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The Gospel According to Facebook

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I want to give a disclaimer. Are you I do not like to step on people. I don't go out of my way to

1st Peter chapter 3 verse 8 finally

have Unity find sympathy brother-in-law a tender heart.

Do not repay evil for evil or refiling.

Or two that you mail steam apply. Rubber desires to love life and see good days. Let him keep his and his lips from speaking.

What can turn away from Evil and do good let him seek? Peace and pursue it for the eyes.


If I want my message.

the dog

the gospel, of course

right up front. I'm not using this was some kind of allegory. I'm going to Facebook.

most of you are on

and so I think it's Pine Way that sometimes a message gets right down. in the midst of very practical application because if we're not careful. We can destroy.

Have you ever played a game in which your opponent was not playing by the way?

In the result. Is he waiting on quit playing for you play in the same way your phone.

There's also an old saying if you can't beat them.

Christian is always been under threat.

And there's a whole lot of people on Facebook. Look at some of the Facebook.

It has 1.71 build users. There are of those billion users 1.13 billion.

300 million photo a day the average Facebook user user spent 40 minutes a day on the site. Smartphone users check Facebook on an average of 14 times a day.

8.7 users on Facebook are fake.


600000 hacking attempts are made a new Facebook account every day.

David back. Did you get that this past week? I'm telling you what, you know not to friend people unless I know they're actually the one spending.

Several people have been for unfriending somebody on Facebook.

One is three people feel more than satisfied with their lives after visiting Facebook. One third of all the wars filings in the US contain the word. Thanks.


I want Facebook for the opportunity of connecting the family.

Eminem and solder prayer request

if I need to find a good recipe.

However, I've been concerned even alarm.

some of these things are posted by

this morning. I I want to talk with you.

At what we should be doing.

Because the same principles that apply to what I'm in the shared on Facebook who can talk.

I can understand.

the first circumventing Matthew chapter 3

people have the potential of assembly. I can offend you. You can do that to me.

if there were only two people on planet Earth somebody was going to be

We are easily.

Somebody could look at us long and we find we may conclude that they don't like us over.

We don't get invited to something worth it.

Somebody doesn't say something in the right tone of voice were affected. easy

people offended Us by doing or saying or writing things and some of these offense can move this very deep.

Too often we get into the mindset that we have to set the record straight.

If you read the gospels, you would find that that mentality that philosophy of life does not line up. with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ

No, I'm going to throw a water structure acting but I'm not going to have it displayed because it could be overwhelming but if you're taking but you can right now.

so if you look at the Sermon on the Mount Matthew chapter 5

in Matthew 5 verse 43 and 44

you have heard that it was said You shall love your neighbor. Love your energy.

We don't know mall has followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. to be people who love and pray for Joseph

No, I'm going to tell you not hearing a lot of things this right now.

Can be very painful.

people sometimes say things things that can be

And what we are called it is we are called To Love.

but too often our first reaction that knee-jerk reaction is with that let everybody you can tell if you may have watched a movie I did not but there was a

Facebook Facebook account so effective expired

meaning that we are 3.75 people away.

What you say what you put on there reaches a lot of people not have you ever done something like this.

It has been shared shared and shared and share that guy on red in already recorded on Facebook servers.

Jesus doesn't Jessica and Matthew Chapter 7.

How can you say to your brother? Let me take the speck out of your eyes when there is the law.

when we were offended not only are we but we are also

only this position to be able to

So we need to examine.

DMV leave the bread on which we can use to help us build relationships and bring restoration. Jesus said I have to wait till first $0.15 of your brothers. Go and tell him his fault between you and him. What would we do?

If he listens to you and you have no problem, he doesn't listen to you take one or two along with you.

What we typically do.

because our feelings dinosaur bike

everybody else and also Christians have been very good.

We call somebody I got a prairie. we sure are prayer you because we want that person to pray for the person that

and we are totally store price and how we

I have seen so many times where we take our offense and lay it out so publicly and there is no desire.

I will tell you as a follower of Christ that is inconsistent with the person.

And if we doesn't make sense that we would actually Christ. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not coming to you since I have arrived. But I won't confess to you.

Shuffle YouTube

I'm on Facebook. Somebody put something on Facebook that I took because I thought they were putting me down.

And so I did. What I thought was the spiritual and I will be friends.

So are you from? If I'm going to be quite honest what happened, what ended up happening is I take my wife ended up getting the Blind Side. Until that person took offense on my wife a good friend to her and people start with everybody. okay, because I'm shows Chihuahua and teaching in the word of Christ

you say the song?

