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01-GENESIS 09:13

Date: 1/3/2001
Keywords: color, rainbow, reminder

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”

The text goes on to say that whenever God sees the rainbow, He will remember His covenant between Himself and every living creature. It is not a reminder for us but for Him!
Does God forget? Of course not. But we read things into the text. For us, the rainbow is a reminder of God’s covenant (and we forget and need reminders) when it should symbolize to us that God does all He needs to do to ensure that His covenant will never become obsolete or pass away. He said it and He tied a string around His finger. He didn’t do that because He would forget but because we need to know that He will not forget.
That is what the rainbow is for us-a symbol of God’s determination to keep His promises.
The margin discipline challenges me to draw a rainbow and name the colors to represent some way God has been faithful to me. I suppose I could think of kept promises to remind me of His faithfulness. Let’s see how it goes.
Red is the blood color. Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood that my sins might be forgiven. God pro­mised to send a Redeemer and He did. No matter what happens to me in this life, my eternal destiny is guaranteed in the color red.
Orange is a food color. God promises to take care of my daily bread. I think of His faithfulness in that I’ve never gone hungry even though there have been lean times. This applies spiritually. Since becoming His child, He has fed me from His Word and revealed truth to me that has nourished my soul. His sustenance is seen in the color orange.
Yellow is the color of gold, of wealth and endurance. I know not every child of God is as materially well off as I am but this exercise is “my rainbow” and it does have its pot of gold. God has covered every material need, beyond my imagination. But this goes beyond the physical riches. I’ve a spiritual wealth that rises above that. I know God. I have access to the throne of the Creator at any time. He hears my prayers. He is my Friend, all that I need. That is riches beyond silver and gold and they are represented by yellow.
Green is the color of the earth and its beauty and of life. When I was a little girl, my doctors told my parents I would not live past sixteen, but God had other plans for me. Had I died at sixteen, I would have eternally perished but He kept me alive and gave me opportunity to know a far greater life-the life of His Son. I live eternally because God is in charge of life, both this one and the life to come, both symbolized by the color green.
Blue is the color of the sky, of heaven and the expanse of God’s realm. It is a large color, beyond this world. It is eternity, the place with no beginning or end. It is the presence of God and heaven. It is the “place prepared for me” when Jesus died and opened access into the kingdom of God. I can taste heaven now because I can know just a little of what it means to be in the very presence of Almighty God. Blue is the color for His kingdom and its enormity.
Indigo is the color of night and darkness. It reminds me that God is light and that I have been translated into the kingdom of light, out of the kingdom of darkness. Indigo reminds me that the darkness lurks and while it cannot claim me eternally, it can grab hold of me for a time. I need to be alert and constantly relying on the grace and power of God, never forgetting that sin and Satan would otherwise devour me. This is the temporary yet real danger of evil and represented by indigo.
Violet is a royal color. It is for kings and the King. It is also for me. I am a royal servant. Yes, a priest of God, not because my lineage puts me in this role or I have somehow earned or deserved it but because God lives in me and His great heart pulses to intercede for others. But also a royal servant who stands with an empty platter for Him to fill that I might take to others what He has fed to me. I see where this is going, that my role as His servant is feeding His people, teaching them what He has taught me.
My rainbow is rich with color. There are shades in between where the colors mingle and produce secondaries. I could find other symbols and other reminders of the greatness of God to keep His promises.
He holds me. He never gives up on me, even when I give up on Him. He is entirely faithful. He is my rainbow.

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