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The Widow's Might

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  Luke 18:1-18:8 (NIV, NIRV, TNIV, KJV)
We are familiar with the Widow’s Mite in Luke 21 and
Mark 14; This is a parable in which Jesus illustrates a widow’s might; who, against all odds, won her lawsuit against a dishonest, well-connected adversary, and through a heartless, unscrupulous judge!
THAT it is Important, Necessary, to pray always, and
about everything - this is God’s purpose for all men.
THAT we Recognize the Reality of God, the Character of God - that He is merciful and loving.
THAT we Realize our Need of God’s Presence,Protection,
and Provisions for our Welfare.
THAT we Reach out to Him in prayer for our Daily bread,
His Forgiveness, and His Deliverance from evil.
THAT we Rely on His Faithfulness, Rest on his Assur-
ances--All of which are repeatedly guaranteed to us.
THAT we should not Faint..Give Up or Give IN to evil:
Greek, Kakos--bad, evil, wicked.
THAT we should bring every need, every problem to our
Heavenly Father, Who bids us cast all care upon Him.
A Widow, a victim--Even religious leaders Devoured wid-
ows houses..estates!
She was Robbed, Wronged with no Defender, Forced to
make her own Appeal to the judge.
He was no better in character than her adversary; He
had no Concern for her and no conscience toward God
Worst of all he was completely devoid of Compassion;
He had no sense of Duty to his office--A license to steal from the ones he was sworn to protect.
Her plea for justice was given the Cold Shoulder - He
seemed inclined to favor her evil adversary.
She had nothing with which to Bribe him, No Advocate
to speak for her - She had to be her own attorney.
He WOULD NOT: Listen to facts, be influenced by her
Plight, and absolutely Refused to grant her justice.
She KEPT coming to him, Became Insistent, Repeatedly
Requesting: Grant me justice!
She simply refused to give up or accept the Finality of
the circumstance.
She had only TWO Choices: Quit and go home, or to keep
on Pleading her cause to the Evil-hearted judge.
She chose the only way possible to obtain her rights;
All was lost if she gave up.
It has been suggested that she met him at HIS door;
Followed him on the street and Faced him daily in court
For a While he would NOT, But "she troubles me, ex-
hausts me no peace or rest".
He had no fear of God or regard for man, but he could
not Resist the MIGHT of her Persistence.
LISTEN to what the Unjust judge said! Will not God
avenge His Own who cry to Him day and night?
They are His Elect, His Chosen, who Continue to Seek
Him - who will not succumb to discouraging events.
They who cry to Him day and night, who Rely upon His
Person, His Promises, His Power in all situations.
I tell you He WILL bring justice to them speedily; He
will Always reward Faith and Fervor in prayer.
He Bears LONG..Exercising patience toward our adversar-
ies who Abuse Us - Not Wishing for any to perish!
How Many 1st Century Christians may have prayed that God
would SMITE Saul of Tarsus - wreaking havoc on churches
He Endured Saul’s wrath against Jesus--Reached him!
Will the Son of Man find THE Faith (this kind of faith)
upon the earth when He comes?
CONCLUSION: Her plight was as discouraging and dis-
heartening as can be imagined; She had only a Single
Recourse--To Continue Coming to a Heartless, Unsympath-
etic Judge! But WE come to a Loving Heavenly Father!
Her might was in her Persistence; Does He send similar
situations to Develop this in His children today?
ILLUSTRATION: The 12 besought the Lord, Teach US to
Pray; He gave them the Outline, but they did not learn
to PRAY, until their world "fell apart"--then prayer
was born in their hearts.
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