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Aug 7, 2016 AM

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Okay, well have fun and come back.

See there are things that happen in our life that Same to you.

the window assume Death Note movie


When when there seems to be an implication scripture? that God should be

if you delete stuff.

Because I want to hear God says in his word. He wants to bless us with you.

That God has intended you to live Victorious. I didn't say live.

I didn't say that there will not be hardship that will come your way over.

But God says he is called.


What the Apostle Paul write?

He says in all these things we are more than conquerors.

convinced that neither death nor life nor angels nor

Raven power neither height nor depth

will be able to separate us from the love of God.

I'll call you when I get home.

I will never leave you I am there with you nothing.

He says that you are called to be.

Did you see that?

So this is the case if this is the truth.

fetal instrument fuel tomorrow

why is it that sometimes you come to church and We got the number 62.

Go to school or something incredible that someone.

We should understand that God wants relationship.

Are we behind part? When did Hendrix set consoles Revival to tell you to do to be kinder Sunway some somehow? Is that we drifted in do not have them and the fall of God?

We are attributed to countries not Desiring to be in his.

We we we we may sing the song Show Me Your Glory, but that's not really something to do list during the week. I know school starting.

I've had a very busy song. license

we're going to the meetings are going to Walmart to buy all the stuff that the kids need for school for trying to get everything lined out Easter calendar calendar. Sync everything together.

God does not want us to live. In a way where we don't desire.

in some way.

There are several parts to this song the first part.

Impersonable want this is what the song that's right.

and everything in the world

MW2 versus we are clearly show that God establishes against Authority.

Is the creator of the ends of the Earth? Does the ruler?

a good first three Is the question? Who made Sun the mountain? Who makes. In his holy place?

Do not trust.

They will receive from God

meeting his people will receive blood from the Ward. Vindication of God

the question is who was that?

specific will receive

independent Staples

But there seems to be implied in the question and in the answer.

Bear her responsibility on whether or not we are going to hinder what God wants to do in Antwerp.

WhatsApp Messenger

So, what's the number for First Ward that shows us what we need to do?

Show me a flight.


are four things that we need to do.


the one who have twins

What are you doing?

How do you make?

Other than you you are working on a computer, but it'd be very difficult when you like without him.

one person recently who had a double hand transplant Which is he never got it in the first place. You said my hands don't work.

Pam Smart Car signal bike what we do.

It's our activity as far as actions. The scripture is coming now is that we need a Revival in our actions actions need to be

deception voices

September 10th

call Mom work. Did you know that?

Are you saw me at my job?

What you do.

And what do you do if you are doing something?

See when we do things for ourselves. We hinder the work of God.

Just to get by until you were not horrified.

We are on 405 Godfrey Martin drink.

the song Earth Angel sing

he said You're the one who was clean.

eureeka's cardia It can mean several different things.

cornea can also mean

this is used as the center of your

it's your emotions. It's your motivation. The scripture to say is that we are to have a picture heart. We need we need a Revival in our family.

We're not just me. Revival in our actions and what we do we need a Revival in our hands.

Because it's a drip into a bad attitude.

What's worse is when you have a bad attitude.

Call same here in his word. Want to come to me?

Not only must you would spend it into my presence with with actually.

Who are the weakest soldiers?

That is very strict into that bad attitude.

I don't think everything's going my way get up in the morning. Okay, I'm going to have a good day and it can take five. Mike Davis crash all around and I get so frustrated and so angry and so


my lights all about you. Not a problem of life everyday. I want my attitude for

What circumstances get the?

Before I left my lovely bride Angela. I was a new song. hours of television news

if I was given as a senior award.

I knew what was going on.

Is not a big television Watcher and probably are two things.


but the other thing that she does not

We can be so consumed and so frustrated with what's going on.


Jesus Christ friends

I can have an app.

Scripture talks about specific and who does not trust?

We need to check titles.

We need a little bible.

Too many times so many things that get in the way of God. And sometimes I could be sold. That we do not even realized that we are worshipping.

JumpStart and he does not share the Froman with anyone. It just doesn't

we put our focus on the stuff of what most men believe that they had a heart attack on any given issue.

all the women

normally I farted so what happens if we start putting things?

stop will worship money will worship everything but God I will tell you when we get our eyes off of God and we get them off the stuff.

432 closely related to

deals with the end of the scripture says before swear by 8.

That we are on hold.

Someone or something.

Where we are making this promises that we do not intend to.

Friends, we need a wheel v r word.

Wordbrain blushing or they bring the truck.

We need to watch our own.

Easter is attending. What is participating in football? I'm not sure if I like being the football.


And he's keeps going this way.

teenagers out here

I know that makes the common language out there to throw in an all-around filthy words. I will call you when I leave work.

Do not come to the temptation of Christ.

And you did not.

I will call you.

a simple little program like

without a commercial coming on and the kids are safe.

Glory to the father, don't you agree?


There are seven churches.

the other night

and what amazes me five of the seven churches will meeting by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Open YouTube.

Tomb of the churches listed in the seven churches in Revelation Did not receive a copy of diction. Why you such church is the last Church listed in Revelation?

Ocean Shores Community phone in heaven

it happen Productions.

It was a Unity

was really big in the wool industry.

And this church found myself a bunch of people. shroud

important to the community

It seems very important to the church.

The scripture says this church

was found wanting

the problem with the community space physical

It have no natural water source.


nearby community was known for its Hot Springs. What they had to do was bring in the water. And what is a CEO? The water was stale. There was nothing pressing about the war.

She's just using that as an illustration of a spirit. You said if I would rather you be hot or cold?

What do you put in my sink in?


he would rather you be on fire.


How do you say I do not want you to be lukewarm because of the form says you pretend to be on file for you, but you do not you.


and he turns around and says this is what you really need.

Unique what this possible to be. God says to the church.

What the heck is real? Well, what the heck is this song?

Tell me something.

Is it going to bite?

We need to trust him.

Good morning, brother brother whiteson in James 482 come near to God and he will come here. Wash your hands you Sinners purify your hearts you double-minded and Wale change your life.

Revelation 3:20 this is what he said to the Church of laodicea. Rochester Church of a porta potty but each individual Behold, I stand at the door and knock and it's not just a little brat.

Jesus himself

persistent killer women fight

I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door.

Spot just a little snack. It's a lingering feel. friendship

It's one of those.

I want a ship with you. stop

stop trying to get by stop throwing the differences in the way of God.

Where do I spray right now?

What I did my best I can municate into work. I know sometimes my words. I pray that you will go beyond my woods and buy your Holy Spirit our heart needs the message you intended for today. Spider-Man Spider-Man shortcomings for every card in this

The truth is what is endearing?

I want us to be in your presence. You want to have Fellowship?

25 to 13 score

Some of you have a path presents.

Maybe there's something spiritual you need to.

And what I want to do right now is if you happen to know what that means.

Call Esther.


45 Dartford

I want you baby. I want you to leave this property.

honor Rewards

but I don't want to leave without just once again committing ourselves and not letting go and stand in the way of God. Shut up, you need. Position such as Stop Standing in the light. So, what do you need specific Direction in your life I'm saying Stop Standing when I want to bless you, my mother.

You want to do something in your life? So you just confess with your mouth and believe in your heart?

Call to you.

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