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Good morning, everyone. Now I'm about to start off with praise and worship in the first time. We got to be singing his break every chain. So could you please Down and Worship with us?

There is power in the name of Jesus to Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain emoji.

Barrett's Pub

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Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain

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Break Every Chain Break Every Chain. I can't hear you, babe.

Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain Break Every Chain.

Are you going to be so I had to Break Every Chain Break Every Chain?

Singing is Emmanuel Yasin notice something along with us, please.

Where is it going to rain today?

Orange Bowl

Everybody Loves Raymond

Where's the dog?

We will worship.

Hallelujah, we worship you. Good morning United Christian Fellowship. Good morning. I am so on fire excited and happy to see each and every one of your smiling faces and I'm glad to be sharing with you the announcement the program today the program that you have before you are regular Dousman is Tuesday night bible study, which I know that wave your hand if you can attend the Tuesday night bible study is a good place to be on Tuesday night. You have food you have Fellowship you able to talk about the word of God is a great place to be but what I want to share with you is the Global Leadership Summit. We were there this week and it was awesome sister bad sister shine pastor, and I we learn a lot and there was a lot about leadership development and we are excited to share with each and every one of And you will hear more and more about that in the coming weeks. We have a lot going on at United Christian Fellowship coming up and we need each and every person's help and assistance with starting off with in September. We have the kids back to school weekend. And that back to school weekend is Saturday September 10th. We're going to be giving away school supplies at the Nordstrom's Park, which is right on East Dunne. We're on West de go across the 101 to East Dunne to right past where we have Bible study is a park and we are going to be giving out school supplies that day and the following day Sunday September 11th is Kids Day at church and so we are going to invite as many kids. We want to fill up with with young people and kids on September 11th, and for more information. The Campbell just walked in the door. She has a red today looking beautiful. Look at her. Okay, and you can see sister Kimball right after service about kids day and back to school for kids, which is coming up quickly here in September also the following week when she get the kids here and we got to get the families here. So we're going to be in celebration with the national back to school day. I mean, I'm sorry back to church day is called the national back to church day many churches participating in the UCF family and friend National back to church day is going to be September 18th, and we are looking for volunteers to have that up. So that's on the back of your program. If you're interested in working, I'm with that and helping us leave that up and making sure that our church is represented to back to church day. Please put that on your connection cards and we'll be sure to get in touch with you. I'm the United Christian Fellowship Southern BBQ style BBQ fundraiser. This is going to be our very first fundraiser and it's going to be ye we need funds and we need fun cuz we are going to move out of this base and move into her own space one day but to do that it cost money. And so we start focusing on fundraising and we're going to start by having a southern-style barbecue and it's going to be September 23rd and 24th just a little bit about that is We are going to actually take pre-orders. So we will hopefully starting next Sunday bring to you sheets where you can take the sheets in and get pre-orders for dinners and will be delivering dinners on the 23rd, and then we'll be back in the park on the 24th selling the BBQ meals live and last but not least is we're coming up on one year United Christian Fellowship a year ago. We were doing free services on Saturday nights at Santa Teresa, and we're going to celebrate our first year anniversary on Sunday, October 16th. There's more information to come on that in the meantime. If you would like to get more information to be a part of this, please see sister bass What wave your hands? The best of brother rent adjusting the air over there see if see either of those people the other thing is going to be a whole weekend of activities in the young people. I think sister Michaela and Ashley have big plans for that Saturday night. So if you're interested they're going to be heading that up and you'll hear more about that and weeks to come it's time to meet and greet. You have 3 minutes now 2 minutes 50 seconds to me and green and hurt somebody that you never met before you got to have somebody you never met before. That's the go you can have the people, you know my hug and love somebody you never met before.

