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Spirit Poor

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Beattitude #1 Blessed are the poor in spirit

Matthew 5:3

Blessed are the pour in spirit.  This is the first group Jesus addresses in his Sermon on the Mount

I want us to examine this because it is full of language that we might not fully understand

Poor = we don’t want to be that

Spirit = we don’t understand that fully

Poor Spirited = means we lack spiritual sensitivity?

Not at all, Poor in Spirit is an attitude that Jesus says will inherit us the kingdom of heaven.

Let’s just unpack this sentence.

Blessed: The Greek means to find spiritual joy and satisfaction that lasts regardless of conditions; that carries one through pain, sorrow, loss, grief.  So blessed means you achieve this feeling.

I think we all seek this, don’t we?  We all want that ultimate happiness, but all to often we look in the wrong places.  It may be position, money, fame, power, pleasure, etc.

The Bible is all too clear what happens when we seek those treasures instead of a heart for God.  You cannot serve God and money…

I think one of the most tragic stories in the Bible is that of the rich young ruler (Matt 19:16)

It’s not tragic because the man was rich, wealth is neither good nor bad, what’s tragic is that he had Jesus right there and he chose to walk away with his possessions, sad even.  His possessions possessed him and he missed out on the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus said blessed are the poor in spirit.

This means spiritual poverty.  Being poor in spirit means

---to acknowledge our utter helplessness before God, our spiritual poverty, our spiritual need.  We are solely dependent upon God to meet that need, we can’t provide it for ourselves.

---to acknowledge our utter lack in facing life and eternity apart from God.  To acknowledge that the real blessings of life and eternity come only from a right relationship with God

The opposite of being poor in spirit is full of self

Two critical steps taken by the person who truly acknowledges his spiritual poverty

1) turns his primary attention away from the things of the world.  He knows “things” can never make him rich in spirit

2)turns his primary attention to God and His kingdom.  He knows God alone can make him rich in spirit.

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