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Davids Mighty Men

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  • Chapter 22 begins twith David hideing in the caves.
  • He is learning that the King’s business does not require haste.
  • God is schooling and training him.
  • Saul who seeks to kill him, he is hunted.
  • David is forced to hide in the forests and caves of the earth to escape the king’s wrath.
  • David becomes weary during these years of running away from Saul.
  • David withdraws to the cave of Adullam, which is a rocky mountain southwest of Jerusalem, in a valley between Philistia and Hebron.

 I.       DAVIDS MIGHTY MEN - Vs.  (1-2)

A. First Group – Those in Distress

  • You and I are living in the days of rejection.
  • This world rejected Christ.
  • Jesus is calling out of this world a people for His name.
  • These men were persecuted by Saul.
  • Many fled to David and joined up with him.

B. Second Group – Those in debt

  • Debt is a cancer that destroys under any circumstance.
  • In that day when a man got into debt he could lose his property and he could be sold into slavery.
  • Saul was permitting men to become slaves—he was not enforcing the Mosaic Law.
  • Sin has made us debtors to God.
  • Christ taught His disciples, it says, “Forgive us our debts.”
  • God alone can forgive us.
  • Forgiveness always rests upon the payment of a debt, and those who were in debt had to flee.
  • Jesus paid our sin debt.
  • He paid the debt of sin by dying on the Cross.
  • He set us free.
  • That is what the Lord Jesus Christ did for you and for me.
  • If you realize you are a debtor to God and have no means to pay,
  • Jesus will pay your sin debt if you are not saved.
  • You can flee to Him. What a wonderful privilege that is!

C. Third Group – Those who are dissatisfied - This men were bitter!       

  • Circumstances of life had soured them.
  • Life will make you bitter unless you see the hand of God.
  • There is One to whom you can go today.
  • He is the Lord Jesus Christ, the rejected King.
  • Jesus is fairer than ten thousand· Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink” ·
  • As David receives these four hundred men.
  • This is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Jesus is calling out of this world a people to His name. 


  • Another Bethlehem family had done several generations before David.
  • Elimelech took his family to Moab during a famine in Israel.
  • Ruth was David’s Great Grandmother
  • This is the reason the king of Moab grants David's Mother & father safety in Moab.
  • David was a sacred man on the run.
  • David should not have left Israel
  • God would have protected him if he had stayed.
  • David’s faith wavered. Christian how is your faith this morning?


  • It sounds like Saul is developing paranoiac tendencies.
  • He has developed a persecution complex.
  • Saul discovered Jonathon was not loyal to him.
  • Saul is wondering why these men in his cabinet did not tell him this news.
  • Does, the Edomite says to Saul, we have met him before
  • Doeg was at the tabernacle when David came to see the High Priest
  • Saul decides to go after the priest.
  • Saul sent for other priests who were in Nob.
  • Saul did not listen and commanded his servants to slay the priests. They said no
  • Saul would not stop at anything. Saul commanded Doeg to do his dirty work for him.
  • Saul commited a serious crime that day.
  • Sauls bitterness was terrible.
  • We are warned in Hebrews 12:15
  • When bitterness gets into the hearts of God’s people, it is an awful thing.
  • I have seen it in churches.

What can this sttory teach US?

We must be responabile to God for your actions.

天の 父なる神様、私たちのじんせいで 貴方の みこころを ひび、もとめて  いきて いくこと

ができますように たすけて下さい。いつか、私たちは、貴方の みまえに たつ日がきます。けさ、せいしょを とおして、じぶんの こうどうに たいして せきにんを とることを まなびました。私達が あなたの じゅうじかの しによって、 ゆるされていることをかんしゃします。とうとい主イエスキリストのみなにより おいのりいたします。 あなたの みことばに かんしゃ いたします。主イエスキリストのみなにより おいもりします。

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