Oops, Buffalo 3 2 1 we ran out of time this time 4:30 to 1. That's the first time we ran out of time. We were stuck with so much love we ran out of time. Okay. So they're my they're my hug somebody that they haven't seen in a long time or that they meant for the okay. That's a great thing. So as I catch my bro, everyone put pull out your connection cards as bedtime for Life connection, the latter connection cards. It's important the connection cards are designed for everyone to complete out on a weekly basis because on the connection card you can put if this is your first time second time regular attendee a member or leader and UCM, and we need you to check that off fill out the front of your car. If you have any new information that we don't have or changed information you can add that there. If your first or second time gas, please put who invited you so we can thank them for doing their part in bringing God's word to the world. And then on the back as you go through service, if you would think about next steps because your hair the pastor say he doesn't think people should just come to church here where I can leave that you should think about what are you going to do throughout this week for yourself before the kingdom of God? So this is the time to think about that contemplate on it as you go through this church service. Also, if you need information about more information, or you are interested in volunteering and any of the Ministries, please do check a box on the back and we'll be sure to make sure someone gets food. So please take the time right now. To properly complete your connection card. or your family

have that information from fire inside. The program is also a blue card. We called inside the card and the yummy but no Club Car advertising party than a big fin fun places to go and be and we hope that you will do that as well and share with others the club cart. Finally there is an envelope and in the envelope is can be used for your Tides offerings and to put your connection card. It will be collected at the end of the service. And in addition. I believe we have the giver fight tape which tells you another way to get the church charity or cause of your choice. You're not limited to the cash you have on hand and there's no need to write checks and there's no complicated sign up forms to fill out websites or text message codes to remember givelify automatically pinpoint your location and intelligently identifies the fundraiser or church service you attending without the need to search since givelify automatically making a donation to be completed and Ice Cube has three Taps use one of the pre-configured denominations to specify the donation amount tap to select the specific camp. What you like to contribute Tab 3 with your storage credit card complete your donation in one tap you get an immediate donation receipt and you can even share your generosity on Facebook or Twitter amplify that you easily see your donation history with any church or charity you donate to you can also accurately track your donations for your taxes without needing to hunt down receipts Bank Steve scorda knowledgement letters. You can also set your home and favorites Mark churches is your favorite sea donate is frequently in thousands of miles away. Normally attendance your home church for Quick One Tap access. givelify tap give done

can everybody please stand against would you please?


would you like on your birthday?


people from every nation and tongue

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You are dead.

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You are good good all the time all the time.

People from every nation Nation generation people people from every nation and tongue.

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Yeah, I got you.

I'm on now. Okay. Alright. Good morning. How many know God is good? all the time You know what? Let's do some everybody stay and just lift up your hands and give God your individual praise that says this look up your hands and give God your Google what what he's done for you just got to play to the left or the right, but just give God praise for what he's done for you. Lord you are good all the time and I have a friend who was going to the name glory to your name Hallelujah Hallelujah Lyrics Damon sometimes in the midst of everything that's going on. What are y'all done said y'all done got to don't get religious on me, please. Don't get religious on me man. If we don't allow the Holy Spirit to move we lose out if it's just about coming to church to do the up and down and we lose out. This is an opportunity for us to give back to the Lord. Give our worship. Give our praise thank him for all that. He's done it and sometimes I just be about going through the motions. Hey, man, you got dropped off some of that let that thing go.

We are talking about receiving your inheritance and understanding that receiving your inheritance in the spiritual realm and then letting it manifest itself in the Physical Realm. It's a blessing and not a curse amen. So so here's the deal begins to move in your life the way he wants to move some phones going to talk about you. Just get ready. I'll just get ready because there's nothing that you can do about it when God releases his Blessing in your life in the degree that he truly wants to, you know, I heard it real quick. I heard one of the preacher say, you know what that you got a couple different people you got some giraffes. You got some turtles when you operating in a blessing as a giraffe you see things from up here, but them Turtles going to talk about you. Amen. They going to talk about because they can only see down here. It's so when you stopped to think about don't get caught up with folks who are turtles talking about you cuz you got that draft beer vision and blessing. Amen. So keep that in mind cuz we are operation opens up in you. Please open up where you can see things. Okay. Nobody else, especially those who I bring like a turtle a man and so are foundational scripture in John chapter 2 verse number two, and we going to read this together everybody stand if you're able to let's read this together.

Get on your mark get set go the love. I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health just as your soul prospers. Let's hit it one more time. But I pray that you may prosper in all things and being Health just as your soul Prosper now, I want you to get that in your spirit as we go to our confession of faith, and I want you to repeat this after me. I am not moved. By what I see. Or what I feel. I am moved. but what I believe I believe the word of God the victory is mine. And I have it now I can see it through. The eyes of my faith in Jesus name. Let's give God one more hand of appraised and you may be seated. Amen.

