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Seven Passions of the Church - Faith based conversations

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Seven Passions of the Church:

 Faith-based Conversations



Ill:  Another true incident from the life and times of your editor.  My wife and daughter were taking my five-year-old granddaughter over to a parishioner's pool for a swim.  The hostess is quite large -- and undoubtedly more obviously large in a swimsuit.  Since my granddaughter is a bit out-spoken and overly candid, my wife was trying to prepare her ahead of time.  She warned her that the lady at the pool was quite large and that she didn't want her to make any comments about her size at all.  Her first response was, "Well, I'll just have to."  And my wife reinforced her instructions that as a matter of fact she didn't have to at all.  She thought about this and then added with a bit of frustration, "But what'll I do if the subject comes up?"+ SFMay85 THE SIN OF TOO MUCH CANDOR

I.   We Have a Reason to Speak so Differently

A. Our heart must speak of the greatness we experience – Luke 6:45; Jn 1:7,8

B. God has given us the Good News to speak for Him – Ac 1:8; 22:12-16; 26:12-18; 1 Jn 5:1-12; Jm 2:12

II.   Our Conversations Determine Our Effectiveness

A. What we speak about is what we will do – Eph 4:11-16, 25; 5:19-20

B. We talk about the things that brings heaven to earth – 1 Th 2:3-12

III.  Our Words Will Change the World

A. Our language is to be Spirit-filled – 1 Co 2:6-13

B. Our impact is to be practical for daily living – 2 Ti 2:2; 1 Ti 6:11-21

The Point  ?  We must realize that God has chosen conversation as the main way to present His wonderful news of saving and sanctifying grace. Thus, you and I are His mouthpiece to a world starving to hear real Good News in a lost and tragic world. Each day we must dedicate ourselves to speak about what is truly important.



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