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8-28-2016 Tithing is a Heart Issue Part 2

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Good morning. Happy Sunday, everybody. We're about to get Church started. So if you guys can please Dan As we sing praise and worship.


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Imaginext is Emmanuel. So come and sing along with this, please.


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Worship and adore him.





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Okay, so good morning again. So happy to see all of your smiling faces out here. So happy that several of my kids are back in the house several of them back in the house and I'm glad to see and backwards so we will get to that when we go to meet and greet. So we're going to start with some announcements if that's okay. And because we at United Christian Fellowship UCF bringing God's word to the world have a lot going on and we want to make sure that we are all informed about all the things we have going on. So with that. Coming up September 10th is the back-to-school. Welcome weekend back to school welcome weekend. So, what do we need from? All of you is to make sure that you have connected with Sister Charlotte Campbell and determine what item you're going to contribute be in a pencil paper ink pen crayons, and we're putting together packets for students going back to school and we will be Distributing them on Saturday, September 10th at Nordstrom's Park, which is at East Dunne. We're at West and East Dunne & Murphy near where we have Bible study and then that following Sunday. We're celebrating kids and we're doing Kids Day at church on September 11th then The following week is the national back to church Sunday back to church Sunday. So we are looking for volunteers and we are looking for people to help us actually everyone to help bring someone back to church on Sunday September 18th, and we are planning to have something like ice cream. So sure something after church on that day and I believe we're going to be doing a video trying to get people back to church and so each and every face in this audience. We need in the video bringing people back to church then the following week. We can not stop in the 23rd 24th is our first UCF fundraiser. We going to have a southern style BBQ fundraiser more information to come on that again we need Everyone's participation with the fundraiser and then finally is October believe it or not. It's been one for years since we launched a full year since we launched though, October 16th the weekend of October 16th. We will be celebrating our first year anniversary. And again, we need everyone involved in that as well one announcement. That's not on your program. And I don't think it's up but you really need to put on your calendars and note. Sunday October 9th, we will not be meeting in this room the hall had something going on. And so we will be giving you further instructions pasta, right? But I just want to give you a heads up far enough in advance that that second Sunday. We will be fellowshipping in the special way as a family but it will not be in this room and All the other upcoming events, you will find in your program. My favorite part is now where we're going to meet and greet. You need to hug. Someone that you're meeting for the first time for who you haven't seen in a long time and give them love God.

free to play

What's up? I got the jacket your morning workout. How many people did you get to did you get the least two or three people? Okay. Alright now that you got your morning workout out and you got to get to know I just hit 10 people. 9 people. Oh my God, you got to know if you know what I think you win you wouldn't do you think it would be all green eyes or one he got to the most people. Okay. So now it's time to dumb why you catching your breath is to fill out your connection car. Everybody has their connection card each and everyone of us bills out our connection cards completely. I'm going to go fill mine out when I sit down each week because it's important that we pray and it's important that we stay connected and it's important that we know who is here so that we can eat and who's who's not here, so, please take a moment right now to fill out your connection card. complete the front and Fire You haven't received it contact make sure that your are you haven't heard from us in some way shape or form make sure that you have your phone number Best Buy contact number as well as your email address included on there all because we do right now we were a small family growing into a large family boat as a small bed when we got to stay connected and this is the best way for us to stay connected with you, right? So, please just take the time right now and fill out your connection card on the back side of your connection cards as we go through the program. If you don't do the serving as the Lord minister to you and your heart and mine think about what more information you need think about where you can take next steps in your walk-in. And and feel that portion out as well. You also should have an envelope and the envelope is there for you to pull up your connection card as well as your tithes and offering been to Europe the envelope so that you can turn it in at the end of the service to brother when she will come around and collect that from you at the end of the service fee. If you don't choose on your phone or computer, you can also give Don't Give Up by and it just a moment. We will hear the video on where you can do that. So God bless you, give up eyes the fastest and easiest way to donate to the church charity or cause of your choice. You're not limited to the cash you have on hand and there's no need to write checks in there. No complicated sign. Forms to fill out websites are text message codes to Remember by automatically pinpoint your location and intelligently identifies the fundraiser or church service you attending without the need to search automatically detects where you are making a donation can be completed in as few as three Taps tap one use one of the pre-configured denominations to specify the donation amount tap to select the specific campaign to which you'd like to contribute Tab 3 with your storage credit card complete your donation in one tap you get an immediate donation receipt and you can even share your generosity on Facebook or Twitter amplify lets you easily see your donation history with any church or charity you donate to you can also accurately track your donations for your taxes without needing to hunt down receipts bank statements or acknowledgement letters. You can also set your home and favorites large churches is your favorite so you can donate is frequently in generously. Is he black even when you're thousands of miles away Mark the church you normally attend as your home church for a quick one tap access givelify tap give.