All right. So last week we began this the study on receiving or this teaching are receiving your faith. And we we are dealing with the definition of what it means to prosper be prosperous and to prosper is to excel a man or to go to the Hyatt Place in anything desire. So when we talk about prospering we're not talking about being at turtle with talking about being that giraffe and being at the top y'all Whitney. We're talking about being the best always being the best not being mediocre not being less than but always being the best that's what God wants for us to do. That's what it means the property man. Turn. Your neighbor say are you prosper? Oh, yeah, I'll kind of y'all has some hesitation turn to him and say are you prosperous? Because he was an is the reality. Here's a reality. Can we keep this thing real? There's some areas. We doing quite well in a man, but that we we are going like giraffes a man but there's some areas Turtle mode. Amen. And if we don't move from that Turtle mode to that giraffe more we going to be the haters that we always talk about other folks. Are are you with me? So we got to prosper we got to get this thing right? Amen. And so we'll talk about receiving the inheritance from God. Now. Here's what I want. You're everything that God promised Abraham belongs to us a man. It's been passed down to us through the word of God through Jesus Christ. So when we talk about anything related to Abraham, you can put your name in there a man and we going to go through some stuff and I need y'all to get this in your spirits because when you walk out of here, you got to walk out here like a giraffe. Amen operating under the anointing of God and the blessings of God, Amen. You're ready real quick recap of last week for those who wasn't here last week. We got into this we talk about the wheel in order for you to have a will someone has to leave you something there. So if I don't know if any of you have ever been to the last will and testament reading I know most of us have not because we both leave us in transition old to be fighting over the little stuff. They got a man but when we do it, right and we have a a wheel or a yes, thank you. Bring people in the room and tell them exactly what you want them to have now. I will tell you that if you don't have a living trust or a wheel, please get one and put it in place. We could feel your family won't be fighting over stuff. You know, I have folks fighting over, you know relatives jewelry and stuff in it was fake. What just because just because it was there they was fighting over, you know, just crazy stuff right place when Jesus died on the cross at Calvary when he died went into effect of forest in the spiritual realm before Abraham. Amen. God has made a covenant agreement with him. Are you with me. It made a covenant green ones. And so there's a will the last week we begin to talk about that and that's found in Genesis chapter 12 verses 2 and 3. And then we we we said you got to put your name on The Promise. So if you can so if you go back and read Genesis chapter 17 verse 6 & 7 and chapter 3 verse 6 & 9 you can see where you got to put your name on the promises that God has for each and everyone of us and then the next thing we talked about there was no circumstance that you can go through that's going to stop the promises of God in your life until you got to know that even when when I'm Turtles come out. When I start hating on you and they start trying to pull you down. It doesn't matter when you are being blessed by God when you are operating in the promises of Abraham, and those are yours and you get it by faith in your heart. There's nothing I don't care. What you going through this going to stop that from happening a man. So look at your neighbor say no matter what you going through. If you operate by face. the promises of Abraham Are yours? And then we went on to say what belongs Abraham belongs to you. Look at your neighbor saying it belongs to me. Now say it like you mean it it belongs to me. They may try to take it from me but it belongs to me. We have a situation right now. Mom says no matter what this young man. Does. He bless big brother and blessed from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. He can be messing up big time. But it's his Blessing amen. And so this is what I'm talking about. Sometimes we can be messing up big time. But God is still going to bless his cuz God is not a man that he don't lie a man navigate to all of this. The last thing we got to talk about is that face opens the door to these blessings and that's found in Romans Chapter 4 verses 18 through 21. And so you can't get into the presence of God and you can't even make God happy to get the blessings of Abraham on your life unless you operate by faith. Are you with me? All right. Y'all ready to go a little deeper. Okay, here we go. So say at the black. It's a blessed say it's a blessing. It's a blessing because you have to understand you know, what God is talking about. He will never alter. He's not going to change it. It belongs to you. And when he says he's going to do what he's going to do it now are challenges. We want him to do it yesterday and I will do it on his time, but he will do so whatever God has told you think back think back for a second whatever God has promised to whatever God has told you he he will execute it. You just have to operate on his time and not on your time. Are you with me? Okay, so so so the Covenant is unbreakable. It's an agreement. It can't be Altar and God is going to do what he said he's going to do. So, let's go Deuteronomy chapter 30 verse 19 and 20 God says I call Heaven and Earth as Witnesses today against you that I have set before you life and death they life and death blessings and curses. He says therefore choose life that both you and your descendants may live Bears 20 says that you may love the Lord the Lord your God that you may have been his voice that you may cling to him for. He is your life and the length of your days and that you made well in the land which the Lord for your father's Abraham Isaac and Jacob to give him now in this in this text what I want you to see if he says you have to be the voice of God. Here's the problem and let me let me listen to let's keep this thing real I have learned that for many years in my 20s partially in my thirties. I was trying to do this thing based on what I wanted to do. You know, I even went ahead indication and some knowledge of the word of God. I was through still trying to work it out based on how I wanted to work it out. I knew what the word of God says, but I didn't want to line myself up with the word of God. I wanted to do it my way and still get wet. What what God said, he would he would give me is that so the problem is once I stop because God allowed me to get what I thought was pretty far, but it wasn't all that he had for me when I realize when I went back to the text and then he said love the Lord your God that you may have been his his voice. I realized something was out. I was out of line. I love God, but I was doing the things that didn't show. I love God. How do you say sometimes we can say we can love somebody but our actions don't line up with that. Amen and it's hard for us to say you love somebody when you stab them in the back. It's not supposed to say you love somebody when you talkin about him and trying to pull them down. It's hard to press to say you love God when you don't want to do what he wants you to do something. I want you to understand. Yeah, we got to get our words and our actions lined up. Does that make sense? Because if we don't win Miss the blessing and we're operating under the law to curse. Are you with your voice that you made and clean them? That's the other thing and in today's society. We have been taught to be very independent. I would do this on my own and I got this I'm going to do this my way because it's all about me. That's how we've been taught in the world. But that is counter into counter-productive to what the word of God says. I'll use that word cuz the other one didn't come out. Bible says That means it's just I can Tales of a husband and a wife or husband the way you lie and your father and your mother and you cling to each other you everything everything. Hope that everything has to happen when the two of you are working together as one that's what it means to clean what God is telling us his quit trying to do it to you on your own. I created you to be dependent on me and your dependence on me is a good thing. That means we're clean together and I can operate a move you into the place that is going to be the best thing for you. Do I have any Witnesses?

