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Relationships - The Course to Intercourse Part 1 - Rethinking

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The Course To Intercourse – Part 1: Re-thinking

Genesis 1:26-27

26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” 27     So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Previously we talked about the image man was made in, which was a trichotomy.  This means, like God, man was made in three parts but one essence.  All creation was made in its pre-fallen state in eternity.  God entrusted mankind with his image, his eternal characteristics, and we are his billboard to his creation.

The Point!  Man before the fall had no such thing as desire.  Everything in the creation process was given to man freely.  Gen 1:26-27 tells us Mankind was Gods crowning achievement.  This is because we were made in his image, entrusted with the eternalness of God.  Man had the male qualities of God and Females the feminine qualities of God.

So God establishes himself not only as Creator but as our source of life in creation.  This important because only the source of life can give life.  So God as creator and source of life puts his eternal qualities on his creation.   Therefore, all righteousness and purity are found in the fingerprints of creation.  Perversion was not found in Gods creation.  However, it tells something about perversion.  Something can only be perverse if it was once pure, which not only enforces our belief that God is good and his goodness manifested itself in his creation, but it shows us something about the state we are in today when it comes to desire and our thinking.

Man when he was created was created from the thought of God. That thought became alive.  So there was a great awakening with Gods crowning achievement, Man. When we were created we were created in the source of life, in his eternalness, and in the fullness of his provision. 

Awakening and arousal

There was no such thing arousal because if we were aroused it would stimulate a necessity to fulfill a need.  In creation our needs were completely met and provided for even the need in man for companionship.  This shows us a deep revelation and truth.  The fact that mankind feels needs and desire is direct evidence that we are truly fallen.  God created his creation in perfect harmony with him establishing his Provision.  Therefore when man sinned the war that is waged within him becomes one either awakening or arousal.

Understanding awakening

In the creation process we were awakened from Gods thought to his intention showing God to be our Source of life and provision.  We weren’t dead for God is the author of life we were awakened.  Death came by way of sin, Therefore mankind in it’s sin needs to be awakened once again.  All things in mankind that were eternal are now dead and perverted.  That fact that we desire is now an indication that we are dead in our sins because Gods intention was for us to find in him Provsion.

Being awakened

Whatever awakens my person awaken a want.  In this incident the Presence of Jesus awakened a conscious want to follow him.  You Can present morality, good principles, the duty of loving your neighbor, and never awaken a mans conscious to anything.  When you meet Jesus, however, there is a dumb awakening, a want to be like him and a want to follow him.  It is not arousal, but an awakening out of indifference into a want.  When we are aroused, stimulated, and stirred by desire we know we are fallen because when we are awakened we are awakened like pre-fallen Adam not only into Gods eternalness, but into God’s provision.  Therefore the measure of a man’s want is seen in the nature that awakened him.  He no longer has desire as we know it he has found a want for Christ and in that God’s provision.  No man can stand in front of Jesus Christ and say, “I want to make money.”  When he stands in front of a successful salesman and he finds that a desire stirred in him to be like that man and make money.  However, when we come in contact with The Prince of all creation, Jesus Christ something is awakened within us, a want to be like him, to follow him.  Because in his true presence all our desires are met because they found in our deepest want for him.  So we see in him as a child of God he is our provision.


Mankind, in all his arousals, completely driven by desires, confirms in this world that we are fallen.  Moreover, those who are driven by there desires, are not just fallen, there not part of his kingdom.  This is seen in mankind clearly when it comes to Sexuality.  Sexuality and intercourse have been at the forefront of perversion.  It is a clear example of what happens when man is left to his own desires rather than awakened to God’s provision.  Pornography and XXX movies seem like clear examples of sexuality left unchecked and unaccountable. While they are dangerous it is not the real danger.  Think of this.

Satan and the Garden

Satan could of use anything in the Garden to tempt Adam and Eve, but he used disobedience and there is a reason why.  What we learn from Satan’s deception in the Garden is that he can’t create he can only deceive.  Meaning he couldn’t present pornography in the garden he could only use the arousal of man to achieve His intentions.  While the evil in the world is Satan’s intention it’s not his creation.  His attack on Mankind is at perverting God’s image entrusted to us and God’s eternal provision found in him.  The evil in the world is manifested from Satan’s intention and he uses mans desires to achieve it.  If Satan would of used pornography in and of itself, it would not of worked because it was so blatant against the nature of God.  Satan finds his intention subtly in our disobedience driven by our arousals and desires. 