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All right, we're going to deal with the second part of the message from last week, which it was intitle tithing is a heart matter. It's hard matter. It's a heart issue a man. I'm so couple things I want everybody stand up. We going to read are foundational scripture. And then do our confession of Faith. Amen. So are foundational scripture comes from 3rd. John the third letter John and verse is only one chapter so its first number to and let's read that together. It says beloved. I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health just as your soul prospers summertime below. I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health just as your soul prosper and so we have our confession of faith. We want to say our confession of faith in this is important because as we lay down that Foundation of faith, we have to keep that word in this we have to keep it in it so that when trials and tribulations come we can go back to the word of God Amen. So repeat this after me I am not move. By what I see or by what I feel.

I am moved by what I believe.

I believe the word of God. The victory is mine. I have it now. And I can see it through the my face. In Jesus name. Amen. Maybe see them. Alright, so we're talking about. Last week with weed out a little bit about how God uses and so I just want to remind you that when we talk about to prosper it means to Excel or to go to the highest place in anything. And so remember God is not looking for us to be mediocre. He's looking for us to be the best. Amen. And so wherever you do wherever you go you up, you're always represent in God Amen and God wants you to be the best a man the best of everything the head and not to tell Matt fight before you go. Can you go back to are foundational scripture just real quick. I want to show you something in that foundational scriptures. Remember God says I pray that you prosper. So be the best right be the best in all things in your head, right? And as your soul Prosper now something I want I want to point out our soul. So for those of you who know, and if you don't know so weird Parts there's three components to each and everyone of us. There's a spirit the soul in the flesh or the body. Amen. So when we speak of the Soul were talking about the things that control the flesh were talking about, you know, our mind our emotions things like that. And so what God said, I want you to be the best when it comes to your mind. Amen. I want your mind to prosper. I want your you to be solid in your emotions, you know, it's a windy speaking to us. He said when he uses the word Soul underneath soul is your mind and in your emotions and and and under that is your physical component which deals with how you act and what you say amen and so it starts up here. That's why the Bible talks to us about renewing your mind and Renewing Your Mind. So he he needs us to have our mine at the top of our game. Does that make sense? Alright, so when we when we look at this God is talking about the whole manhole woman. Everything about is not we're going we're focusing. I will get to the other two but he's talked about everything about it. We can't be financially well and sick mentally and then we can't be doing well mentally and broke a man. So so God is looking for us to be the whole man or woman. Does that make sense? It's looking at this and when you say that confession of Faith, it's all about. I'm asking you to show me. How be the best man. I want to be the best in everything that you have planned and purpose for me. Okay, and so last week if I can just do a little review I didn't work this out we go back to what's is a