There's some things that we have to do clean before he is your life and the length of your day. You want long life. You wonder why some people on this Earth for a long time. They clean to the Lord High School to been married 40 years. 3040 years. What's the secret? I clean to the Lord. Apollo God this is what I come to realize you can't change anybody you got to trust God to change them and you got to put your trust in God that God will do the right thing by you and do the things cuz then that is going to make your work your relationship harmonious team went we went were trying to change folks as opposed to going to God and asking God to change up and deal with it. Does that make sense we were too busy trying to do what God has has ordained what God is wanting to do not like we're trying to be God. Are you working? She said they sent the first thing you got to do is quit trying to change. What was the first thing you got to do is clean the guy you got to do your marriage God's way. You got to be a relationship god with your finances guy when you got to clean the him for wisdom a man and then you got the trust God that he's going to take care of that other person who say they supposed to love you and have their best interest in her and then you got to say God. I'm trusting you that you going to put the right things in their heart and mind to take care of me, but my trust is in you it's not always in this is that makes sense. So what you're busy trying to get folks too big to fill us up in the only person can really fill us up is God a man, you know, my wife and my wife loves me, but there's some time but no matter what I say. It's not going to be there for her when she can go to God in prayer and got it revealed to her either through song all through the scriptural through so then she spilled up are you with me? God can use me to speak the word that will fill her but sometimes it's just got to be God. Are you with me? It's a long way to stop and think about God is charging us in order for us to operate in the Abraham of the blessings of Abraham Lincoln. Why would you give your best to somebody who don't care anything about you? I think about it. We've been in a relationship where folks don't care nothing about us. But yeah, we've given them are all and off we keep trying to do something for them and help them and be there for them. There's nothing wrong with serving people, but you can never get from somebody what they don't have. What do busy trying to get love from people who broken and hurt what the reason trying to get financing some folks?

Baby, I got nothing from you or am I taking Jacob to get to the nuts. Let's go to the next one.

Galatians chapter 3 verse 29 here's how this connection is. I said it last week and said a couple weeks ago and I'll keep saying it so we get it and if you belong to Christ means are in him who is Abraham's seed then you are Abraham's offspring and the spiritual heirs according to his friends. That's how we get the promises of Abraham. When we accept Jesus Christ, then we are in grafted into the family and everything that goes to Abraham belongs to us that belongs to me.

