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And today we're going to look at a Facebook again, but in a different kind of life, I want to really focus on its people connecting and I want to use that as a springboard to a very important spiritual place. Last week was focused on the Practical applications of being a follower of Jesus Christ on Facebook and social media today. I want to share with you. Call we can use a very important principle that that social media has.

And looked at the biblical ramifications of that in light of God's Church.

Acts chapter 1 beginning with first number 12 acts 1 verse 12

Jason Scott a Sunday in the Heavens to the right hand of the father is Earthly Ministry concluded. Amount of the ministry of the holy spirit is about to begin. Aaron we see what happens to the people of this Wendling church as as they now think a step to honor the word MBM powered Saints. Mark chapter 4 chapter 1 verse 12 status Journey. They went up to the upper room where they were staying Peter John James Andrew and Matthew James the son of alphaeus Simon where do voting don't solve the prayer together with with the brothers a couple things first 14 which which talks about being Ian one of these with one Accord the people were in one And their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, they were not just reminded that they were devoted. Where are praying together a Prayer by themselves, but they engaged in prayer together. Let me stop right here and you won't agree commercial on Sunday, September 11th in the evening. We usually have it. Once a month and we are going to happen on September 11th at 6 p.m. But we're going to have it in the prayer chapel and there we are going to dedicate space to being a place of prayer. And so I want encourage you to be a part of the special service in place of burden on my heart that we will be. And I'm so we're going to do that on September 11th.

The church is not about being alone is about to take a shower with fellow Believers in Jesus Christ chapter 2 chapter 2 beginning with verse number 42 now and what happens between

The Holy Spirit descended upon the Church of the Holy Spirit fill them can do them with power to be witnesses to be. Our Witnesses in this world something happens. When the Holy Spirit is our life, don't you agree?

Are there fireworks fireworks?

Acts chapter 2 verse 42 epic devoted themselves to the apostles teaching the apostles and they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds at the Temple Bar in every single with all the people in the morning.

The Church of the cell that help people encounter God. Whiterun you Papa and specifically to help people follow Christ

waves of the word of God Those charges have the same purpose. Did you know that and that is?

two two people follow Christ

or missionary share a hard fact that so many churches are supporting missionaries missions.

They forgot. About inviting people to experience the love of power of God. self preservation German traditions Forget it. Everybody.

Not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will eventually slip into a tournament. Never.

It should be the church to make it harder make it.

even in this country

So what are they ask dr. Why do we connect with God and with one another? The church should be.

I want to give you 3 this morning.

That I don't know.

This is our responsibility in the white of the church beyond what we want.

we want to see

Too Many Robots slip into this is all about me myself and I

I'm so when you come if we're not careful very critical very quickly inside.

So we can leave because the temperature of the room. people

we are critical the Style song that made you some critical over the subject matter of last week.

And we forget that the reason why God has brought us together in a relationship.

follower of Jesus Christ 10 minutes


and how true that Jesus Christ saves redeem kills forgives set the people free and gives people purpose.

first one baby shower should be a place to be. insurance place to be

but let me tell you this app.

It's very easy.

I know I said it before and I'll say it one another on what's happening in our life during the week and in still commenting on their retired.

But also can be a very long time.

No, I sure do before I am I have a tendency if I'm not careful to drift into my comfort zone.

I don't know why God chose an introvert from your past, but that he did and so I leave that up to you. But I don't have to be in the Limelight uncomfortable.

send it's easy for people to church.

Can be consistent part of the human tongue. We like to be around people that you know that look like us that talk like that us that dress like us that have the same person.

That's what we gravitate to. but never ceases Christ what we need to do when we come into the doors of the church is you know, I know that we We do know there was this. I know we had when you were on top of the doors and send me one now and Trade Commission. I'm going to call you on your mission field is a Christian.

OK Google, what does divine appointment the Holy Spirit Geist would be at the church because people can be the church.

That is not what God wants, but we need to realize that.

We need to make the effort to be connected to the work and the purpose of the Holy Spirit.

We need to reach out.

This is your assignment.

I want YouTube.

Who do you want me to connect with? Be opened with the Holy Spirit and maybe somebody. But you have never even thought about connecting. Which friends I will tell you the Church of your place where it is hard for someone. But people are more people share. Understand that when we come together. We are almost going to look at this place. What do you do if you don't say well that could be somebody else.

Did you understand? You want me to be? Because the church should be the hardest place or someone.

I thought that I have. This morning should be a place or go to church to place a high cream.

Mike Clarence all Western University you also was the past.

No, what did the ministry of Jesus Christ? It wasn't believing that came first meeting if you believe him.

What's an becoming if you do certain things then you can you can talk with Jesus?

the first step of Jesus was

I want you more as soon as he called back into into becoming a disciple actors other people that nobody would want to associate with Jesus said I'm not

transferred always about the conversation. But you all can in church what we want is everybody to go to the class. Exactly what I told everybody to say exactly what they're supposed to say everybody in the conversation about the gospels that start with the conversation. My baby went to the song about the gospel message.

If we're not careful, what we will do is we will we will say the church is only for Christians their work. If you are not appreciate you don't look like a Christian that you're not welcome here. I will tell you were missing at incredible opportunity.

Because I don't know if you are desperately needing somebody to start driving.

What would happen if they came in? The church was focused on you. Got to leave like us and become like I have for you can a long hard conversation. We we have tender the work of the Holy Spirit. Tell the truth.

