians came along the disciples came along and they were healing others and folks are saying wow. This is this is God at work Among Us and crowds were gathered. So they became jealous, then the high priest and all of his associates who were members of the party of the Sadducees were filled with jealousy. They arrested the apostles and put them in public jail, but during the night and Angel the Lord open the doors of the jail and brought them out. Go stand in the temple courts the angel said and tell the people all about this new life. Used to that was stuff that the kind of stuff we dream we say. Wow that used to happen the old days.

Our future might include punishment for preaching the gospel. It already happened. Globally. We just have lived a very isolated North American Christian Life these past few decades and now Global's becoming the new standard. We're more aware and it's influencing arrest the culture just this past week the French government announced that it will attempt through legislation to criminalize any activity including a website or pamphlet or a brochure that encourages women not to have an abortion.

So if you say to someone in France. That's a lie from God above. Our church will help you. My family will help you if you're in Dire Straits financially if you if you're not sure going to let us have this child and let us help you.

That could be criminal activity. Just because you've advocated something from the kingdom of God. But just as true is the fact that when God's people are doing his work his power is present with them. I told her put in jail and then an angel came and said well just let you guys write out your doing good stuff doing the right thing. Just go right back out to the Public Square and start preaching about this new life again story continues. This is what Luke recorded for us and acts of the early church as they have been told and they began to teach the people when the high priests and his associates arrived. They called together the Sanhedrin the full assembly of the Elders of Israel and sent to the jail for the apostles. They're arriving at the jail. The officers did not find them there. So they went back and reported we found the gel seat securely locked with the guards standing at the doors, but when we open them we found no one inside on hearing this report the capital of Temple guard in the chief priests wear at a loss wondering What this means then someone came and said look the menu put in jail are standing in the temple courts teaching the people.

Tommy at that the captain went with his officers and brought the apostles. They did not use Force because they feared that the people would Stone them now. I've got a whole different sermon but I'm tempted to preach if you guys got lunch plans. I'm tempted to fridge a whole separate sermon right at this moment because that little verse makes me realize the early churches pattern in their community in their culture in their city in the Public Square was such that When leaders thought about persecuting them. They said we'll get in trouble because they're so well-liked. And the reason there was there. Well, like if you read all of Act is because they were constantly seeking the good. Auburn community seeking the good of others taking care of those in need.

I'm convicted by this and this is a little separate storming here. But if you were brought up on charges how many non-christians would step forward and say hey don't punish Mitch. He's always there for me and my family is his church is constantly doing good for the community and good for the city and we're friends.

I think for many here there would be many who would stand up and say like I want to be near Gary when something is a good example of healthy relationships with lots of folks outside the church in the form of ministry, but for some of us and preachers at the top of that list in some ways, I'm not picking on you as much time myself sometimes our routines in a relationship can be 99% Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

So that's going out to me a little bit of a contrast how who would come to our defense was just the other Christians? Will it be the institutions that we have invested our power and political parties or? The blah blah sociation of Christians and blah blah Nation or Network.

How many non-christians would say all that these these folks are constantly doing good. So they feared the people with stolen them if they tried to stop at the apostles were doing the apostles were brought and made to appear before the Sanhedrin to be questioned by the high priest. We gave you strict orders not to teaching his name. He said that you and Phil Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man's blood Peter and the other Apostles replied we must obey God rather than human beings. Think about the radicalness of that statement or any of us prepared In Our Lifetime. To stand before the possible loss of our livelihood or our homes are reputations our finances and say if that's what's going to happen. It's going to happen because I've got to obey God rather than humans. That's the fruit of that deep conviction that belief that Jesus was who he said he was and that he can be trusted in this character. The god of our ancestors raised Jesus from the dead whom you killed by hanging him on a cross God exalted him to his own right hand and as a prince and a right hand as Prince and Saviour that he might bring Israel to repentance and forgive their sins. We Are Witnesses of these things and so is the holy spirit whom God has given to those who obey him. The early church obeyed Christ and it happened in this pattern that we've talked about already that they got to know him. That was the following Psalm talks about taste and see that the Lord is good that they got to know Jesus was and they were convinced because of spending time with Jesus being around him seeing what he did what he taught how I treated others they were convinced of who he was and that's his life completely. They were grateful for what Jesus had done and willingly chose to serve or obey him that passage enrollment is that full realization of their understanding of what Jesus had done for him when Paul says but now a new way and so because of that pattern in those Troost, they became obedient disciples who can stand before the Sanhedrin and say we have to obey God rather than human beings Because listen, we followed Jesus we watched what he did. We paid attention to what he taught. We searched the scriptures. We were there when he held others, we watch the things in it and we became convinced that he's the Holy One of God and then when you hung him on a tree the god the only God the god of our ancestors, the only true God resurrected him from the dead so that he is Prince and Saviour of this universe. So, yes, we obey him rather than you because of that conviction. They are convinced of who you was. They're grateful for what he done and so they obeyed him.

