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8-21-2016 Tithing is a Heart Issue

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Good morning, everyone.

So we're about to start off with praise and worship. Can you guys please stand and sing with us how awesome God is?

My God is awesome. He can keep in mind.

I want to watch.

The history. Is there a Sizzler.

Annoying Orange


He's there.



God Is Awesome from the red planet

Wait a minute. Bring it back. Wait a minute.

the Jesus Body and Paint Do you know where nobody can say? No?

What you can do to get it up to you if he can play with Jesus.

Nobody can say no.

What you going to do today? I guess it all belongs to you.

bulimic What is that? Wait a minute. What is a Damon data Damn it.

Nobody can say no.

school bus games

games with gold

Kim's testifies in when Jesus says yes. Nobody can't say no, right? I think that's an awesome song because it testified to everything that's going on in our lives right now because things happen and bad things happen, but then when you trust in God, you know that he's going to deliver and I love the song. So good morning. Are y'all doing today? Good, I'm before you guys to do the announcements. And so we wanted to do a couple of house cleaning things just to let you know what's going on in our church. So the first thing that I want to talk about is Bible Study Bible study happens on Tuesday nights in Morgan Hill at the church office. We have an awesome time. We're talking about James were talking about trials and tribulations or talking about standing firm with God and then we also have snacks and food. That's alright encourage all of you guys to come out to Bible study so that we can all fellowship and one of the things that I love about Bible study is that you can ask a million questions. We have amazing discussions. You can just dive deeper in the word. So I encourage all of you guys to come out on Tuesday nights at 7 sharp and it's only like an hour and a half. So you're not missing that much out of your night and it's a really great time. And then also in September we're going to have a back-to-school weekend for all the kids.

I was looking for my mama, but she's not here. So on September 10th, we're going to have a school supply giveaway. We know that it's important for our kids to have an education and it's important that they're prepare for school. And so we want to help out with the community and provide school supplies so that your kids can begin to start the school year off right and get A's and B's and eventually go on to college and things.

And so then the following day on September 11th, we're going to have a kids day at church. And so that's more to come. My mom says to kill me when she gets here. If you see her after service, you can talk to her if you want to get involved with that if you want to participate in any way, I know that she has a sign-up list of things I need to be done. And so please invite your family and friends and after church, we will Point her out so that you can get involved with that. And then also the following week after that we got big things going on in September. So after that, we have the UCF friends and family National back to church today. And so that's going to be on September 18th. That's all we're looking for people who want to be involved in that and so that we can have this national day be a success and so we're hoping that all of you guys can come out on this day so that we can Fellowship. And then how many you guys like ribs and barbecue and potato salad macaroni and cheese? Okay. So we're going to have a fundraiser. What we're trying to do is we're trying to raise money for a new church building and so one of the first but yeah.

We have a really big huge go but we know that through Christ we can do everything and sell one of the first run fundraisers that we're going to do is a barbecue fundraiser and so system. sister bears She's in charge of this fundraiser. And so we're going to be selling chicken ribs potato salad macaroni and cheese, bread a whole bunch of stuff in food that we like to eat. And so please look out for that. We're also going to be delivering to people's homes were going to be taking orders. And so if you're interested in that if you just want to purchase some food, we love that and if you want to help out when it's telling you or preparing the food, we also encourage that as well. And then who knows what's happening on October 16th? Yes the church anniversary.

Yes, that's awesome. In our first year is going to be coming up in less in like 2 minutes and we really want this to be a success. We've had an amazing time during church service on Sundays and now is going to be coming up on our first year anniversary and we really want us to be a special day. We want all of you guys to invite all your friends and your family and we want to just have a amazing celebration. And so if you're interested in helping with that you can ask rent or you can ask us the bass and they're both involved in those things as well. And we really wanted to be a success because we wanted to be the light in this community. We want to bring God's word to people's world and so to celebrate that we're going to have those special event on October 16th. What time does Ohio and get some hugs and kisses me and green time?

Thank you for having your seeds. Thank you. I like to see how your smiling faces. Everybody loving on each other. I mean that's where the church should be about right as everybody loving each other everybody speaking to each other and showing love.

Treating everybody how Christ treated us, right?

Allowed to see all your smiling faces.

So before we move on to the connection cards, I'm going to have my mom sister Campbell come up and talk about the back to school night. Are the back-to-school weekend the children's weekend?

Good morning.

I thank God for all the professionals that we have in our congregation right away past teacher Financial experts nurses. So we have just about anything that you need in this church. So if you need help with anything, just let us honor. Oh, yeah, that's me.

