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G harmony sketch number three – relationships with your kids

Noah acting corny

I’m looking for the perfect woman (big cheesy smile)

My perfect woman needs to take good care of the house, especially my room (very thoughtfully with his thumb and finger on his chin)

My perfect woman should make my needs her very first priority (confidently, pointing a finger in the air)

And my perfect woman needs to quit kissing me when she drops me off at school…  Yuck!!!! (makes a nasty face)

Daniel being snotty

Finding the perfect parents is a little bit tricky

They’ve got to be extremely lenient and never remember anything I do wrong

They need to pick me up whenever I ask and drop me off whenever I say (flippantly)

Actually, they need to be just like my friend’s parents…  (surprised)Man…  Why can’t I have cool parents? (storms off camera or throws a hissy fit)

Male teenage boy (B. Fast) being very fake / sappy

Oh, I don’t need to find any parents…  Mine are awesome (big eyes)

They are so kind and sweet, it’s a privilege just to live in their house (real cutesy)

If I were given permission to choose my own parents, I know I’d choose them (sniffle)

That’s why I just want to say, mom…  dad…  You are everything a child could hope for in a parent…  And, by the way, I really need to borrow the car this weekend…(huge expectant smile)

Teenage girl (A. Garcia) begins by being disconnected and aloof but ends emotional and loving

Parents, (huff) who needs parents?

The only thing parents are good for is…is…is loving us  (slightly less huffy)

I mean it’s not like they’re all bad, their kind of worth having around…  In private (as a quickly added afterthought)

(welling up with tears) WWWAAAAHHHH…..  I want my mommy…  I want my daddy!!!

Nathan just being a little boy making super funny weird faces…  We need at least four different ones

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