In the slow, maybe have a weak battery or to me the foundation of a bang. Jesus is belief in his identity and Trust in his character. This is a big part of what we talked about last week. It's that Hesed that character of God reveal both in the Old Testament in Exodus 34:6 when God appears that says, this is who I am he uses that word Hesed which means he's trustworthy and faithful. He looks out for the best interest of the other and Jesus came priest and rebuild in Taunton such a way that he revealed that fullness of God's character his Hesed revealed himself to care and love and give his life for the sake of others. What's in the best interest of my people what's in the best interest even of those who stand before the cross here and mock me and Jesus said father forgive them for they know not what they're doing. He demonstrated in his teaching and preaching in his very sacrifice on the cross that tested that he is absolutely committed to our good to redeeming to restoring us who God designed us to be deleting us to be God's people in to reflect his character once again. So that's the foundation. A trusting Jesus of a bang Jesus. It's trusting his character trusting his has a trusting that what he wants for us is in our best interest so that when he ask things of us when he gives us directions or instructions or commands it says this is the way to live your life. We need to say, you know what I can trust Jesus Piece demonstrated that I mean, is there any lack of demonstration that Jesus loves you? and that he will do anything no matter what the cost to himself to advance your best interest to reconcile you to God the Father to restore you to the character in nature that God created you to have That's the foundation and I think that's what we have to have in mind. When we think about words like this in Matthew 7 at the end of a section of teaching Jesus says there for everyone. Which is radical in love itself, not just a few people not just Jews everyone. Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down the streams Rose and the winds blew and beat against the house yet. It did not fall because it had its foundation on the Rock but everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on Sand the rain came down the streams Rose and the winds blew and beat against that house and it fell with a great crash. These words come right after The Sermon on the Mount where Jesus reveals a lot of these new radical teachings that he's offered to the Jewish culture who thought in terms of exterior Behavior, you know, I'm not going to do things that people can see that make me look bad. I can keep those kind of rules. Jesus said look you need to let go of anger in your heart and and lust in your heart is as bad as committing adultery. These were Radical teachings that he came when he taught these new things. You need to love your enemies. Think about how radical that was. In a country that was occupied by its enemies. To say you need to love your enemies. Money, Jesus said give it away. It didn't even get a percentage that could make us feel comfortable think I'll just slice off this much and then the rest is mine. Jesus said I'm telling you. The open-handed and generous with your money. That's the way to live your life. Stop worrying. He says. How many of us would I meet Lisa? Well, that's just ridiculous. I mean, what am I going to do with all my time if I stop worrying? I mean, I don't I wouldn't know who to be I wouldn't know. I mean that's my personality I make list and I fret over things and I look at the list and I think about all the stuff that's required for the list to get done. And I think how am I going to get that done and I'll worry about that and I wring my hands and I fret some anxious. What will I do? If I don't worry, I mean, give me a break think about it. Think about I mean in the election that alone is enough to say, oh my goodness. I have enough to worry about four years to come. I mean I could spend the rest of this day the rest of this week just on that topic alone worried about the future. Can I get a man? We got a lot of stuff to worry about the only the economy. I mean this separate politics, you can just focus on the economy and say call I mean, you know, what are we going to do health concerns? I mean you watch the news and good news is not news, right? So the new specializes in your drinking water may have this in it, you know tonight at 6 or Beverly bullet is all about something you need to be fretting about or worrying about so that alone that Jesus would come and say don't worry. The birds worry the flowers worry your heavenly father will provide. And if you could get over the no worrying hurdle. He has this little ditty. No judging. Oh my gosh, I have judged so much in the past few months in terms of politics in the election that I stand completely guilty before the Lord now and I suspect everyone in this room is the same. So don't look at me that way. I mean, haven't you yelled at the TV? Haven't you said? Hi kiddo. This is the biggest. I can't believe they said that that is a stupid ass. That's not true. And you just voted for it. Neither. One of them are where I can't even have heard that from so many people like ever no one said I'm so excited about the election. I just full of joy and enthusiasm and Covenants about the future. It's so clear to me there such righteousness among our national leaders. Have you heard anyone say that? We've got them all packed baby judged politics is a great area to feel completely justified in judging others.