So, it's The Blessing of Abraham. Amen. Alright, go to 2nd Corinthians chapter 8. Can we go?

For you are becoming progressively acquainted with and recognizing more strongly and clearly the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Meaning his kindness is gracious. Generosity is undeserved favor and his spiritual blessing in that don't he was check this out quick next. So very rich not here. Is it here's why this is important here is Jesus operating in heaven. He's got everything. He's rich and Mom. He's got it all at all. So Jesus is very rich. And here's what he did yet for your sakes he became very poor So he left his place in heaven of richness and came down to earth to be poor. So bad. In order that his poverty we or you might become. Abundantly, what's the text say abundantly supplied or Rich? Jesus said, you know what in order for them to see how much I want to bless them and give them all that I have. I'm going to come down from all my glory to a place of poverty. And I'm going to go through what I have to go through so that they can be blessed and operating my richness. What sense does it make for him to come down go through what he's going through? And when I recognize that he wants us to be abundantly rich not only spiritually but materially as well. So he already did it came left Heavens he came down. It went through what he had to Winthrop go through so that we can be rich in our area spiritually in our health and our relationships in our finances. He doesn't why would it go through that if he didn't want the best for each and everyone of us?

So the question is who report I would believe it. I wouldn't believe in the world that we need to be struggling and going through all these trials and tribulations. Are we going to believe the word of God that says all your all my blessings are interested. We just trust him. Does that make sense? It opened up my eyes? I have another another Rich yet for your sakes he became poor so there by his property he can make you rich. Hey, man, we're stopping think about that for a second. I got this thing all wrong. I thought I was supposed to be struggling doing that hole in your processes. Well, I'll at 21. I'll do this at 25. I'll get here at 30. I'll do this at 35. I'll do this at 40. I'll do this at 45. I'll do this and 50 I'll do this and you know, two more years from now. I'll be blessed to see 60, but that's not what he came down for me to be 60 years old just now getting into his Blessing. I believe the wrong thing. He came down went through what he went through so that he could immediately put me in a place of spiritual blessing. Financial blessing Health blessing I have to do is what cling to him. Tell your neighbor you clinging to the Lord or ask your neighbor. Are you clinging to the Lord or you trying to do this thing on you? Hey, man, so what's up, when I realize that that his gift to me was that he came down to be poor and by him being poor and going through what he went through his whole desire was to make me Rich. I was like, okay Lord. I got it. It's a blessing. Amen. It's the blessing. It's The Blessing of Abraham. Not Lord. You got to show me some stuff go to Galatians chapter 3 verse 13. If you if that's not come out. Galatians chapter 3 verse 13 for Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. Remember, he said between he said before Abraham two things a blessing and a curse you all remember that you said now you choose. Cuz every day that we don't cling to God we choosing the curse. We're choosing the struggle. We're choosing us have things hard for us. We're making a choice to live under the curse of the law when he says I have a blessing for you. This is Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. I haven't become a curse word for it is written Christmas everyone who hangs on a tree go to the next one. That's a blessing of who? The Blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus that we might receive the promise of the spirit through faith. Now in order for us to have this promise, we got to cling to God and only way we can clean to God through faith.

but the blessing is already there for a good what I told come to understand for those of you who are single over here who are single Those are saying that they know single people over there. Don't get me wrong. But here the person that God has for you is already here. Got ready here. They're not going to be born today. Already here. Amen your job. If you looking for that made it to clean to God and follow God and he will direct you to where that person is.

See, they don't believe me. They was like I am, you know, I already got who I want. You know, I mean it she got to be he got to be.

Let me try it over here there. Map y'all like me. We got some bills, right?

The finances are already here. They not just printing the money. The money is already printed everything that we need is already here or we have to do is clean the God and trust God and he will open up through his grace and his Mercy the money that we need to do. The things that he wants us to do. Does that make sense? He doesn't have to go out and create any new money. He's already got everything that we need right here in kabil. One person that we come in contact who God will touch their hearts will change your life forever. Are you with where trying to do it on our own based on the world the world system in God is like no cream to me and just follow me. If you come after me. If you love me. I will take care of all your needs seek first the kingdom of heaven and all his righteousness and he'll add everything else. That's why he put it like that. Does that make sense and we working hard and we tired and we stressed out and we trying to do it over with and man. I ain't got enough and man. I need more this and I don't know and when clinging to God.

quick way into everything else Which going to do it just like they're trying to do when God has called us out of that. into the kingdom of God Were the Kings and the priests you ain't never seen no Kings trouble.