Coming Full Circle

Let me give you an example of his subtlety manifested by our desires.  The sexuality that has become the game of the bars, the flirtatious sexual appeal expressed on the dance floors, the enticing lustful conversations that tickle our ears, and the sexual innuendos that become the bases of attraction.  Besides this the drama that comes out of the play from week to week are all a clear manifestation in our lives driven by mans desires rather then obedience to his word.  This is Satan’s subtle intent and his attack on God’s provision when it comes to areas of finding a husband/wife, building a family, and its purpose in God’s plan.  The subtlety of his deception is seen played out in our desire to do such things that disgrace the image of God entrusted to us.  It also becomes an issue of authority which we talked on last week.  The subtleties of our desires are manifested in what we do, our actions, when they are driven by desires it only confuses the eternal intent God has for our lives.  It confuses our understanding, our knowledge, our obedience, our choices, and Gods authority in our lives.  Think of Adam and Eve after they sinned and were no longer naked before God.  When we succumb to a life led by arousals and desires this is what  turns us into.  We walk delicately around our leaders, like Adam and Eve did in the garden, hoping we don’t rustle any leaves so they won’t notice what we do.  It also teaches us that we live in shame when we isolate.  Like Adam and Eve hide, so does man when his shame is exposed.  Our arousals, rather then our want through Christ, will always leave us shamefully exposed.  So what have we established?  Mankind is divided into two groups, those awakened in Christ, and those who are moved by their arousals.  In the truest sense, God’s children are driven by eternity, while those who are dead in their sins are driven by desire.

Matthew 6:33

Seek you first the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added.

Re-establishing our Position

We must begin to rethink our approach to God as children of the kingdom.  We must look at God as Jesus Did from the top down rather than try to gain faith from the bottom up.  This Scripture is where we will begin.  Most time when we interpret this scripture we think it speaks for us to put him first so that our desires in him are met.  However, a closer look at overall scripture teaches us that this passage speaks to the child of God, awakened, understanding the eternal mindset, redeemed who thinks in pre-fallen terms, again not thinking from the bottom up but the top down.  This passage of scripture can not be grasped or understood from those driven by desire or from the vantage point of lust.  The reason is because this passage doesn’t truly speak to our desire, or from the point of view of mans desire.  This passage speaks of God’s provision from the point of view of our awakened want for God.

Genesis 2:15-17

15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. 16 And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”

God’s Provision

When Gods speak of “being free to eat from any tree” it is a clear statement that God had provided completely for his creation.  Another clear point here that in God’s complete provision we find there was freedom!  So let’s prove the point.  Like Adam and Eve, man hears Gods word and in our depraved minds we think the very thing God calls us to in his complete provision restricts us, and the very thing God protects us from is what makes us free.  It shows us how fallen our minds and desires really have fallen.  Picture Gods hand out, in the garden, when he says to Adam and Eve, “all of this here I provided for you to enjoy freely, but please don’t eat of that one tree, for it will bring harm you.”  But just as we were deceived then, we are deceived now because rather then enjoying God freely in all his eternal provision, we are aroused and stirred by our wants and desires from those things which he tries to protect us from.  Even more sinful is when we rationalize our actions by calling them God’s will because he wants us to have the desires of our heart.  Proving that without the awaking Christ provides, again God acting out of his Provision as the source of life, our desires at best are just the subtle disobedience of Satan’s intentions waiting to be manifested in this world.  Man in a pre-fallen state relied upon Gods provision, man in a fallen state grasped at God by his desires.   Our hearts are dead!

Wrapping it Up

We are intended to be awakened to a want.  That wants awakened in us the eternal qualities of the image of God which we were entrusted with in creation.  This gives the responsibility to be God’s Billboards to his creation.  However, in that awakened t want we find God’s eternal provision in line with his eternal purpose and will.  Arousal or desire just proves that man is fallen because in the Garden God acted in his eternal provision.  Meaning there was so such thing as want or desire, just Gods provision.  Satan manifests his intention at God in this world by people who are driven by desires, rather then awakened to the want of Jesus Christ which leads us to God’s provision.  Your wants will never be Gods will, unless we are awakened into an understanding of God’s provisions.  This want illuminates us to wanting Jesus Christ more than anything else, which in turn gives us access to God’s provision.  Therefore we must re-think our Sexuality and desires and seek to be in a pre-fallen state before God in mind, body, and Soul.  If we walk in this world by the arousal of our desires we will never know God’s will.

So what does this have to do with your course to intercourse?  If you seek out you’re your mate by your desires, you have already failed.  If you try to arouse others into liking you, you not only failed, but your in sin.  That fact is we are called to be obedient to God and through that awakening he establishes you as one sent from him.  In that, you find his eternal provision.  If God’s word is clear on the matter and yet you seek to establish his call on your life by your desire you truly are lost.  Understand your desire is evil left to itself. It is only by an interment relationship with God does his provision manifest in your life.  If your dragging him around by your desires your no different then the atheist.  Your just religious.

Next week will talk about selecting a partner, god’s intent in marriage and maybe sex!

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