My mama bragging on me now, but we have a lot of we want to know what your talents are so that we can begin to serve the community. And so if you guys have any talents that you wish to help tide with cuz it's not always about money. I think we're ever going to talk about that scene. I don't hear but it's also about what your talents are as well. And so if you have any talents that you want to give to the church, just let us any one of the leadership know so does everybody have a program?

Does everybody have a pen? Okay, Joel bring a pan to.

Okay, so in the program we have the connection cards and the connection cards. This is how we stay connected to you. So if everyone can take a minute and fill out the friend of the connection card this with your name your address your phone number we want to do a lot of things in the coming years in the church. And so we really want to stay connected with you. We wanted to

Call you we want to check on you. We want to send birthday celebrations Mary celebrations. We want to do all these things for you. And so the one of the ways that we can do this as if you fill out your connection card and turn. It's also on the connection tires in also said whether or not you're a first-time visitor at member or leader. And so if you can check that off as well.

And then on the back of the connection card. On the back of the connection card is one of the most important reasons why we had this instead of pray for you. If so, if you have any prayer requests, you can also put that on the back of the card as well.

The pastor also has mixed up and so that's something you can fill out as he's going through his message today. And then also if you're interested in any more information or anything like that. You just take this minute to fill out your connection card would be greatly appreciated.

Every single member here is El Gato connection card because it's Italia stay connected. And so it's our joy to pressure you is confidential because he was the only people who see this.

Here at UCF. We feel like prayer matters and it changes things. So you'll get another opportunity during service to fill out your connection card. When I breathe comes around you can put it in.

You put your name on it. So then we all go and you talk about your offering in here as well. But we also have another way to give which is your good luck by and that's an electronic wait again for all of those people who don't have the cash by is giving her the message about that far is the fastest and easiest way to donate to the church charity or cause of your choice. You're not limited to the cash you have on hand. There's no need to write checks in a complicated sign up forms to fill out websites are text message codes to remember givelify automatically pinpoint your location and intelligently identifies the fundraiser or church service you attend without the need to search since givelify automatically detects where you are making intonation can be completed in as few as three Taps temp one use one of the pre-configured denominations to specify the donation amount tap to select a specific campaign to which you'd like to contribute Tab 3 with your store credit card complete your donation in one tap UK. The media donation receipt and you can share your generosity on Facebook or Twitter givelify. Lets you easily see your donation history with any church or charity you donate to you can also accurately track your donations for your taxes without needing to hunt down receipts bank statements or acknowledgement letters. You can also set your home and favorites bar churches is your favorite so you can donate it is frequently in generously. Is he black even when you're thousands of miles away Mark the church you normally attend as your home church for a quick one tap access. Givelify tap give. So one last thing that I want to talk to you guys about today. Okay, so our pastor always talks about that church doesn't mean just existing in these four walls. They also means going out into the community going out and being Fishers of Men going out and bringing people to Christ and introducing and living our lives like Christ called us to be until we would like for you guys to invite people to church with this club card. And so if you have this the last time I was up here I challenge you guys to invite people to church. So I want to do that again. I want to challenge you guys to pass it out to someone and invite someone to church Can I get a raise of hand of how many people want to do that? Okay. Okay. I'm looking at all y'all. Okay, so I'm remembering all your guyses faces and we really want to invite people to church and want to be overflowing not because we just want to see bodies here, but we want to see people come to Christ. And so that's what I focus is at the church is Jesus Christ and God and so now what I want to do is welcome back up the praise team.

And you guys have a wonderful day and Wrecking Service?

I just want to praise you. I just want to play with you. You're both insane. I can't move my head.

Google baby give me calling his of the money. I just can't seem to find a reason to believe that I have been down for so long. Hope is gone, but I understand that I should take a shower. I just had a baby. Your birthday today. I got hit in the head and I'm going crazy. I'm going crazy. Everything that could go wrong. All they wanna was dying so much pressure on me. I don't want to lose my mind if I brought home TV show.

I just want to be I just want to go with you. your birthday

Been Thru the Phone

Take a shower cause I want anything. I just wanted to play with you. I just want to play them. your brother James

take a shower Bulldog wallpaper.

I just had a baby. I just want to play with you. Your brother James. I'm on my way and I'm going to play.

I just want to put him down.

your brother changed

weathers depression weather is anxiety. Whatever that shackle is loneliness, you know, you know, they were singing to God say take these shackles off my feet so I can dance so I can praise you I mean, when will you stop and think about it the stuff that we're going through is like a chain is it keeps us