Show me we need to have an attitude when we come and get some more before you send it to church today. Do I need to connect do I need to have a conversation with absolutely?

Use my Manhattan with striations. Am I going to have to like share this with you? Probably want to go.

Caring person that you want to be in the church.

She was before she came.

What should you do if she needed something more? Church

And she was wild and she just bought next to me. You are my friend.

And her white and soul Transformer bike that in the church. today Karen Allen Assemblies of God minister opportunities of those Divine appointment

when the Holy Spirit is controlling your way left and right.

Coming to church every week.

That's what I brought about miracle that can change.

We have been called love.

Are you before you right now clip around safe, or do I need to connect with everybody?

If you want to just bring this home. with this the spot

deleted everything. A church should be safe place where will be people with? No problem.

We need to be real. Guess what? mother

everyone will fall for it. And I won't really confess. I don't know if there's a day that goes by where I have been absolutely.

4 tips that would make it very difficult.

Real is this to be a place where we can pretend? Pretend everything's going okay. We pretend that work and we don't want anyone to know.

Guess what? All of us are in the same boat?

Every single one of them every single one of us.

What's this. A lot of us are in the same boat we can share with one another. receiving. temperature going to get understanding Something that we're not losing ourselves.

aspect everybody's fault.

Sherry we could get bored of life

Maybe you got all the questions that you have. What's the down that you wanted to give the dot on the go to the devil? I have mine. I know why all the stuff.

What am I questions that I will ask. You know, people are not perfect. You don't mind but why do you rest everything on people? It was scripture says where two or three are gathered in his name.

I said more than to bring a lot of variables.

a blessing or a feeling or something and

Okay, what's your question?

I'm sorry. Not since I've told you that I will work my blossom tree.

People are often draw. Miracle working God because people are just so cute. in God's hands

I want to let you know. I am praying that we will be a different kind of church. Where you connect with one another and don't have to wait to get an account on Facebook.

But that you are actively engaged in reaching out to people.

not just reaching out to people but

We can we reach out to people at work.

When you reach out to people face.

You're a little.

We will we will we will not just hear about the requirements.

I can't wait to start hearing about prison.

Last 2 weeks we were praying for you.

Last week I told you that thing started improving still on the ventilator 26 years old. We could go Thursday. They told me to start thinking about the possibility.

And that's how serious is Bono shutting down?

Can I don't know what it was was a Tuesday. They were able to take you.

stupidest he was confused a lot.

God is affiliated.


we still have a ways to go.

We serve a God who wants to go after miracle in our lives and through us.

Comfortable hanging around just the people.

National Jordan people outside these walls Are drifting into a colonist? That's why we do that's why we support that's why we do.

What's tarp? Why can't you Sunday morning?

Say Hi. How are you? God bless. Just three people. Let's pray for people. How can I pray for you hard to turn somebody down?

After the end of the service when we pray for people.

Currently some of you are caring bridges.

And some of you it's difficult for us to know that you care.

You got a smile on your face all the time.

Just a few weeks ago.

And sometimes we can just fine.

some of you have yourself.

You know what I want to do.

the definition for potion

that we will reach out a conversation.

There's certain places in even in this Sanctuary that you get more handshakes than

Okay, I'll show you three sections over there. I want you to start drifting more over here and pay breeding people welcome.

More than just what you see Holy Spirit. We be nice when you walk through the doors of the church and say holy spirit. Do you want me to?

T-Mobile today I won't be there. I'm available. Talk to you. Ministry is just smart somewhere down at downtown area on September 17th.

Sometimes we forget.

1325 Airline Road It will call.

people walking

I want invite October 13th spoilers.

I love these streets. Got to get a new license plate for people.

I was bragging about them to the discipleship pastor of Grace Church the other day as we're working hard on getting the final touches plan for the Convoy. Can I tell you what men and women do for you?

Finding a way to connect with you. You may have for me.

You may have a physical that you need God to touch your wife. Mother is in surgery.

They're playing in surgery right now. She's in the hospital. You pray for Mom and son. as we pray together.

Maybe you need encouragement. You can call to help you whatever it is. I want you to start making your way forward as we begin to pray as we can get to to see if y'all had the price break for need to also remember remember the Olsen family plans everything so hard.

For God loves you.

Lord for watching over us

We send him more. Thank you. You have made it possible for us to say it Is Well with My Soul. Because God really healing. You're the provided God. You're the restoration job. You're the Deliverance. You're the empowering jobs. You're the God of all grace mercy, and you are passionate about.

Good morning.

Lord lift him up strength in the Lord God and Lord Lord Lord that you will raise her up and bring strength and healing in her body Lord Lord. I pray that you will watch over. Directions to the family. The Olsen family more freezing this morning.

word for difficult God I pray that you will be the winter. There is more give you a choice.

The Lord God I pray that you will help us at the church. Lord God help us as a church Lord to to be the church and call us to be bored to have passion and compassion.

God help us Lord and our responsibility to help one another in their relationship with Christ. Oh God be our strength in our comfort. Show us with the power of God. Mordecai W before your spirit morning power to do your will Oh God, I pray that you will be our secret in our comfort. our help in time of trouble working crazy in honor of you in Jesus name in Jesus name For those of you that are praying I want you to stay 20 and I want you to stay being minister to I don't want you to feel rushed at all.

In just a moment. I'm going to release the rest of you, but remember missionaries have a table that love to connect with you at Ron Paul for me on your phone so that we can provide.

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