You ain't never seen a she says do this and people jump.

We are poison. God doesn't exist in our life. But he's an extra thing that we add on wood like corn flakes.

I'm going to eat some now and then I'm going to go and do whatever I want to do. If we can get it in our hearts and get it in our spirit that my job is to clean the god in the seek him and he'll take everything to take care of everything else by changes a man. Does that make sense? How do I go over to Deuteronomy chapter 28, so we going we going to look at this thing here. I got a little time y'all with me. Tell your neighbor. Let's go. Y'all weren't supposed to start looking for me. I'm give me a call back there so I can I don't know where I'm at. That's a good-looking what the scripture says. Now what y'all come to pass if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God? Subsurf carefully all his Commandments which I command you today. That the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the Earth. That's his promise. Now when I read that and I realized that I've accepted Christ Jesus which puts me in the lineage of Abraham and that as he's talking to Abraham. That blessing is me he's talking to me.

Wait a minute.

Go, can you go back one more one? That the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. Now. I had a note here. If I can find it.

Oh, okay. So in another translations it it says in verse.

28 months in another translation and the blessings will come on you and overtake you if your ears are open to the voice of the Lord your God, so he's going to set you above things if my mind is open to hear his voice. Are you with me?

This thing change the game from me. Change the game for me because I realize I was playing a game. I was playing I'm going to study the word, but I'm not going to apply the word. I can quote you scriptures, but I'm not going to live it and when I stop playing that game and start saying I'm going to live out the faith that I'm reading and telling people about God begin to move in my life in a different way. Show me a challenge to all of us here. And I don't know if y'all want to be transparent in the oven if you want to be transparent. You will say Amen quit playing the game. We got the word on us, but we're not living it out. We got some knowledge and people think we are more than what we are. But if they really pull back the curtain or not when doing some other stuff a man in our lives when not operating and clinging to the Lord and trust in him the way we tell people and suggested people in do for people. We're doing something else. What kind of doing it on our being transparent religious will say what I'm doing everything. God has called me to do. I don't understand why I'm still struggling. Well God, I ain't going to lie cuz he said I'm gone set you Above All Nations a man. Can you go back?

If he says I'm going to set you Above All Nations. Then he going to set you Above All Nations. I want you to see that. Where am I in relationship to where God wants me to be? Maybe I need to clean tamilo for the go technical answer. In Deuteronomy chapter says in all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you because you obey the voice of the Lord their God. This is when we're cleaning to God, even if we fall short he still going to bless us are you with does that make sense? You know, I can I have businesses and we were talking last night and you know real real transparent and I'll share I'll share my transparency because I said, you know what I love the business but there's some things I don't like to do in the business, right? And so because I don't like to do them in the business, how can I expect anyone on my team that I've hired to do them? Cuz I'm not leading by example So I'm wondering why I'm Challenger because because there's some things that I need to do. So that other people won't see it model and then I can hold them accountable to do that standing out in your life is are you doing the things that God wants you to do so that other people can really see them he can bless you as a result of the right or you just talkin talkin to talk cuz I have to be very open with my wife. I said, you know what I love the business. I love what would you like to do? How many of us can say, you know, I love for me to do that. I don't want to do.

A man that stops me from getting all the guy has has for me when he wants to put Me Above All Nations. Hey, man, so I shall come upon you and overtake you because you obey the voice of the Lord your God. That's the key or band the voice of the Lord your God. Tell me what the next.

I said when you do this. blessed meaning prosperous shell you be in the city San Jose Morgan Hill Gilroy

I'm going to show you being a country doesn't matter if you working for a company in the city Google whatever Netflix or whatever or you got too far. Hey, man, you going to be blessed because you obey in the voice of the Lord You're not want running after religion, and you ain't running out to try to please man. All you want to do is please God.

Who says the blessing? Tessy Plastics

That that I got messed that slide up in.

I really miss that slide up and keep going. All right, so we said we're blessed in the city </