Before that leads me to my next point. We don't call.

We are called to restoring relationships. If we get restoration seems impossible we are.

frozen yogurt

the Apostle Paul wrote in 2nd Corinthians 5 18 and 19 All this is for fun. Go through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry.

That is in Christ. God was reconciling the world to himself.

Did we circumvent Matthew 18th? We are not following God's invitation to engage.

Am I flying that if we are not engaged in Ministry of reconciliation? We are disobedient to Christ. We are on Dangerous Ground destroying our Christian.

We are Kindred people from responding to the truth of Christ because we are circumventing.

my second observation

offering and liking country that disturbing.

I'm going to give him an illustration. Hopefully, I don't get myself in trouble.

somebody not in this world No one in this room.

on Facebook Okay, I'm going to watch the video. I watched it it was.

my first inclination

I learned the hard way that this is actually easier to do without you. Stacy

there was something on Facebook. I don't know what it was. It could have been a recipe you could have been a funny picture. I liked it.

Something I should not have done. Because that particular I don't know whatever that put that photo on that are absolutely.

And so Stacy she's on Facebook. She seems I like something she clicked on it and it's something that wasn't what I like but it says that I like Okay, so Stacy being a genuine all our Lord Jesus Christ worldwide membership.

What is dangerous out there?

Is that what we say? What we like what we do have an impact on our Christian testimony. It's about time. I was if you were walking down Main Street. And you looked into the window of a bar and he saw the sun. And it was a root beer.

Discourage you wouldn't that's where most of you okay?


We need to be cautious. We need to be. car auctions 10 things to be so simple transparent people

1st Corinthians chapter 5 verse so therefore we are ambassadors for god making music We are hands represent.

Not about my wife's about war find the team.

It's about everything that I do and say.

That's the answer to why do something when you're saying something when you are doing something does it for?

If it is on at the sonors my king of kings then something's wrong in my spiritual life.

1st Corinthians chapter 8 verse 9 says but take care of that this white pill. somehow

Right. So I got my Freeman's I can say whatever I want to say and do whatever. well

We serve an omnipotent.


Then he was chapter 2.

Let us consider how we need to stir up one another. electric meeting together summer

Let's be cautious. Let's be careful about what we do what people see is an encouragement.

Buy metal, how much already? Wait till my phone.

I'm going to tell you my biggest concern.

sharing information

Where we have been Grace Godless lotion.


You shall not bear false witness against.

do not like

Brunswick follower of Jesus cross

even if the truth

even if the truth is not

we aren't Cruise complaints.

Friends if we embraced worldly way of the ends justify the means we are no better.


final step in declaring war of Gibson Josie

King George the vi in the British Empire

the third one. race that might equal

Friend in the kingdom of God did Dustin March? What equals right is in Conformity to the word of Christ that is right, and we are to be Proclaimers we are. If not, what is going to happen is we are going to tear relationship.


One of my greatest concern for our country today is we happy in all aspects of culture, but my prince the truth back.

Those will be that's why I can't retain you the truth.

Do not want the maintenance Crews to say that they did something but actually did not I don't want to be in there.

What motivates I think of propagating why?

more than anything

not trying

and therefore we have to help God out.

by stretching and twisting

does not benefit

see things on Facebook. We'll just assholes.

Some of it was funny stuff. Okay, it's important just funny, but it wasn't true.

But some things were meant to hurt people. Francis followers of Jesus Christ, let's not complicate.

What's that damage our testimony? Google


what's the name of the

Is Whitmore on?

finding Solutions

not watch the news about what happened.

We're in the great atmosphere.

if we don't

we will not find Solutions. We will just destroy people.

Friends are there are reasons why people fart upset.

What's not what's not safe?

We need to we need to have a

minions you work with Wiz with foster care Kids Royal Family Kids Camp. When the kids start acting up at Camp you don't just you don't you don't you don't belittle them and put them down?

Tom Hall in our culture again, so you know what this is. We can put our faith and trust in God when you listen to one another we can help one another we can encourage one another thing and somehow I want to find solutions that give God the glory.

No, I'm not.

3 people in this world police officers everytime you go out. I mean you're facing some serious, My dad was a police officer in Los Angeles.

I'll tell you what. My dad always had this philosophy. He said he said

the one I go Isaac


Liberty Park

Can you shut the recording off just go all the way down?

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