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In 2003 Manoj Bhargava's company, Living Essentials LLC, launched a product called "5-Hour Energy". By 2012, retail sales had grown to an estimated $1 billion dollares anually. Why did this little bottle of $2.99 pick-me-up become some popular? It promised to give you energy when you are physically exhausted. We may question the truth claims of their advertisements but the reality is we are more tired than ever, more overworked, more stressed out than at any time in recent American history. God has provided something better than five hour enegery, He has provied a 24 hour rest that fuels the other 144 hours of your week. Despite the amazing claims the Bible makes about the Shabbat rest some people still don't think it is for them today. In this message, we will see how the Shabbas rest is as much for us today as it was for Yeshua an d his disciples back then.

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Let's Review

If you recall, about three weeks ago we started our discussion about the Shabbat. We spent some time exploring how Christians and Jews all agree: keeping a Shabbat is important. We also said that the 4th commandment is just as foundation to society as any of the other Ten Commandments. And we proved that by showing the personal societal changes that happens as a result of honoring God's Shabbat:
Theological Game Changer
Socially Liberating
Family Strengthening
Domestically Advanced
Some people really struggled with the message because they wanted me to tow a hard line either for a Sunday Shabbat or Saturday Shabbat. I heard that chatter that I am terribly inconsistent. I am not upset with that chatter, really it is quiet flattering.
Why is it flattering. Two reasons. First, I like to think that I am about as consistent as Yeshua who refuses a rich young ruler entrance into the kingdom of God who basically has kept God's law but yet allows a convicted criminal dying on a Roman excecution stake entrance into the kingdom. So, yes, about the same level of consistency and unpredictability as Yeshua. Secondly, Jewish hermeuntics influence my interpretation and applicaiton of the Scritpures.

hermeneutics. The discipline that studies theories of interpretation. The term hermeneutics was first used with respect to interpretive methods and discussions of biblical interpretation; now the term has a broader use as the theory and art of interpreting any text. This broader philosophical consideration of hermeneutics has introduced some tensions into more traditional modes of interpreting biblical texts, but it also has produced fruitful discussions on the act of reading generally, the nature and authority of texts, and the relationship between theory and practice.

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