Tithing is a heart issue. I might be controlling it. So if I mess up, all right, so last week we talked about God and Malachi chapter 1 and 2 about chapter 1 verse to talk about how God loves us. Remember. I love you. And in in one of the things that you can never ever forget no matter what you going through no matter how bad the situation is no matter what the circumstances are around. I will always love you and he still loves you man. We can mess up really bad, but God still loves her brother. When can you turn the air on please? So when you know, the guy that says hey, I love you. No matter what and then remember last week that the children of Israel were always question that will show me how you love me. And that's some of us because if we look at that cert our current situation, sometimes it would think you would think that God doesn't love us or why would we be in these situations or circumstances? But that's why we don't believe what we feel and what we see we always believe what the word of God says and When God says, I love you, he doesn't change. All right, so sometimes and I walk on a daily basis. We question god goddess and I love you. I got the I got the best for you. I want you. I want you to be the head and not to tell me you're looking at your current situation as in I don't see that guy. I don't see what you're saying. But he still saying trust me look at my word don't look at your situation because I'm going to work out whatever it is that I have plan and purpose for you if you want me to make sense and that's really important because once this word gets in your spirit remember earlier a couple weeks ago we talked about how the word gets in your spirit and then Satan comes along he tries to snatch it. I meant I told something sometimes we repeat and repeat and repeat because we want this work to take Route now when when certain situations, it can't snatches, you know, we might lean but we're not going to break. See what that word is rooted in you some come up and it's going to break you to pieces. What were called to be the head and not the tail? Are you with me? Alright, so so we we found out last week that God bless the children of Israel always questioning God and then Malachi. 1:6. God says, okay, if you call me your father, where is my honor? Right. Where is it? Where are you showing me that you are honoring me? You're not the best to me that's not honor your bringing. Whatever is left over or you're bringing whatever you have. That's not what I asked for. So you can't be honoring God unless you bring your best does that mean so now if I'm if I'm saying God is my father. He loves me. I'm going to do the best for you. Imma bring him the best. I'm going to live my life so that he's pleased with the life that he said that he that he sees in me. Does that make sense already? So so now. It said and then he wanted to do Toronto me says I guess for you that I hit that Okay. so in Deuteronomy chapter 26 He talks about when you enter the land. The Lord God is giving us a special possession and you have conquered it and settle there now. Here's the deal. I want to remind us everything that they ask God for he wants to give it to you, but he ain't just going to give it to you without you having to fight for some stuff. Let me let me go over here because sometimes with young people they forget they got a fight. They are looking for stuff to be handed to them as soon so that that fight is in your mind. There's no the battle starts up here when God wants to bless. You say no come and put all kind of stuff in your mind and make you think that's not what God wants for you or make it look like this is not what God is playing the purpose for so I tell you the Bible says you have to come through whatever you're going through in order for you to obtain the blessing that God has for you. Does that make sense? It's so he's not going to let you just come in and just continue to bless you and bless you and take care of you without you taking care of some stuff you're so Hey man, it's so it's really important that we understand that God loves us. He wants to bless us. But sometimes when we walk into our destiny walking to the blessings that God has we got to do some stuff for myself.

Everyone says what he told the children of Israel you have you have to conquer it and then you can settle in

and we wonder why.

There's some things that we have in Concord up here. This is where Satan is attacking. He's not attacking us in our spirit. Jesus already paid the price for that. He's attacking us here. And this is where the battle with this is worked out is this is where anger is this is where frustration is. It's all up here. Does that make sense? Alright, the first pope poodles for leased property you harvest into a basket to bring to the designated place of worship the place of God. The Lord has chosen for you now again last week I told you my story about

Well, I kind of Urban Farmer. Okay, I'm back porch Farm. Okay.

Don't y'all hate? I was looking at my table, but Tomatoes as I was leaving I was like hell, yeah, they like we're ripening or you going to eat us. I'm like, I'll be back. Okay, but anyway, he says take the first fruit. The first fruit whatever God has blessed you with now and we going to see you got to take the best off the top and give it to God.

That's how you honor him. That's how you worship him when you take the best that you have and give it to him and he's not asking for it all just for a little bit. Okay. Does that make sense? Okay, let's go. All right, so go to Pastor Williams, he's in charge. What are you saying? There was this this is when we get into giving to God is a hardest. So what are you saying is when you give to God don't give begrudgingly. Don't give like I got to do this. You know what he said. Wait a minute. Think about if God has gave me $1. And he's only asking for a dime. I get the key $0.90. So Lord, I am so grateful. I thank you that the dollar that you allowed me to have your only asking for a dime and I want to give you this from my heart. You're the one saying that changes the game on things it changes for me and change the game on it because now I begin to realize when I'm given to God I want to give out of my love and my worship to him. I don't want to give them cuz they say in the church. You supposed to give 10% and you got to do it or you or Heathen and this that nothing although it's not about that. Man, whether you give or not I know what God has done for me and when I read the scripture, he says if you if I'm your guy where's my honor? That's why I said Lord. I want to honor you man. If you only give me a dime, I'm going to give him a penny and you know, God can do more that Penny than you can do with a million dollars. Amen it so we went looking for all of this stuff, but got it said just on early right? Where you at with what you have with your best. That's a heart issue. That's a straight-up heart issue. Where is your heart when it comes to your worship when it comes to your relationship with God now, I will tell you and being transparent it took me awhile before I realized that I was just being religious. I'm being honest I grew up in Southern Baptist Church. They taught me because that's what you supposed to do. And actually they told me to give you a time because the church needs it to do a b c d and then whatever that happens to be but more importantly they said you know what we need to keep building the church and doing stuff than what I didn't hear though, and they may have told me this they never told me that we needed to go out and bring in people to the kingdom of God. That's what we do with it. Now they may have told me that but I didn't hear that. So be careful with what you hear as well. I'm telling you when you give your your ties and will learn about that into this ministry. It's going to be used to go out and bring other people in. amen Does that make sense? Okay. Alright keep going cuz I got to get to the message this week. Okay, we'll take the basket from your hand and said it before the altar of the Lord your God. Keep going. By the way, let me let me just say this. So I'm talking to Tom who's our Tech guy. He says Pastor the projected you have is only a hundred lumens the brightness of it is not bright enough. So we need to get a bigger Pride or projector thing. Is that right time when more lumens so I'm asking the church to be in prayer that we can get some cuz I want anybody be able to see that and when I'm putting the message yet, it looks powerful to me when I see it on the screen. That's damn right it so I know y'all are like I can't really see that but don't let that distract. You just kidding. We going to get us a luminous thing. You know, that that makes it more clear ancestor. Jacob was a Wandering aramean are men who went to live as a foreigner in Egypt. His family arrived a few in number but in Egypt that became a large imagination keep going I'm going to eat Gyptian suppressant humiliated Us by making us their slaves We Cried Out to the Lord the god of our ancestors. Heher Dark Rising Star heart-shaped hole in the person. I want to see this kind of a side note no matter what you going through God hears you. Okay, and this is the stuff that we got to remind each other. Yeah, it doesn't look like he showed up when you wanted them to show up but he is in the place. Alright? Okay, keep going. the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a strong hand and a powerful arm with overwhelming touring with miraculous signs and wonders now, this is important because when you look back over your life for a second look at where you were and where God has brought you to

