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Walking toward the call

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Walking toward the call!

Romans 8:18

8 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.   

3 phases of walking out your call by understanding the 3 phases of the cross

a.    Understanding the cost,  the walk toward the Cross

b.    Suffering for the call, crucify away uselessness

c.    Have a sense of eternity, living not by the things we crucified but by the power of the Holy Spirit

Establishing you’re called.


There is no point in looking at the principles to achieve God’s best in our lives unless we understand what it means to be called.  As I study what Christ did in his ministry I began to understand that in all actuality that Jesus spent more time talking, mentoring, praying and teaching his disciples then he did with anyone else.   There are numerous times in the bible were it states the phrase, “ and Jesus turned to his disciples and said…”  

1.    This is a clear indication that the number one priority of Jesus was to disciple the men he picked for a greater purpose.

o   Now understand that not one of the twelve disciples was called in some spectacular way.  They simply submitted to Jesus’ Authority.  They, in a sense, simply became a part of what God was doing and through that they found the right path.

o   Paul’s road to Damascus experience is not the standard by which men and women are called into the ministry!  This is an isolated incident of God’s supernatural grace!  To many times Christians are waiting for some sign or fireworks or something spectacular before they will heed the call God has on their life.  But God does not deal in the spectacular he deals in the supernatural.   The fact we look for the spectacular when seeking out our call shows our fleshly mindset and how much we need to renewal our minds.  Those spectacular things we seek out only feed our ego, put pride in our hearts, and selfishness in our Spirit.  In other words it feeds the flesh!  The supernatural happens through obedience and it renews our minds, changes our hearts, and sets our Spirit free!  In other words it changes our entire being.

o   Your call will always be established through orthodoxy.  The establishment of the church through the work of Jesus is and was part of his divine plan.  If you are hopping from church to church, if you’re having moments of isolated special revelation outside the authority of the church and away from the authority of your pastor.  I believe your actions despite the intentions are outside the will of God.  Let’s look at few examples:

Acts 6:2-7
v5.  Stephen a man full of faith

V5.  Phillip the evangelist who witnessed to all of Samaria

Acts 13:2
While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3 So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.

Paul and Barnabas
We need to fall under the authority of a local ministry, understand how and what ministry really is.   I can tell you can’t change the thought of the church community from outside the church community.  It has been establish to help you fulfill your call

·         God works with people individually away from the church by them being an extension of the church.  In other words if God brings forth manifestations in the Spirit, revelations, visions and so forth they are always done in a away that those that receive them are getting them as an extension of an office from the church and they never go against orthodoxy.  There is a word for people that receive revelations apart from the church.  Heretics!

·         Understanding the cost,  the walk toward the Cross

o   Paul says in Romans 8:18 “I consider”, the word itself implies a process that is thought of and weighed in.  But I would like us to consider not only the proverbial cost of our walk but also the type of Gospel message that we receive and accept as truth

o   The Cost

1.    There is a period of time that comes about in most people lives were it is a time of weighing in.  I call this “the walk toward the Cross.” 

·         During this period they consciously or sub consciously begin to compare the immediate benefits of the world with the weight of the Cross.  On the scale we put, the job we want, the relationship with a girl, or a boy, the types of friends we have, movies we should or shouldn’t watch, music we shouldn’t listen to, drinking, drugs, pornography, sexuality, fornication and homosexuality, and the way we  dress, and the way we talk.  We realize that on this  side of the scale called “the world”, that we can do, say, and act upon any impulse and it is OK.  Matter of fact truth is relative to perspective.  Moreover, the weight on this side of the scale is heavy.  

·         Now on the other side of the scale they put the cross.  But the cross doesn’t carry that much weight to them because they are new and don’t understand it’s full meaning so they do what everyone does and begin to look at Christian people or people that call themselves Christians.

o   They see Christians

§  Getting divorced 

§  Eating to much

§  Drinking

§  Smoking

§  Chewing

§  Pornography

§  Adultery

§  Cursing

§  Screaming inappropriately at their kids

§  Being unequally yokes with the world

o   They say to themselves whats the difference between the world and Christianity and as they go on their merry way.

o   Sadly when they make their choice and they walk into the world they carry the weight of their decisions into the world

o   .   

o   When dealing with crucifixion there is an assumption of the resurrection and when dealing with the resurrection there is an assumption of  the Pentecost and when dealing with Pentecost there is an assumption of evangelizing. 

o   The cross gives the true Christian a balance between understanding the path to it and experiencing the power beyond it. 

1.    some people say they believe in God, but do nothing for God or want to do nothing unless it directly affects their own lives… this attitude in itself shows they don’t understand the cross…I call them the believers because everyone says they believe

2.    then we got the spiritualists and they understand the cross but are miles from it and understanding the people that are going through it.  These people are so spiritual and s heavenly they are no earthly good!

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