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A lesson in persistence

Lessons in Luke  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  28:23
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A lesson in persistence Luke 18:1-8 Introduction · How often should we pray? How long do we ask God for a particular thing? Pharisees taught three times per day is sufficient (more is annoying God) o Paul asks 3 times for his ‘thorn in the flesh’ to be taken away The parable · a widow demanded justice · a fearless judge who relents The interpretation · to show them they should always pray and not give up · how much more will God ... · what sort of prayer? o not just everyday supplication o ... bring about justice for His chosen ones The problem · suffering & injustice o after the kingdom has been proclaimed o why doesn't God answer His chosen, who cry out day & night? · quickly o Immediately or soon? o suddenly? o surely? · but will He find faith on the earth? o Not just God’s response being judged, also humanity’s o The coming of God’s justice is only good news to the faithful · Teaching not just about prayer, but our attitude as we await His coming
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