They got the wrong beliefs baby. I got off not that person that they'd be better off if they just get off the bus hit them on and wouldn't let me let you know. We just really we so quickly gravitating that announces all these radical things. and then he has the audacity to say what he said. Those who hear this teaching of mine and put it into practice. you realize we're singing on Christ the solid rock I stand Biblically what that means is the stand-on Christ as your solid rock that is not about a simple affirmation of Doctrine. According To Jesus to stand on him as your rock means to put into practice in your life his teachings. so if we want to say on Christ the solid rock I stand

then we have to look at these teachings and say am I putting them into practice. Am I striving toward not judging? Toward not wearing a my generous and open-handed with my money. Do I love my enemies or do I have their photos on my dartboard? You know and I just think some people make it so fun to not like them. I mean, you're just you just all I mean back in the politics again, but everyday somebody does something we take off for you.

But if Christ is our Rock upon which we stand what Jesus is saying In this passage is it involves obedience?

if he's your rock On which you stand? It involves obedience. It's important to note. He's not talking about obedience as in you better do these things or I'm going to get you or you're going to be in trouble? He's talking about obedience from the perspective of his character in his character is Hesed or love? When we start talking about well, if you don't obey God, he's going to punish you or strike you down or you got cancer because you were sending or that City got hit by a tornado because they were Godless City. We are leaving Christianity. We are leaving the gospel. We are leaving the truth behind and we are embracing human thinking that's the way humans think that's why I think don't you somebody done something wrong? I don't want to pay for it baby. They wronged me. I wanted to say man. Don't wrong Robbie. You know, he will get you don't we we love Revenge movies. I mean, there's a whole industry for something happens to John Wayne's grandchild and then you're just you're in so much trouble you get the popcorn baby, you know. That he's going to take them apart piece-by-piece. I mean, there's a whole industry that that's human thinking that revenge and vengeance is human. It's ours and we think in those terms But that's not what scripture teaches scripture teaches that God acts in our lives. And in this world out of his character of love and 1st. John God is love were told that has said that he's looking out for a best interest. That's what operates out of till when he gives us these rules. Is this great Act of Love on his part. He's not saying here's the rules and you better Albans Bay them cuz I like to be obeyed. I'm not kind of God's it stroked my ego. I want to start my foot and have everybody Bravo me terrified of me. That's a human God and there are Gods like that in the world of religion where everyone scared they've got to do the right thing or they won't get into heaven, but that's not the god revealed in Jesus Christ the god revealed in Jesus Christ said, yeah, there's Justice and there is righteousness and there's a price it's going to have to be paid and I'm going to pay it.

He paid it.

And we depart from the cross and the gospel itself when we start orchestrating other types of punishment and payment. I say that to say don't miss hear me when I when I talk about the challenge of obeying Jesus teaching. It's not because you better obey or you're going to be in trouble. I don't never get us anywhere. What happens to your kids if the only reason they obey you is because they're going to be in trouble if they don't what happens when they turn 18 I'm out from under dad's Hammer. I'm going to do whatever I want to do, right? That is not an effective long-term relationship. And so God's relationship with us as one that's based on love on Hesed on his love demonstrated on the cross and out of that commitment for knowing what's best for us and loving us deeply he gives us these commands. Listen, and he says you build your house on these commands. It's going to be solid difficult times will come storms will come and you will be able to weather those storms. Your marriage will be the last your children will have respect for you. You'll be ready financially for storms that comes but if you don't listen to these teachings, if you ignore these teachings Jesus is pleading with us. If you ignore these teachings when the storms come you won't be ready. You won't be prepared your house will crash and he's not out there causing the storm. He's not out there. I can't believe Jordan do what I want. What I wanted to do when I told him to I'm just going to bring all this havoc on his life. That's not the way God works.

