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Biblical Interpretation Introduction filled

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Biblical Interpretation

The purpose of this session is to show the absolute importance of knowing and understanding the Bible, the very word of God, to demonstrate that we are powerless by ourselves to understand the intent of the Bible, and to introduce a tool for studying His word.

I. Introduction

            1. The Bible (The living written Word)

                        a. Three things are eternal

                                    1.          God               

                                    2.   The souls of man    

                                    3.  The word of God    

                        b. 2 Tim 3:16,17

                                    1. The Scripture is   God-breathed        (theopneustos: lit God blew)

                                             i.    The Scriptures are not something breathed into God

                                             ii.    The Scriptures have been   breathed out         by God

                                    2. The Scripture is without Error

                                             i.    God is   true  (Rom 3:4)

                                             ii.    God breathed the    Scriptures          

                                             iii.   Therefore, the   Scriptures      are   true         

                                    3. The Scripture is Inerrant (see Plate 1)

                                             i.    Variety in style

                                             ii.    Variety in detail

                                             iii.   Variety in reporting events

4. The Scripture is useful (beneficial)

                                             i.      Doctrine     

                                             ii.      Reproof      

                                             iii.     Correction  

                                             iv.     Instruction  

                                    5. So the man of God

                                             i.    May be   complete    

                                             ii.    Equipped for   every good work       

                        c. Heb 2:12

                                    1. The Word of God is:

                                             i.    Living           

                                             ii.    Active          

                                             iii.   Sharper than a 2-edged sword          

                                    2. Piercing the division of the   soul        and   spirit      

                                    3. Judging the   thoughts   and   intensions   of the   heart           

            2. Understanding the God-breathed Word

                        a. 1 Cor 2:11: Only the      Spirit           knows God

                        b. 1 Cor 2:14: Natural    man   cannot receive things from the Spirit of God

                                    1. They are foolish        to him

                                    2. They are spiritually discerned

                        c. The work of illumination (by the Holy Spirit is necessary to enable men to comprehend the Word of God (cf. Luke 24:44-45)

                        d. Illumination is not:

                                    1. Revelation (relates to the content or material

                                    2. Inspiration (relates to the method of recording

                        e. 1 Cor 2:9-13: Illumination relates to the meaning of the record

                                    1. Believer indwelt with Holy Spirit at time of salvation

                                    2. The Holy Spirit reveals the   truth     

                        f. The work of the Holy Spirit

                                    1. John 14:26: Teaching

                                    2. John 16:23: Guiding

                                    3. John 16: 24, 25: Disclose the truth

II. The Five-Step Process of Inductive Bible Study

            1. Pray for Illumination

                        a. Pray for a clear mind

                        b. Pray for the Holy Spirit to “cast His light” on His word

                        c. Prayer and Bible study are integrally related

                        d. Prayer is a necessary key to effective Bible study

                        e. Pray before, during, and after reading the Scripture

                        f. Bible study is NOT another academic   exercise

                        g. Bible study is spiritual   work

                        h. We require God’s direction to ensure an attitude of humility

            2. Observation

            3. Correlation

            4. Interpretation

            5. Application


! The World of God:

Two Living Revelations

              LIVING INCARNATE WORD                                LIVING WRITTEN WORD


             JESUS                                                                                                       THE

            CHRIST                                                                                                    BIBLE

                Human              Holy Spirit                                      Human              Holy Spirit

               Parents         Overshadowing                                 Authors          Superintending

                             Without Sin                                                           Without Error

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