Think about the stuff you got yourself caught up in. And because God is true to his word. He said Yuri crowd not let me let me just say me when I get myself in some stuff the first one. I'm crying out to his God and he always delivers me cuz I wouldn't be here today A man if he didn't pull me out of that mess. I got myself in a man. And so what I'm saying to you always know If He Did It Before He'll Do It Again? Amen If He Did It Before He'll Do It Again and the reason is is because he loves us that never changes. We can be West Coast a man but God loves for us never change it so he took the children of Israel and took him out of slavery in Egypt and brought them across. He did some mighty things to make sure that they understood it was God and not been doing it and sometimes God will do some mighty things in your life to let you know it's him moving and not you doing this and when you come out of that can look back and say I don't know how it happened, but I'm going to praise God anyhow, Hey man, I'm a praise God. I don't know what he did or how it happened and I dare not think I did it so that I can give him all the glory and so when you come in this is why he has worship service so I can tell somebody about the goodness of Jesus. Let me tell you God did in my life. You can't hold it in it becomes like fire. Shut up in your phone when God delivers you from something when he's you know, he's in there. You can't have fun. You can keep something like that inside of you. Amen. You just get excited. But let me tell you that you can't even speak that language. Are they speaking one language in my God is good, you know crystals and people get it. Hey, man, he said he brought us to this place and gave us this land flowing with milk and Hunt not that we deserve it, but that he loves us. Amen. God loves you. Tell you later. God loves you. You know yo yo, yo, your friends might think you jacked up but God loves you. Amen situations may not be right for you. But God loves you. Tell him God loves you. God loves you. You got to remember that. God loves you in the midst of your storm. God loves you. Not not answer. He fixes it, bro. You ended you got to remember God loves you. So he says he brought us to this place and gave us to keep going.

Say she got excited because now oh Lord, I have brought you the force first portion of the Harvest. You have given me from the ground then place the produce before the Lord your God and bout to the ground and worship him so Deliverance, he realizes God you brought me through. You bless me. I want to give you the first. What you bless me with a man. Keep going. He says that the word you may go and do what have a party have a party. He says because of all the good things the Lord your God has given to you and your household remember to include preachers and the foreigners living among you in the celebration the Levites were the preachers of the day just so you all know. I'm not making this up a man the Levites were the preachers. Amen. You put the key in there, but I thought that would be a little too much enough. Alright, keep going. Third-year you must offer special tide. That was the first time we see the word ties a tie. A tide of the crop in this year of the special tide. You must give your tattoo the kid know that it wouldn't say. No, but not only and I don't have time to get into why did the Levites but also the foreigners the orphans and widows so that they will have enough to eat.

So you see the tire that supposed to be used to bless people. Amen. The tide comes in. So my 10% comes in so it can be used to help somebody who's in need a man. So God is saying if you coming I'm going to be able to take care of some folks. Some folks who going through who may not know who Jesus is. Amen. I'm going to take care of the Levi to her who are laboring in the world and I'm giving you all they got the foreigners who don't know God the orphans young people children who have been lost a moms and dads Because of situations and circumstances and widows and widowers people lost their Partners due to the fact they taking them home. Amen, alright, keep going. You must be clear in the presence of the Lord your God. I have taken the <