The storms of life are the natural consequences of a world in which God has created us as human beings with free will the honors us and loves us and respects our personhood and since he's created that guy Universe for love to be possible Free Will has to exist and for free will to exist there has to be the ability to make bad decision and there has to be the ability for consequences, goes bad decisions. If God stop every bad thing that was getting ready to happen because of consequences, he'd be unraveling the respect for Humanity as individual persons. Whom he says if you will follow me pick up your cross and follow me if you hear these words of mine obey them. It's a love relationship. We all know that for love relationships to be sweet. The bitter has to be possible Right.

If your children never disobeyed you because they feared for their lives. That would not be a love relationship. The fact that your children can disobey you they can hide things from you. They can lie to you. They can totally lie straight to your face, right the fact that they have the ability to do that makes it real and sweep when you know that they are obeying or trusting or loving you out of their own free will out of their heart. And so as children of God, he says to us. I love you. I've demonstrated on the cross how much I love you. And I'm telling you I know how the universe works. I know how life works the father and I are the authors of life. I'm telling you. Don't let lice get in your heart. Same thing as adultery don't think that one. Don't let it get in your heart. Don't let anger rule your day. Let else where Paul says for married couples. Don't let the sun go down on your anger don't go to bed. Angry. These are against these aren't commands where you think I'm going to get you if you disobey them. It's this pleading hard this love for us. It says like I know how the human heart work. I know how life works when it when he tells us to love our enemies and even know part of us. That's that's ridiculous that stupid the thing to do for images. Hatem. Add to pick up arms and to go show them who's more powerful. Jesus says I'm telling you I know. more than you

love your enemies. What he says give your money away generously you think that's crazy. I got to think about me first. I've got to make sure everything is in its place and everything is in order and then when I get all that in order then a little bit left over. Just said I'm telling you. Trust me, trust me. I know the cattle on a thousand hills Belong To Me the song that says about God we can trust him in all these areas. He tells us to forgive people not to judge people, but they did something wrong or they going to be punished for give us open handedly willy-nilly to be some liberal touchy-feely kind of everything's fine. I want to punish that they need to pay a price for doing to me what they did to me vengeance is mine. We suddenly find yourself saying

And pushing Lord off the throne in our life. And I'm wondering why our life is a blessed by God or isn't functioning, richly. These these words in this passage. For some of us maybe there they they just confirm. I have no doubt and believe with all my heart. There are many many people in this room that have been embracing the teachings of Jesus and living them out fully in her life and they've been paying a price for it that they've been saying, you know what we could do that next year, but we're going to stay committed to our tithe. And so that they they pay the price financially you don't want to do that or the other because we're staying faithful to what we believe. Jesus asked us to do when he tells us to be generous with their money or or maybe they forgiving somebody at work who just totally stuck a knife in their back and everyone said you need to get that person back and if you just forgive them if I was going to say, well Mitch is a pushover. We all just take advantage of him and maybe they will the same thing happened to Jesus, right? But he trusted the father. But I have no doubt that there are many here who understand these words and hear them as confirmation and I and I say that to you you're doing the right thing.

Thank you for paying the price. Thank you for being faithful to what Jesus asked and I pray is blessing on your life for others hear these words. I think you need to hear. I'm as a warning.

Because you think it will be into something optional. You think well, I love Jesus and I want to go to heaven and I got baptized and I made the good confession of faith. And we somehow think of belief is just sort of Doctrine and I've got that in order and we just never even occurred to us that we need to take video seriously. If you're in that category, these words are a warning.

That when the storms of life come your house will crash.

You won't be able to withstand the storms of life. If you are not building your life on the foundation of obedience and Jesus pleads with you as a parent to a child. Have you ever sit down, you know that in is your children grow up there becomes of time sandwich, right? You can't make them do what, you know you want to but you know, they get you a Carter gets in and he's 21 and I was like, why can't I can't you have to do it, you know. And they're making a bad decision. Maybe and you just you just hate you want to look them in the eye. Give me your attention. I love you. Have I not shown that to you on my life? I love you. That's all I'm begging you. I'm pleading with you. Don't make this decision.

Christ looks at us those of us who have not taken obedient seriously, and he begs us he pleased with us. Trust me. Trust that I love you trust that I have acid that I had this character that's looking out for your best interest and put into practice. These truths obey these truths build your house on the foundation. Trusting me of doing these things. Let go of your anger. flee youthful lust run from it in the other direction is Timothy says change the way you think about your finances be generous and open-handed. Forgive those who hurt you. Let go of it.

Because of what Christ has done for you because of the great forgiveness. He's giving you which is real. then forgive others that you need to forgive love your enemies, honestly, and I'm as guilty this is anybody but During the political round like this the church ought to stand out as the ones who aren't all heated and then calling. We are to love our enemies. Those with whom we disagree. Those are on the other side of the aisle. We ought to stand out as how come you're not red-faced. How come you're not in the truth is you can almost bought the Christians quicker by how red-faced they are. We get so invested in the Kingdom of this world as if God is not in control is if we have to make things happen to political means That mean you can't have convictions and let them out but it should be done in a christ-like spirit. That blob that's been demonstrated in the other person's life that gives credibility and gravity to your plea to your conviction until Jesus bags us. To obey him. It's a warning for some for others. It might be an explanation of what's happening in your life right now your life might be unraveling your marriage might be falling apart and you might be saying I don't understand I go to church. I've gone to church for years and I pray everyday everyday. I say Jesus Save Me Jesus help me out Jesus stop this from happening and yet it seems like my life is just going off a cliff. The explanation might be that you have not obeyed. This is not short term. This is not something you can say what the day standing by golly. I'm going to I'm going to get off work out by Friday. He's talking about the foundation of your life over your life time. Grow and learn to be somebody who forgives those that you need to forgive manage your finances in such a way that you're generous and open-handed with the way you handle your money. Love your enemies. This is something for the Long Haul to build your life on this Foundation. And so for some this might be an explanation. I might call you to repentance and that why a lot of folks end up in church when the doctor gives in the long face. Or maybe their accountant says guess what he lost everything in 08 or maybe they come home and their spouses bags are packed and they feel like they had no clue. And their spouses that's the point. Gets in the car and drives off. Sadly, sometimes we have to wait till those moments before we come back to church come back to Jesus and he is pleading with us ahead of time build your life on this foundation on the truth. When Jesus it is with these words and I'm about the worship team to come forward. When Jesus finished saying these things this is at the end of this passage about building your house on The Rock when he had finished saying these things the crowds were amazed at his teachings because he taught as one who had Authority and not as their teachers of the law. Jesus spoke with this Authority as someone who loved and cared and new. The truth of what he was preaching and what he was saying and people saw that it's that credibility someone who's been through it. Hebrew says he was tempted in every way that we are tempted without sin. He understands what it's like to struggle to understand some we say are you kidding me? How am I supposed to let my enemies? You don't know my enemies. Some of them are under my own roof and every day they just a little more. How am I supposed to do that? The scripture says Jesus knows what it's like to struggle. He knows and that's why it was for 16 says when we approach his throne, we can be confident. We can approach the throne boldly knowing we're going to receive the grace and the help that we need those versus go side by side. They one follows the other. Right when the writer of Hebrews says Jesus has been tempted in every way that we've been tempted yet without sin. He follows the very next thought with that's why such as knows what it's like to struggle. He understands the power Temptations in the human body. That's why when we go to his throne we can go boldly knowing we're going to receive the grace and the help that we need. He doesn't say I can't believe you're struggling with that unbelievable. How can you hold bitterness in your heart? How could you hold us? He doesn't have that sort of spirit. Again. We project onto God the way we would react and act as humans. And we forget to realize the great grace and love that Christ model. That's God's character Among Us. So when we go to his throne, we don't get this. I can't believe you're coming here for the 150,000 time with that same send out what we get. We get and said someone who gives us Grace and the help that we need.

So we can go to Jesus for that help ultimate comes down to trusting. Trust in the Lord Proverbs says with all of your heart. And lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him. He will make your path straight.

Jesus came to reveal God in such a way that he could invite us to trust him. To trust his love and his character for us.

If you've never made that decision I invite you during this song to make that decision to trust Jesus. You're not sure what you think that I'm bought you two to keep following him. No strings attached. I believe as you follow Jesus as you read the scriptures as you read the gospels as you spend time with Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as you let your heart worship, you will keep discovering you will you will taste and see if the Simon says that God is good. If you know that already that I invite you to make that public declaration. I want to follow Jesus that I want to trust him. I'll be in the back. If you have a decision to make or prayers that you need they'll also be Folks up front and also in the back for prayer request if you want to play with somebody seek one of us out during this time. Please stand as we sing Our closing song.

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